Swims Like Shark is a Siren, citizen of Gaeto, coast guardsmen, and High Captain for the Gaeto surface navy. He played a heavy role in the liberation of Gaeto when the Chat had conquered the planet.

Early lifeEdit

While Swims Like Shark grew up on his home planet Aquamarine, he was not truly part of one clan. Instead, he would often wander from clan to clan in search for adventure.

He was called Swims Like Shark because he was very restless, hardly ever sitting still, and spent a great deal of time pacing like a shark swims. Often in his travels, he would hunt deadly ocean predators which he loved to eat and get in fights with outlaws and highwaymen. Occasionally, he would join wars on the side of friendly clans.

One day he had gotten so use to traveling the entire planet that he had decided to move to a new planet to start fresh. That planet was Gaeto. On Gaeto he got a job among the law enforcement branches of the sea. When he went on his first patrol he found the fleet of a infamous drug lord who had planned to go on the attack and invade a coast line town, claiming it as his headquarters taking the money and killing the local police. Swims Like Shark having no time to wait for backup not wanting this pirate fleet to kill one person at the shore line engaged the fleet, and single handedly sank all 52 ships with only swimmer weapons and suffering only class 3 of 8 wounds. This had earned him the reputation on Gaeto as the greatest badass in the sea and earned him a promotion to coast guard police force caption.

Battle For GaetoEdit

Some time latter the Chat remnant had invaded Gaeto with terrorist acts, using a genetically upgreaded sea animal from a unknown water planet cloned in masses and dropped into the sea of Gaeto in great crates of eggs. While these monsters where to weaken the native military forces and buy time the chat navy would soon arrive to finish them off with orbital bombardment. Swims Like Shark was the embasitor and commander of his species military privilege on Gaeto, and spoke in the business hall with Lord of the Stars and the Gaeto human military representatives. This was how ever the only support Gaeto would get in defense againced the chat, and like with Eafth and Moris the rest of the New Galactic Republic proved to incompetent or unreliable to help.

Swims Like Shark and the rest of the Gaeto Defense Forces fought valiantly, Swims Like Shark and many other sirens had been delighted to learn that the sea monsters called Grabbers tasted even better then calamari and would feast on the corpses of the grabbers he had slain, often feasting on their flesh while in a meeting. Sadly, the defense was not strong enough to stop the chat once they where ready to activate the lethal gen grabbers dna bombing the land from orbit as they die then sending in ground forces to control the people of the planet instating chat authority.


Once the chat had taken over those who could gathered as many civilians as they can and fled, allowing many of those who do not wish to be under chat subjection to escape. Some had chosen to stay and continue to resist, smuggling civilians out as best they can. Lord of the Stars and Swims Like Shark had stayed on Gaeto fighting side by side for 3 months and 2 weeks in stealth ops to pick off as many chat ground forces as they can, but in the end it was time for Lord of the Stars to return to New Eden to prepare the kig-yar military for another war. Swims Like Shark had then been recomissioned to join the last fort on Gaeto remaining, Fort Last Hope. Having gone their separate ways Swims Like Shark stayed on Gaeto for another 2 months a week and 2 days with a very important scouting patrol job. His job was to patrol the outskirt waters of the island and make sure any and all do not find the island.

One day he met Menace Potatoe somewhere at sea who was close to being spotted in the night by chat patrol, he intended to keep him safe from the chat gunboat and evacuate him so that no one would find the location of Fort Last Hope. But everything had gone wrong and the unggoy was spotted and the chat began shooting at him, so he pulled out his torpedo launcher and unleashed a volley of shots sinking the gunboat. But the 2 could not leave the area fast enough for the chat reinforcements to show up and he called for back up hoping they can create a diversion and they could get the chat wet navy forces off their tail. But again everything went wrong and it turned into a great and all out at sea war zone. Having their wet navy barley survived the chat wet navy the battle ended when the chat stumbled apon the very fort they had tried to keep from being found, and Fort Last Hope's batteries fired, ending the at sea conflict and shooting down the Super Ban Hammer class Star Destroyer the Chat had hopped would crush the resistance wet navy.

Final EvacuationEdit

The battle over and the sea turned into a mass of boiling sea blood and scrap mettle Swims Like Shark was ordered to bring Potato to the fort where he would be safe. He joined up with the elderly kig-yar war veteran Drill Sergeant Gar'uut who would test potato's level of training. In conclusion Potato had been given the job of Battle Hacker. Latter Fort Last Hope had prepared the final Gaeto act of anti chat resistance. Operation Taste Of Their Own Medicine. The plan was to re-infest the sea with Grabbers to let the chat go through what they did and suffer as they had, once the new grabber clone eggs where planted all in Fort Last Hope got into the fleet and evacuated to Planet Ghost Town, and the Yuatja where allowed to make sport of both chat solders and grabbers to insure the cleansing of the filth of Chat power stains on the planet. In a few months Gaeto would have a fresh start.

Arrival At Planet Ghost TownEdit

Swims Like Shark didn't do much swimming on Planet Ghost Town as he spent most of his time at one of the land bases with the help of his land suit and a building made for him to rest from being suited in. The nearest body of water being a forgettable 4 miles away. Only occasionally did he go to some of the sea bases and most of his time was spent hanging out with his air breathing brothers in arms. As most of the Kig-yar navy fought the space battle againced the chat in the system of the star the planet orbited the bases on the ground fought againced any chat that managed to make their way to the planet. During one of the engagements with chat forces he was nearly killed by chat solders in the dreaded land combat, though out matched by their superior dexterity in their natural element and out side of his he managed to kill many chat with shear determination for as long as his armor held up and he could keep the water in his suit. Unknowingly Gar'uut was giving him cover fire and had prepared to scrape him up while bringing in reinforcements. During the next engagement he had manned a Yoth Cannon for if the advancing chat made it past Jaks attempt to hold the line, which thankfully wasn't needed to be fired. ( More to come)

==Xuari== Before the battle of Gaeto his rank among the New Galactic Republic was high captain, from then to the afterings of Planet Ghost Town he was promoted to Admiral. A admiral is also enough of a rank to be a clan leader in tribal life.

The battle for Planet Ghost Town is over, the chat came to bomb the planet from orbit. But one fleet went to solve the mysteries of Xuari while the rest of the ground forces took shelter in cryo pods in deep bomb sheilters, and the rest of the fleets prepared to ambush the orbital attackers. The chat has lost.

But now Swims Like Shark and his brothers in arms are in the underground sea. In one of the caverns a new enemy has been discovered. One who in his first engagement with them found out the hard way cloaking devices do not work on a proud warrior of Aquamarine. More info coming soon.


Official Storyline | Act III

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