The Common Man's Ship as it is known is the ship used by every terrestrial life form who has any power on the aquatic domain what so ever. It can be built by worker crew in only 5 hours, is so inexpensive it can be bought by a house hold family, and it is extremely effective for anything you intend to use it for what so ever, be it combat, fishing, smuggling, patrolling, treasure hunting, boarding craft, landing craft, what ever, this ship can do it all.

Weapons: Its frontal cannon is a OTO Melara 127 64 LW gun 1[1]. It has a fire rate that can be controlled precisely to fire swift but still have the ability to take aim, its ammo is 35mm bullets with a armor piercing tip, a explosive core, and metal from middle to rear soft enough to dint with ease while the front is sharp and solid enough to crack rather then dint.

Its 2 main weapons of attack are its 2 pares of torpedo tubes on the starboard and port armed with warheads that have a plasma core methane soda hydrogen fuel cells 2 electric batteries a charge of dynamite and microwave casing. The second main method of attack being its 2 pares of missile launchers on the starboard and port that are rigged with stealth detection radars. These missile launchers are fit for 3 kinds of ammo, stinger anti air, harpoon anti ship, and incendiary ammo. Usually if the intent is to sink a ship torpedoes and incendiary missiles will be used timed to hit within the same second to force a ships crew to have to choose between dealing with a leak and dealing with a fire, insuring they will be to busy to put up a fight.

Its 3rd weapon is six 20mm guns.

Finally their is room to pack heavy weapons for the crew such as rocket launchers Spartan lasers and anti tank rifles, as well as multiple mortar launcher fired depth charges with a warhead with a plasma core surrounded by 15 pounds of dynamite.

Hull details: The hull is made from very thick wood with a metal hull built around it for light armor. The metal is an alloy of titanium tungsten iron aluminum chrome and carbon-Q183R93. Its built light.

It also has 3 masts that can be used in multiple ways such as as look out posts, putting up sails with solar power pads to never need to refuel, and hanging cable. The ships engine is powered by a plasma power core with a diesel engine and a furnace engine on backup. It can even be rowed by oarsmen.

With engine alone its top speed goes up to 175MPH and speed can be adjusted to the point of 0.50mph speed corse change.

The 2 torpedo launchers can slide back all the way to the middle and lock in place when not in use so that other uses for the ships edge may be done such as deploying sea mines, crab pots, life boats, divers, and tossing chum.

Their are many variations of this ship. In some 3rd world countries its weapons are even substituted with primitive home made cannons.

Use by Chat: The Chat use these mostly as scouts and for policing the watery parts of planets they control. They also use them to support slower ships and dive teams. They are also the main surface based anti swimmer infantry vessel used by NIMSST as no one is stupid enough to take on sirens in the water without heavy gear and some way to avoid completely direct combat.

Use by New Galactic Republic: The NGR use these pretty much the same way except for all that chat stuff.

Other Users: Other users include private armies used by rich men who want to protect their companies fortune, anyone who can legally own one simply as a mobile home or a fishing vessel, party boaters, fishermen in aggressive countries, drug lords, smugglers, and these boats are quite often the closest thing pirates get to a ominous dreaded vessel of war. In fact this boat appears in cartoons, comics, paintings, and common perspective as the vessel of famous use by pirates and coast guard. It also appears in action shoot em up movies as the bulk of the military of heroes and villains. It is highly sported by gangs who are like bikers of the sea.

Appearances: These ships have only appeared in the background during city battles at the coast faintly visible in the distance trying to keep the peace near beaches and at docks.

Variation galleries:

Swiftship - Copy

variation with even more guns