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Chat AlertEdit

A Chat alert was sent out after the devastation of Eafth. It was a call to arms against the Mandalorian Empire and against Mandalore himself. It read in part:

"All chat forces are hereby advised that after the devastation of Eafth that there will now be a hunt for Mandalore to protect our great empire from this madman's mandalorian attacks. His regime is deadly and he will have great protection. Rather then send in a full army we ask for any bounty hunters, highly talented mercenaries, or chat elite military forces to hunt down this latter. Darth TheHackingDog has conscripted his own men for the hunt. Up to 10,000,000 credits will be offered to whoever can take this tyrant down."


Thousands answered the call hunting for Mandalore. Most of them never return being killed by mandalorians, pirates, local terrorists, or themselves. Mandalore even made his own counter to this hunt placing a hunt on all of the Chat Admins. Eventually Conite stepped up to the challenge when his forces invaded Come a vital Mandalorian world where Mandalore was. The fight was close ,but Conite was bested by Mandalore. During that same battle Darth the HackingDog, Haloprov, Knightmare (healed from his injuries by an experiment), and Bravadostock sneaked into Mandalore's ship and confronted him.

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