The Galaxy.

The Galaxy is the literal Galaxy that the Team Heretic Dinofox universe takes place in. It is filled with many different locations and worlds, all which hold their own stories and secrets.    



Foregunners were an advanced race that controlled a section of the Galaxy approximately over 900,000 years before the Battle of Havin IV. Their lack of interest with domination made them the perfect suitable government leaders for the galaxy, and they fulfilled their destiny as doing just that. In order to suppress threats of insurrections, the Foregunners developed powerful bio-weapons. One of these, known as the "Flood-Troll", managed to escape its containment facility before an ability to control it was developed. The Flood Troll parasite managed to become conscious after obtaining a reasonable biomass, and began reversing the restraints and suppressors its creators made for it. Eventually, much of the galaxy was being taken over by the Flood Troll, and life on many planets was destroyed in order to stop the Flood from consuming the edible life. The Foregunners eventually were driven to extinction, and the Flood Trolls were eventually contained.

The Chat Civil WarEdit

The Chat Civil War was an event that happened much later in the Galaxy, when the Galactic Senates power was given entirely to the Chat. The United Opedia didn't agree with the Chat's methods, and soon enough, war broke out. Before long, the Chat eventually made their way back to the Opedias homeworld, Yavin V. After 10 years of war, the Chat brutally massacred all on Yavin V, and signaled the end of the war.

New war loomsEdit

28 years later, the planet Lawlderan secretly began assisting the remnant of the Opedia. A few weapons and ships were manufactured, but Lawlderans strict peaceful laws prohibited war machines to be created there. For 14 more years, hit and run tactics were used by a new insurrection against the Chat, known as the Resistance. The Resistance carried out small and large attacks on the chat, but most were unsuccessful. Finally, a new hope came but also a new war, the Galactic Chat War.

First Raid on KoraulakEdit

The Chat Empire launched an attack on the planet of Koraulak with the goal of removing the Mercenary presence on the planet. The fighting was bloody and brutal but Chat Snipers gained infamy as they laid waste to many of the mercenaries on the planet. 


Planet boom

No one could save Lawlderan from its destruction.

An elite group of freedom fighters were assembled just as the Chat was getting ready to make an assault on Lawlderan. Consisted of Fox McCloud, Tyler Alshwind, an Unnamed Field Marshall, and Raptor, the team was preparing to leave the system as something happened. After Fox McCloud defected from the Chat and was charged with attempted theft, assault on superior officers, including the death of one, he was tracked to Lawlderan, where the Chat found out where the Resistances next generation machinery was being developed. The Chat then brought in a fleet of their best ships, in order to wipe out the planet. Failing to get to the surface due to large amounts of Orbital Defense Platforms, the Chat fled with their fleet for one day. The following day, they brought a massive mobile Space Station, known as the Chat Star. The Chat Stars primary laser fired on Lawlderan, and obliterated the planet whole. The newly constructed team managed to escape capture (or death), and fled to another planet - Havin IV.

Battle of Havin IVEdit

The Chat Star followed the Resistance to Havin IV, and got ready to destroy the planet just like it did to Lawlderan. An intense space fight broke out above the planet, with both sides tacking heavy losses. The Chat Star moved into position, and got ready to fire upon the planet. Fox, knowing he would have only one last run, sent his fighter to make a run on the Chat Star. Before Fox could deliver his payload though, the Chat Moderator Darth TheHackingDog, engaged Fox. Just before Darth could kill him though, DMR4LIFE appeared and fired a bomb at Darth, damaging his fighter and sending it spiraling into space. Fox, all clear now, launched the Smart-Bomb into the Chat Star, destroying it before it could destroy Havin IV. The victory was short lived though, as part of a Chat Fleet showed up and assaulted the Planet. Most of the military personal were able to escape the bombardment, but the civilians on the planet were not as lucky.  Following this, Lord of the STARS was made an honorable team member for his bravery during the crisis.

Old Haven and the TrollsEdit

Following the destruction of the Chat Star, the team was scattered with Unnamed Field Marshall and Raptorclaw officially declared as MIA.  DMR, STARS, and Fox met up with a very strange Lettuce-Class Cruiser, which was being boarded by a hyper-virus known as the Flood Trolls (see above at "Foregunners").  After the team's own mothership, the Great Covenant-Human Autumn-Class Tactical Asteroid, was boarded and almost destroyed by the menace, the Flood Trolls abandoned their goal for attempting to overthrow the two ships and instead entered the atmosphere of Old Haven. Old Haven's climate control system, a center responsible for ensuring a stable temperature on the planet, was the main target of the Flood Trolls.  After a lengthy battle pitting the strange Captain Lettuce, the members of THDF, and some of the security forces of Old Haven against the Flood Trolls, the control system was luckily recovered from impossible odds.  The team received a very large and very badly needed gift, which was millions of edits.  Later, they'd be used to buy the Great Fox III.

Sector W conflictEdit

The Resistance and Heretic Dinofox regrouped after Havin IV and learned that a Chat Admin was near their current base. The Admin, named Vidmas7er, was currently located in the area of space known as "Sector W." Knowing that by capturing an Admin, they could show the Chat that they were vulnerable, General SheerAvenger777 gathered all available personal and materials for the assault. Heretic Dinofox was able to break into the Chat base and while they were able to capture Vid, Chat naval forces soon surrounded the area. Making a break for it, the team threw all their personal into capturing a Super Carrier and using it to escape Sector W. While the team was successful in capturing Vidmas7er, the team lost a lot of soldiers and the Great Covenant-Human Autumn-Class Tactical Asteroid was damaged to a point of no return, prompting Fox to purchase a new mothership given the edits obtained from Old Haven.

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