Largely unexplored and having a distance that can cause it to take trillions of years for even the most technologically up to date interstellar travel known, the universe in THDF consist mostly of beings, cultures, and tools, from other universes, other dimensions, ideas, and what is very on par with cyber space stile memes. Their are 3 best well known galaxies in the THDF universe. Although original native races cultures and tools exist as well.

  • The Galaxy:

The over world galaxy is the main galaxy in the story lines of THDF. Like the other 3 known this world mostly consist of slip space event related residents such as Kig-yar krogan sangheili and humans, as well as original such as Kazmazillah, Aquamarinears, and Zorrialians. The slowly fading dominant power some how is humanity, starting with the Chat history, until it broke into human rebellion factions. Both sides sided with other races but the post chat nationalities got the majority of other race support. Now equal power is becoming more and more a thing. Although non human powers on the biggest rise are the Kig-yar (jackals) and the Aquamarinears (sirens). In ancient times before humanity the Naga Empire was once a dominant power. Until they had simply decided to enact the decolonization program. Although some Naga these days have known to serve as bounty hunters, and are the most competent if anyone wishes the death of an Aquamarinear.

  • Ptranosaurian Galaxy:

This galaxy is ruled by the Ptranosaurians, cellular immortal dragon like beings who police the galaxy and dream of one day conquering a second galaxy to expand inter a intergalactic empire. They are technologically capable of going toe to toe with the forerunners. No successful rebellion so far though attempts have ended in sorrow and despair.

  • Discord Galaxy: More to come.

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