T-50 dragon

The T-50 Dragon

A very advanced fighter, only Chat's Admins and the best fighter pilots get to fly these.


With a top speed of mach 2.2, it can outrun and catch up to any other fighter that tries to escape it. Armed with one 35mm auto-cannon with a rate of fire of 2,700 rounds a minute and phantom class proton missiles, it can handle its own in combat. Some of its downsides include its wide turning radius and the fact that it burns through fuel rather quickly. However, pilots are trained to know and handle their spacecraft to the best of its abilities.

In comparison to the Chat's other fighters, the DIE Fighter and DIE Interceptor, the T-50 is the most advanced fighter the Chat has and easily out preforms the other craft. However, its price and high fuel consumption prevent from becoming more mainstreamed.

Trio dragon

A T-50 trio preparing for an attack run.

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