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    Aaaah yoth, Once hope to a insurrectionists base. Allied to a mighty warrior queen who helped supply and protect them. But then Crushed mercilessly by crushers! Then the remains nuked by a read armored devil.

    Now the fort of yoth is being rebuilt with out the shat (why dose that word not light up on my spell checker?) empire knowing it thanks to fox, a new arrival who's technology is tier 1, and the newbies to tier 3, the people of planet aquamarine. This thread in future tense is first describing the recolonization of that world.... the world that has a north pole, a south pole, a east pole, and a west pole. That land that tried to have penguins but they turned to popsicles. That place where you have to have oven underwear just to stay warm.

    How will we survive a frozen land with out trees?

    how much better will the new fort me?

    how will the sirens aka aquamarineears swim with only snow?

    what are we going back to?


    are we their yet?

    is the time yet to begin?

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    • I meant to say home to a base but yet, it is hope to one to.

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    • admiral d-117: back at base we have sapient humanoid arctic fox clone marines, should we go get them?

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    • (gtg)

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    • (I thought Saber and Yozoz were going to go there, but their still on New Eden.)

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    • Yozoz wrote: (I thought Saber and Yozoz were going to go there, but their still on New Eden.)

      (this is just a preparation.)

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    • Wort wort wort wort wort!!!!

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    • (Yozoz just joined the Kig-Yar fleet headed to Yoth, along with Yabab and Glofnog. The New Eden rps had more of Yabab and Glofnog's adventure in it, following them as their spirit was shot down, then they tried (And failed) to rally allied forces, found the Tacit Ronin, fought Minnea, contacted the Fleet, rescued New Republic Soldiers, etc. Yozoz barely had any action at all. This time, I think they are staying in space, and Yozoz is going down alone.

      But also, suggestion, instead of having your usual huge amount of troops in spaces that can't really fit that many, have 6-12 man strike team plus Yozoz and whoever elses characters infiltrate the slipspace crystal place, and kill at least a couple off. That gives it more suspense.)

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    • Lord of the Stars: "Hey Yozoz, what kind of ship do you think we should ride in?"

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    • (And I can't do any serious RPing for a few days, I have exams. Just one week until break though, then I can Rp all day :)  )

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    • (I can do a little. Where are we?)

      Yozoz: I don't care. What are we up against on Yoth?

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Your right, on our trip to yoth we will face no enemies, no dangers except for possible natural events of space. We should travel in something cozy, warm, and full of places to enjoy life. My children can come to, and only 2 ships meant for war as body guards, only in case I'm wrong. 3 ships.

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    • (Wait, Am I with you guys? I was with Saber and STARS.)

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    • (You can decide for yourself, it's not too late.)

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "You are coming to aren't you troll? I'd be glad to have your company. :) Ships are decided, the first looks like a covenant corvette, except it has no gap hull, is 5 times larger, was converted into a cargo ship, now is converted into a cruiser. The other 2 are real covenant corvettes, but with energy shields."

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    • (GTG)

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    • Trol's Banshee boosts up to Saber's ship.

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Hold on, its not out of dry dock yet. Stars, get the children and find a room for them."

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    • Yozoz strolls into the ship, flanked by Yobab and Glofnog. "Do we have permission to be here?" Yabab asks. Yozoz replies, "Not exactly." " 'Montrumai isn't going to like this..." Yabab says slowly. "The Field Marshall knows we left." Yozoz assures him. "But-" Yabab starts. "You wanna call Commander Montrumai?" "No..." Yabab trails off. "Exactly," Yozoz says quickely, "Now you two go to the hanger and see if you can help with anything". "Okay, Boss!" Glofnog says in his deep and rumbly, yet squeaky and grunty voice.

      Yozoz walks into the bridge and instinctly moves toward the Comms Station,but then remembers that this is not his normal corvette he awquardly stands in the middle of the bridge, waiting for Saber and Stars to arive. 

      (GTG again)

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    • Lord of the Stars has by now found a nice room the children can be safe in, and their guards have 2 rooms just next door. Cargo is still being loaded, 78% ready, mostly food, necessary supplies, but luxuries are being brought on for once, as well as seeds from trees, a type of melon from Eayn, and some herbs and spices for tea that will be grown on yoth in a bio dome simulating warm weather.

      The 2 guard ships carrying other then nisisitys, only construction gear. Together it will be enough to make only 1 bio dome capable of simulating a envirment in which a forest can thrive.

      This is so that over 99% of the building equipment can stay to be used on the asteroid as we are gone, 1 bio dome is plenty to start with, and yoth still has its own minable resources While the luxuries, intended to sooth our sorrows of the disasters.

      The evac fleet carrying wounded and survivors will arrive before we do.

      3 Kig-yar are preparing a room for the unggoy who are guests onboard, it is in a room entered by double air lock door, the atmosphere of the room is identical to that of Balaho only more comfortable. It has a fish tank full of shade crabs and potted plants with plants from Balaho and a cupboard full of snacks, nobody knows where they got them. Room will be fully prepared in 15 minuets.

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    • Mean while, the evac fleet sending survivors of the attack to yoth will be exiting slip space and entering the star system in 1 day 4 hours 2 minuets 8 seconds.

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    • Oh hey, this was a thread.  Okay.

      Over New Eden, the GFIII's commander boards his ship.  He walks to the turbolift in the hallway the bay occupants travel, and gazes at the bright holo-screen next to the lifts entrance.  He lets out a sigh of desperation, and the lifts doors open.  Droid pilots frantically rush out of the turbolift, knowing that without haste they will not make it to their starfighters, after being lended to New Eden.

