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Drullkus Industries is an interuniversal company. It should go with no further assumption that they are very technologically advanced. These are some of the technologies:


Aetherfield Aetherfield is a type of a gas that can absorb waves of energy. They are created as byproducts from forging certain alloys in DKI's Zero Forges.

Aetherfield Shield Generators use Aetherfield Cells to generate a shield around a starship to shield against energetic attacks. Laser and Plasma, for example.


Zero ForgeEdit

A Zero Forge is the core support for Mass Production of the high-end Destructive Weapons DKI can ever produce. They are created at the heart of Thaumostatic Black Holes. (Actually, they're more like massive hungry nodes.)

They use the thaumaturgic energies that exist in the Thaumostatic Black Hole to enhance the alloys being forged. Through this process new alloys can be made.


Most mass-produced DKI machines produce extreme heat that normal THDF technologies would not be able to meet the cooling demands.

Mass CoolingEdit

DKI mostly uses a method called Cryto-Coil Reduction in their products. Cryto-Coils are tiny tanks are contain a K-0 Rod harvested from beastsin the void between universes. These Rods have a temperature of an absolute zero and will dissipate if they touch any other body of mass, even air. They must even not contact electromagnetic waves which can travel through mass.

DKI uses a method called temperature replication where the temperature of the body of a mass inside a container is distributed along a cooling rod that runs through a system that would normally get heated. The distribution can be set at 50% maximum, although DKI clocks the component to cool at 5% and even that is enough to cool components down. The cooling doesn't happen instantly though. It'll happen within a few seconds which should be quick enough in most causes.

Thaumostatic SciencesEdit

The Core of the high-tier DKI technologies rely on the Thaumaturgic research conducted by Drullkus himself.

Thaumostatic Grid LiquefactionEdit

Drullkus has devices at his disposal that can be used to turn the Thaumostatic Grid into jelly as long it's activated. This can render most technologies that rely on the Thaumostatic Grid to malfunction.

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