The Crescent Fighter was named after its shape and is a new class star fighter used by Lord of the STARS. The first one was constructed on 6/15/2558.


A Cresent Fighter

A Crescent Fighter

Crew: 1 pilot 1 co-pilot.
Shielding: Strong enough to withstand 21 air to air missiles before collapsing for 32 seconds. 

Speed: variable from hovering in air at no speed with a 0.2% increase or decrees at a time. The craft has a top speed 1,500 mph or twice the speed of sound,

Weapons: 2 heavy ion cannons that can destroy a main battle tank in a single shot. 1 anti-ship missile launcher.

Thrust provident: Gravity field engine.

Maneuverability: Very high but suffers when shield is up. 


The origin of this vessel is a mystery, all that is known is that the blue print to make it has been found in a castle like building on a dead planet, that according to the writing on the walls of the building had its sea drained 50,000 years ago after the planet was glassed. It was then reconstructed and tested in combat against the Chat Empire at a refueling station during Operation Retribution

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