Talot is a Krogan ex-mercenary who is now serving under Resistance and their comrades.

History Edit

Talot was born into a family of survivors marooned from a ship crash on a unexplored world in the middle of deep space, Talot spent the entirety of his childhood trying to survive on the world with the limited resources from the remains of the ship which had crashed many years ago, his parents taught him on what it means to be a Krogan which influenced Talot and helped him survive, on Talots 17th birthday him and his farther went out hunting leaving his mother at the wreckage of the crashed ship, which had been converted into there home, when Talot and his farther got back to there home she was found dead of unknown causes, around 23 years latter there home was attacked by wild Varrens which lead to Talots fathers death, the next week Talot had completely given up on life and was sitting by a lake for days without food or water, he was eventually found by a Chat recon team which brought him in for interrogation once they found out he had nothing on him he was set free.

Talot was sent to his species homeworld (which he quickly classified as his own homeworld) without any money or anywhere to call home this was until he found out about mercenary's who where going to pay him for his skills, this lead to Talot joining without any thought, the next 30 years as a merc Talot grew quick into his job and ended up treating his fellow mercenary like family, 25 years later a new boss for the faction of mercenary's came in charge and Talot grew a massive disliking to him but kept it to himself so he didn't get fired, around that same time he was assigned to a job with a new Recruit into the merc's called Visius they quickly became good friend.

On January 22nd, 2558 Talot was given the order to sneak a nuke into a known Resistance base on the surface of Yoth unfortunately for Talot the mission went sideways as when he was planting the nuke in the vehicle bay he noticed a resistance fighter called Lord of the Stars asleep in one of the phantoms, Talot thought this would be a great opportunity to make a few more Edits on the job, so he approached him and pulled his MK54 to his head to try and take him prisoner but Stars was too fast and quickly unarmed him.

Talot tried to put up a fight but he knew he was outnumbered and if he carried on fighting they would probably shoot him, he ended up surrendering then letter getting interrogated by the resistance. When they found out that he was not going to tell them anything one of the resistance fighters shot Talot in the head luckily his natural plating protected him from the shot, before she could shoot him again Talot quickly remembered the nuke and lied about it being linked to a flat-line on his pulse, He then used this to his advantage over the resistance so they will not shoot him, but instead Megan tries to knock him out by hitting him on the head with a pistol, not knowing that krogan natural armor is really strong. This caused Talot to fake being knocked out, when he heard that he was going to get thrown out of the airlock he jumped up and told them that he could give the location of the guy who wanted them killed, Talot also found out that the new merc boss had abandoned him which caused him to want to fight against them to get his revenge, unfortunately for Talot the Resistance did not trust him.

But after a number of missions working with the resistance, they grew to trust him and except him into there ranks, later Talot would meet up with his old friend Visius and carry on working and helping the resistance in any way possible.

Equipment Edit

Krogan sniper

Talot with a sniper rifle

Talot is know to use a massive range of different weapons depending on the situation, Mainly LMGs like the FML6C and BFG-90 because of his strength he can carry these weapons around without trouble.

He is also found of close range weapons for example shotguns which he usually uses to run head first into targets with which usually has devastating consequences to the target.

Talot also carries his fathers old combat knife which he has always kept hold of because of how deadly it is, he usually ether uses this in stealth or if he runs out of ammo, furthermore he uses a wide range of different armor and grenades depending on the mission assigned to.

Gallery Edit

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