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The Hecate

The Hecate is the personal Ship of Commander Heathcliff and is piloted and maintained by Sinon. It also has a compliment of AI's to help coordinate attack and defense strategies so that the only personnel required to run the ship is Commander Heathcliff and Sinon, although there is space for up to 20 fireteams of soldiers, in addition to them.


The Hecate is approximately 250 meters in length and covered in artificially strengthened Ti-A3 battle plate armor. Its armor is a matte-grey color and is angular in its primary design. It also looks slightly similar to a hornet. It is able to hold three Dropship 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier/Infantry, abbreviated D77H-TCI, or more commonly known as the Pelican. In perspective, it is a bit larger then the Unnamed Field Marshall's LichDelta SEALS also use the Hecate to help insert them behind enemy lines during combat missions. 


The Hecate has several abilities and armaments. It has energy shielding that is of Forerunner origin, and has advanced cloaking abilities that it can power itself up to 30% capacity and still not have any heat or energy signals. In addition to having the cloaking technology to make it dark in interstellar space, it also as literal active camouflage to make it nearly invisible for extended periods of time. It has relatively few weapons compared to most other ships, but it has many nuclear mines of medium power. It also has 10 M42 Archer Missile Pods and 2 M75 Rapier Missile Pods. In addition, it also has 15 M910 Point defense guns. To travel in between star systems it uses Mark X Macedon/Z-PROTOTYPE #79590HDS.

Finally, it has been equipped with innumerable detection devices to help detect and avoid other ships, since while it has strong shielding and active camouflage, it still likely cannot destroy a large group of ships, unless it surprises them

The Ambush of GaetoEdit

The Hecate was used during a battle on Yoth to not only escape, it was also used to plant a minefield that became ineffective once the Chat ships discovered it. The Hecate was used by Commander Heathcliff and the Delta SEALS to escape from Yoth, in addition to the Prisoners Forerunner and Vidmas7er . It was used at the Ambush at Gaeto  to provide support and for Commander Heathcliff to flee when he refused to hand over the Admins, Forerunner and Vidmas7er. It has held DMR4LIFE for a time as prisoner after he got into an altercation with Heathcliff. 

After GaetoEdit

The Hecate was used to attack Eafth, rather ineffectively due to the amount of defenses present, and it sustained heavy damage. Commander Heathcliff ordered the ship to Epsilon Indus, where it was revealed that the ship was found there by Commander Heathcliff, and that is was what a resistance cell had hidden there and was the reason the planet was bombed. The ship's main hull was repaired, and it was also given more shielding units to have more powerful shields. Afterwards, Heath ordered the Hecate to perform an in-atmosphere jump out of Epsilon Indus. The Hecate would also help Heathcliff escape a nasty firefight on the planet of Catoonie.

The Chat SchismEdit

During the opening phases of The Chat Schism, the Hecate would help insert Heathcliff and his team into hot spots raging on the planet of Eafth. From helping to free Blue during a battle, to deploying and extracting Heathcliff's team during a raid on a snow base, the Hecate was instrumental during the battles. Once all was said and done, Heathcliff took his ship and crew to be part of a delegation on Gaeto. However, after a bomb halted the delegation, they all returned to the safety of their ship. 

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