Warning, this is a lazy cut and past from a blog with 1 minor edit This hear, is a new Super Man Of War class starship. Its hull based on that of the sparing whale, like that, a hull built for ramming!. This ship is upgraded with gadgets bought from the New Galactic Republic. At 11845ft from noise to tail Its newest weapons include, where the rail-flackguns would have been, now a version of these with anti air lasers in the center of the turret, lasers with a charge time of 5 seconds and a fire time of 48 seconds. As well as railgun-mac-cannons for ammo type to be fired, its newest weapon is a anti ship plasma cannon, that fires a large bolt of plasma at 8542 feet per second and at a range of 800 knots in space, though only 140 knots in atmosphere. At the mouth of the ship is 4 MAC guns, 1 above, one below, one left, one right, and in the center is a new gun, using microwave, electricity, gamma waves, x-rays, and radio waves, all converted into a bright beam, this weapon fires a massive 20 second beam deep into space, though at the cost of 45% of the ships energy, and 8 minuets to fully recharge it. Armed also with 6 main torpedo launchers with 5 barrels each, and 9 cruise missile pods. Armed as well with aa missiles, and weaponized sonar.. Finally, this ship is armed with many lightening cannons that fire a continued bolt for 2 and a half seconds before cooling for recharge.

The ship also has a shield that can take a blow from 4 ban hammer class star destroyers turbo lasers. After which the shields are technically still up, but at this point even a 50cal bullet can down them. Its armor can take a blow from 4 infinity class cruisers MAC guns before finally being penetrated.

Its power source includes blamite crystals, the same crystals used to power a energy cutlass, Aquamarine nuclear reactors, Aquamarine atomic energy crystals, unsc engines, covenant plasma engines, bio-rocket-fuel, generators and batteries for electricity. It took 6 years 8 months to build this warship, and soon it will be commissioned for war. Join us now as it prepares for its launch on its first mission in 3 more weeks.

Its name has been in debate for years, the people of the sapphire clans wanted it named after Prince sapphire the 72cond, while he wanted it named after his father before him King Sapphire the 71st. The topaz clans wished it named after their princess, the shark clans their current king. In the end, each agreed a ship of this class must be named after royalty, but only 1 will not do. The ship has been crissioned The Dynasties Of The Allies.

It is our hopes if this ship tests well, we will make new ones after it. Their she is, long as a jumbo-city, size and speed unexplored! Any sailor in their right minds hopes even now to be on board that ship of dreams!

Even now its cargo is being loaded, its crew decided, its paint being applied, it is almost ready!

The new wonder of the world! The Dynasties Of The Allies.

Mean while, in other reports, tensions between the glory alliance and the sorrow alliance continues to rise, world war 5 is being declared, but not yet excepted. We may still have time to stop the war from happening. And this conflict has chosen a very bad time, as we do not want to be weakened in our efforts fighting the chat. Diplomats are being sent to the dark powers even now to discuss a way to retain peace. If only something can simply unite us all.

Lazy copy past ends hear.

The Dynasties Of The Allies was commissioned 35 days before the start of Aquamarines world war five, it is the first siren ship to come with a shielded hull. For the sirens this ship was of size speed and strength unexplored. Coming with a massive crew and a mission, rather then participating in world war five, this ship was needed for a galactic crises that was of a bigger concern.

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