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The Jiralhanae (brutes) declared loyalty to the Chat Empire under Chieftan Conite.


The Jiralhanae entered this universe in 2555 when they entered a slipspace portal. This caused 1.5 billion brutes to entered the THDF universe. One billion brutes settled on the planet Moris.

Recently, the Jiralhane were united by a Brute Chieftan who was gifted with the force. He hid his beliefs and just fought as one of the most deadly chieftans soon ralling 90 percent of the Jiralhanae to his cause. Then he pledged loyalty to Chat. Then he told everyone he was both a Brute Chieftan and Sith Lord. The Jiralhanae were the newest major combat infantry unit.


The Chat Empire have about 1 billion vicious and dedicated Jiralhanae that have joined their cause. The primary brute Shock Troopers have grey armor instead of blue armor. The Jiralhane captains have dark grey armor. The Jiralhanae major captains look the same as in halo 3 and the Ultra Jiralhanae captains have platinum armor. Jiralhanae honor gaurds have been replaced by brute chat guards who have bright red armor. Jiralhane majors even have silver armor. All this armor is based off halo 3 Power Armor.

Brute Pack

Jiralhane wearing power armor

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