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The Six were a group of six extremely deadly mercenaries, assassins, and convicts recruited from various locations around the galaxy. Although they work as an independent special unit, they still take orders from the Hooded Figure.

History Edit

The Six were assembled at some point before the New Eden Crisis, which was the first conflict they participated in. The battle resulted in the death of two members and another, Minnae, bearing heavy wounds. After the conflict started to draw to a close, the remaining members were withdrawn to await further orders.

They were deployed to Yoth shortly after New Eden. The Awoken Man's escape was picked up on a scanner by Lord Tyrotar Edalius. At the time, the whereabouts of the other two were unknown.

Minnae and Tyrotar eventually betrayed their employer and aided Team Heretic Dinofox in the conflict.

Known Members Edit

Minnae Edit

Minnae is a Naga bounty hunter with a brutal reputation. She was the first member of the Six to be revealed. During the New Eden Crisis, she confronted the Unnamed Field Marshall's forces and single-handedly wiped out a majority of his elite unit, the Tacit Ronin. Ultimately, her assassination attempt on the fleetmaster failed with the timely arrival of Andare. With heavy injuries, she retreated to recover and headed for Yoth.

Tyrotar Edalius Edit

Tyrotar, or Tyroe for short, is an extremely adept human sniper. Like most of the others, he has a vicious reputation and, contrary to popular belief, is a better marksman than iconic figures of the war, such as the Moderator SWATminifigGUY and DMR. He was paired with Minnae for the duration of the events on New Eden and Yoth.

Tauwei (Deceased) Edit

Tauwei was a human assassin like Tyrotar, however he specialized in extreme close ranged combat. With cybernetically augmented limbs, he was extremely agile and precise. His signature weapon was a chrome sword that could fire lasers from the hilt. Despite his prowess, he was easily decapitated and killed by the Spartan Aylin Bray.

Spartan Blake (Comatose state, in custody) Edit

Spartan Blake was a spartan lll and a defector from Team Heretic Dinofox who participated as a spy during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, an assassin during the Crisis on New Eden, and a field commander during the Second battle of Yoth. He specialized in assassinations and missions requiring stealth. He believed that humans across the galaxy should ban together against the covenant as they did during the Human-Covenant War. He was put into a coma by Nikolai Pereshenko during the Second battle of Yoth.

Brenna Edit

Brenna was the one member of the Six absent during the New Eden crisis. She is a Naga, like Minnae.

Trivia Edit

  • The Six is a play on The Nine Ringwraiths.
  • They are most likely fighting for Chat interests.

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