Fire Sword

Known by many nick names, Pyro-blade Fire-sword and the every famous name Oh God It Burns! Or as it is called in the Uvoai-vokan language Gemazur-she-mish. Or, Sword Of Unholy Fire.


This a common close quarters weapon in the hands of the Ptranosaurians. Using Pyro-physics this sword treats fire like a harnesable form of energy and bends it into a semi-solid blade so close to being a solid state of matter that it can hold an edge 30 times sharper then flint. The blade can be used to stop a barrage of bullets by putting it in their path after which when the bullets hit they burn in mid air to the point that even ash does not remain of them. If it clashes againced a laser cutlass it can eventually burn its way through having a more intense heat. When a user runs a enemy through if they desire they can send 0.30% of the batteries energy into the victim, causing them to burst into flames so fast that they don't even feel pain, and minuets after their body smolders only charred remains lay on the floor. It is unknown exactly how this weapon works, as all enemies of the Ptranosaurians who have tried to hold one only burst into flames from the explosion of the blade self destructing to prevent enemy use. But now that the short war with the Ptranosaurians is over, maby they will be kind enough to let us have firry melee combat swords like these of our own.


  • Ptranosarians have been known to fall on their sword after failing vital missions or to avoid being captured alive.
  • In the Bible similar swords have been mentioned being held by angels. But this has nothing to do with the Ptranosaurians. But it is a interesting concept as many species in the Ptranosaurian galaxy revier them as gods.
  • Since the blade is so hot, it is possible it can count as a plasma weapon, as normally when something reaches a certain temperature it ionizes.

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