The Great system

Named both after its great Star and great rings it is a colossal system located in the galaxy.

The star is referred to as the Great One. Compared to the real life star of earth called the Sun The Great One is about 2,000,000 times larger than the terran sun

Its color is green and it is bright and hot, having 10 times the gravity as a regular star its size and 40 times hotter then a star its size.

  • Satellites: It is unknown everything that orbits The Great One, as it appears to have 4 asteroid and comet belts containing both asteroids, comets, and dust. Truth be told, if their was a earth sized planet orbiting this star it would be impossible to find among all the clusters of rock, metal, and ice orbiting it. In fact hundreds if not thousands of earth sized planets could fit in this stars orbit. Much of the material in it is radioactive.
  • appearances: None so far, but upcoming events might happen for once.

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