Development Edit

Cannon yoth

The cannon during the Second Battle of Yoth.

The Sirens believe Yoth is a frozen ocean planet. They figure just because the water is frozen doesn't mean it can't be used. Siren technology, though ranked at tier 3 has incredible electrical power. The Sirens has decided that once Yoth is retaken, they will contribute these cannons to protect it from hostile infantry forces.

The Yoth Cannon Edit

The weapon they build was child's play, because it was the Siren's first terrestrial artillery. Microwave heated pipes melt the snow and suck the snow into 6 storage tanks, holding 17800 tons of water. The water is sprayed out a hose nozzle in a well focused jet of water. With a range of 4572 ft it hits so hard it can wash away cars, spray down helicopters, drop ships with ease, and leave unarmored infantry boneless. The jet of water is complimented by electricity. The electricity uses the jet of water as a wire that pack enough volts to melt a school bus in 20 seconds of direct contact.

Yoth Canon-I Edit

Captain Palkins of Battlefoce Brave New World has requested an infantry version small enough for a human to carry. It has a range of 185 ft and has enough voltage to explode a brute's heart in 48 seconds of a sustained direct hit due to the electrical shock.

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