"The man is a ghost. No matter how many times we've thought we've killed him, he seems to rise up from the grave and kill us when we least expect it."

- Resistance description of T3CHNOCIDE

Known HistoryEdit

Born into a normal sized family on the planet of Old Haven, and being the oldest of his parents' three children, T3CH always had a need to be protective. He felt it was his duty to protect those who could not protect themselves and that it was his job to make the galaxy a better place. He was always a fan of big government, as both his parents had strong political connections to the Chat Nation. He was 7 when The Chat Civil War officially begun, and he felt it was his duty to protect the freedoms of the Chat. With a strong sense of patriotism, T3CH enlisted in the Army when he came of age and for the next six years, fought for the Chat. However, he would not be the same person he was when he entered the war. 

T3ch civil war

T3CH would usually wear enemy uniforms while on undercover missions.

During the Civil War, T3CH excelled in the arts of stealth, hacking, and covert operations. Most of the time, he was deep behind enemy lines, acting alone. On one of these missions, he was compromised and was forced to flee the area. While he was making his way to his evac position, his dropship got shot down. Though he could have left them for dead, he went to the crash site and helped defend the area. T3CH and three survivors had to fight off United Opedia forces until another ship could come and pick them up. Two of the other survivors would die before the new evac ship arrived. Bloody, bruised, and exhausted, T3CH carried the other survivor through a hail of bullets, plasma, and shrapnel. Though they made it to the ship, T3CH's left eye was damaged beyond repair. He would spend the next fours years in recovery, both mentally and physically.

After the war, T3CH's world continued to fall apart. One of his brothers would be killed during the civil war and the youngest would become mentally handicapped after surviving a crash from orbit. Worse, his Father had been killed by Opedia Radicals, forcing his mother into hiding. He spent the better half of the next 40 years in deep depression, drinking heavily and failing to kill himself twice. It would take another great war to bring him back to both reality, and the front lines.

Recruitment of the ChatEdit

The Galactic Chat War propelled the Chat Empire into a major conflict against the enemy that used hit and
T3CH, now

T3CH, awaiting for an enemy to approach.

run tactics. Unsure of who to turn to for help, they went to to slums of Alpha Harmony, and found T3CH drinking his sorrows away. They made a deal with him; they would look after his youngest brother and make him an Admin and in-exchange, he would help them fight both The Resistance and Team Heretic Dinofox. He was refitted with the latest tech and is now awaiting orders to strike at the heart of the enemy. He still has a strong sense of patriotism, and believes he is doing his best to protect the innocent people of the galaxy. Though at times his old memories still haunt him, T3CH is a cunning, brilliant spy who when he needs to, can move like a ghost. T3CH rarely asks questions about his missions, all he cares about is making sure his brother is taken care of. If that means slaughtering the enemies of the Chat, he will do it. He is not a cold man, he just does not let anyone get close enough to him to realize that he has emotions.

Battle of Eafth Edit

During the Battle of Eafth, T3CH was apart of a security detail protecting the ex-Admin Karl-591. During the fight, he would come into contact with Heretic Dinofox on multiple occasions. While he could not stop them from freeing Karl, he was able to hold his own against both DMR and Ultra Force, almost killing both of them. However, the timely arrival of Civilian Militias forced him to pull back. He is now currently regrouping with the rest of the Admins as they try and figure out their next plan of attack. 

Battle of New Eden Edit

T3CHNOCIDE would show up again deep underground in the innards of New Eden near the Power Core. He ordered an attack on the power core and even prepped the SARIN gas missiles to fire on Kig-Yar cities. These were neutralized by Savior Team though and TECHNOCIDE would flee the asteroid to an unknown location.

Second Battle of Yoth Edit

TECNOCIDE arrived at Yoth after the Battle of New Eden to coordinate the defense of Yoth against the Raptor Pirates and also to flee the disastrous attempt to retake New Eden.

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