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Fall of Yoth The Hunt for Commander Heathcliff
Fogy troops

Poor visibility forced troops to stay together, though that was easier said then done.

The Ambush at Gaeto was a brutal ambush on the aquatic world of Gaeto, nearly killing not only Jess McKathy, the leader of the SEALS, but also Commander Heathcliff and DMR. It involved the Chat Empire against the elite commandos of Team Heretic Dinofox and the Delta SEALS.

Heathcliff's participationEdit

Commander Heathcliff and Sinon arrived later than DMR and the SEALS and took one of his pelicans down to the northern districts of the Main City of Gaeto, searching for the greatest influx of communications data, assuming that would be the headquaters with leadership. While he was there with Sinon, radio communications went out, and he realised a trap was in place and told Sinon that they had to get out.

Hecate near planet

The Hecate approaching Gaeto.

Before they could escape, They were promptly shot at by Darth TheHackingDog and company, and were pinned down. To try to help their escape plan, Commander Heathcliff detonated a high-power grenade, which blew a hole in the building in order for him and Sinon to escape through and get into their pelican.

However, Commander Heathcliff was shot with a high-explosive .50 CAL round that went through his personal energy shield and went right through his armor. Quickly loosing conciousness, he told Sinon that he had input the coordinates to Hatsune Miku's current location and that only him, Forerunner and Vidmas7er knew her location. He told Sinon they must find Jess and DMR before it was be too late. He then passed out while entering into the pelican, later regaining conciousness on the pelican on its way to get DMR and Jess and put some MediGel on his wound.

As they were closing in on DMR and Jess, they noticed another person a distance away and believed him to be an enemy with the way DMR's heart rate is fluctuating. Commander Heathcliff said to let him out behind the unknown figure, and told Sinon to get in a position to snipe where she could see the whole situation.

DMR & Jess McKathy's participationEdit

DMR and Jess had arrived in the capital of Gaeto before Commander Heathcliff had arrived and had tried to set up to prepare for additional reconnaisance, however there was low visibility, and the
Thermal dmr

Though the area should have been crawling with Tangos, nothing was coming up.

infrared and thermal optics were malfunctioning for some reason. So, while scouting out, they came across some chat soldiers, and DMR quickly orders to take care of them, to the displeasure of Jess, who wanted to stay quiet. He was then scorned by Commander Heathcliff for doing so since he had given them explicit orders to avoid any and all engagements to keep the element of suprise, and continued on saying that if DMR continued to act like this, Heathcliff would not take DMR with him to find Hatsune Miku, as he might disobey orders once more. Then in the middle of the arguement, the communications were jammed and they lost radio contact with Commander Heathcliff.

Meanwhile, Fox McCloud was in space piloting the Great Fox III fighting the orbiting battle groups.  Sending supplies and firing mega sized Smart Bombs at the battlegroups, the space battle was beginning to become very brutal as well. The Chat attempted to hijack the Great Fox III multiple times, in order to regain control of the planet's airspace. All attempts were eventually foiled by the Zulu Squad, but the ship suffered slight damage after more reinforcements came into defend the high value Chat generals on the ground below.

DMR4LIFE becomed separated from the Delta SEALS and believed he saw the Administrator Karl. Jess, who also looking for DMR, heard gunshots and ran toward them. DMR had became panic-stricken with not knowing where Karl was. Jess spoke into the comms, trying to figure out where DMR was, as the fear of being alone set in. DMR suddenly heard the pump of a shotgun behind him and turned around to see Karl with a smile across his face. The shotgun fired and DMR fell to the ground and Jess screamed, calling DMR by his birth name, much to the suprise of DMR. DMR told Jess that Karl was here and told her to run, yet she did not do so. She saw Karl in the shadows and he flung a bloody helmet at her, a helmet of a Delta SEAL. As Jess and Karl began to fight each other with knives in close-quaters combat, Karl kicked Jess away as DMR got back up and fired two rounds at Karl with his pistol.
Cracked helemt

The cracked helmet was the ultimate insult to Jess.

Situation DevelopsEdit

Commander Heathcliff arrived and began to scream into the fog at Karl, ingoring his own injury. Jess then questioned Karl's location before being stabbed in the neck by Karl himself. He also dropped a Spike Grenade, which DMR shielded Jess from with his body. Commander Heathcliff called to Sinon and ordered her to get The Hecate here, since they might of been able to save DMR and Jess. Commander Heathcliff also told Sinon to order the AI's on the ship to get the Flash-Cloning facilities running to save DMR and Jess.

Commander Heathcliff then said he wanted the capital of Gaeto to be orbitally bombarded on the chance Karl may perish. Commander Heathcliff deemed Karl a coward considering he went for a cheap kill instead of facing Commander Heathcliff like a man, and could not wait to have "fun" with Forerunner and Vidmas7er. He then persuaded to cancel the orbital bombardment of the city by Jess on the grounds that the SEALS will leave if such a thing is allowed. Commander Heathcliff then reminded her he will not bomb the planet, but the NOVA bomb had a 14 day timer, and it had been 13 days since the loss of Yoth.

As Commander Heathcliff explained this, they all get to the medical facilities on the Hecate, and in the middle of speaking, Commander Heathcliff passed out and dropped to the floor, where Sinon went to his side and tries to wake him. Jess asked where Fox was, Sinon told her he was engaging the Chat fleet, in a shaky voice, and then said they will be following the Commanders plans to find Hatsune Miku.

Sinon got into an arguement with Jess about going after Hatsune Miku, and following the Commanders' orders. Sinon said that how without Heathcliff, she would have died a dozen times and had she listened to him, she wouldn't have lost her leg. Jess then said that Sinon should make her own choices, and Sinon said that she chose to follow the Commander.


Doctors overlooking DMR on a medbay.

Sinon then told Jees about how they were going to find Heathcliff's sister no matter the cost; even if it came at the cost of thier own lives. Jess was in disbelief, and argued that they should be more concerned about those around them then themselves. 

After the two where done arguing, they each went to the bedside of their respective leaders. Heathcliff would wake up and would then wake up DMR from his medically induced coma. However, DMR was in the middle of a vivid nightmare and when we awoke, he accidentally punched Heathcliff square in the jaw. Though the two were still recovering from their injuries, they were hungry to get back into the fight. They drew up a plan, which called for DMR, Heathcliff, and Sinon to take the Hecate and any friendly forces onboard on a mission to hunt down Hastune Miku. Jess opted to stay at Gaeto to help oversee the current operation until the rest of Heretic Dinofox arrived. 

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