      Fox enters the turbolift, and puts up a comm channel.

      "All hands.  T-minus 15 minutes to launch.  Megg, answer the red phone.  Thank you."

      The turbolift blast doors close behind Fox, just as several scientists in lab coats give Fox a dull stare through the windows, as if being betrayed by not letting them on. The turbolift shoots through the ducts at incredible speeds, and passes a glass floor showing the massive docking bay 7. After a few minutes, the lift finally gets to the bridge, and the bridge crew turns to give a brief salute.

      "Ladies, Gents and machines. Why are we off to Yoth? To say, give the Resistance a spare hand by liberating their former base? Hmm?"

      Fox gives a strange smile, and awkward silence fills the room. Finally, ensign Krik steps up "Umm... Yeah sir. To free Yoth."

      Fox "That's is a beta priority task. If we can save Yoth, we will. But we aren't risking our lives to do it. No, our primary goal is to capture enemy capital ships. We were forced to give New Eden a few starfighters, so all in all, we only have about a couple hundred in the docks, and can only get about 60 or 70 up quickly. Our marine force has actually strengthened, however, with the addition of a strict Kig-Yar division. We even got a more permanent crew to man the Pride of the Executioner, and her starfighters, as well as the two destroyers.

      ROB: "T-minus 5 minutes to departure from New Eden."

      Fox "Because the birds like to capture things so much, I am letting them lead the assault on several ships. Their special ODP's have been knocked out. Maybe one or two still are floating in orbit, but all are not functional. When I leave for boarding, do not focus fire on them, and instead focus on incapacitating enemy vessels."

      Krik "Sir, why is getting these ships so important?"

      Fox "Because Lieutenant, if we can obtain an entire fleet, we can barter for... very valuable things."

      ROB: "T-minus 60 seconds to departure from New Eden."

      Krik "Isn't this piracy, sir?"

      Fox "Anti-piracy. It's time to get back what we own from these scum. All hands, brace for slipspace launch."

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    • Lord of the Stars: "All is ready, we just need to make sure our guests are onboard, need me to do anything as we wait?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "You've done enough for now, just rest, the ship will take off as soon as we know they are ready."

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    • Trol: "Good. We're safe. Should Nial' and the carrier come with me?"

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    • A carrier? yes :) carry stuff needed for building.

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    • Trol: "Gotcha. (on comms to Nial') Nial' come in. Bring the Carrier so we can help Celestial Saber and STARS." (g2g)

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    • Yabab: Glofnog! Come on, forget the hangar! We get our own room for once! A lot better than what the Field Marshall and Montrumai give us.

      Glofnog: Whoo-hoo! Let get go noow!

      They run into the room and thow off their methane tanks. Yozoz is already inside.

      Glofnog: Finally free! Balaho air!

      Yabab: It feels even nicer, though! For pirated, they sure are considerate. Even nicer than the Old Covenant.

      Yozoz: This is nice. And although it may feel better in these room, I cannot wait until we go home. Hopefully, before the end of the month, we will be back on Balaho.

      Glofnog: Praise the Gods!

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    • (Do the Chat currently have any presence on Yoth?)

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    • This is your hoasts speaking, we are lifting off in 10... 9....8....

      As the ship leaves the ground and comes closer to the ozone simulation shields the gigantic bubble dims, we pass out and begin to leave the orbit zone. Now charging up to open a slip space portal.

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    • Glofnog: Glad we off asteroid now. Me was worried it would explode any second!

      Yabab: If it exploded, we would all point our fingers at you.

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    • Lord of the Stars: "Relax, if it where going to explode we where going to go down with it, die with sword in hand so to speak, now theirs only stragglers left of the enemy. We will make them pay latter, but we have priorities. Before we can hit back, we need to make sure we are ready."

      We enter slip space

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    • (Do the chat have a presense on Yoth?)

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    • (Not yet.)

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    • Attention, attention everyone, in 10 minuets we will be exiting slip space and entering into the Yoth Stars system.

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    • Yozoz: Strap in!

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    • Lord of the Stars: "Enjoying the communications I see :) we are in yoths system now, but the asteroid belt should be hear."

      Madam celestial Saber: "Is the computer save files of my treasure map maby malfunctioning? I could have sworn my buried treasure was in this part of the star system on a asteroid left alone from the rest of them in orbit."

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    • Drullkus wrote:
      General B.H. wrote:
      (So basically were done with this thread right?)
      (Pretty much, I guess? Yoth is taken, converted into a Republic Outpost. They have no asteroid belt because Drullkus Industries glaser'd them all.)


      (this is a very very old post that we don't know about yet.)

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "The star that yoth orbits, the closest star, 3rd 4rth and 5th, the 2 sister planets of yoth, the asteroid belt should be...... impossible... It can't be!

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    • Yozoz, who just arrived on the bridge,

      Yozoz: What is it, Ma'am?

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Remember how I said the crystals are hidden by burial in an asteroid?" *chuckles nervously* "Your not going to believe this but, the asteroid belt has been stolen".

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    • She sighs "Guess that just leaves 1 place left we can get crystals with out facing 120 chat battleships.... Old manor."

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    • "What? Stolen? By Drullkus? How? And what's 'Old Manor?'

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Old manor is where my mothers fortress was.... before.... but anyway, it has a hidden vault that I know the chat did not find, its only a 4 week slip space from hear, with those crystals we can come back to yoth in 27 seconds. Its your call, guest."

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    • In the hall ways our 3 children are playing, they are running, making loud Kig-yar noises, battling each other with bronze shields and wooden swords. They giggle and shout joyfully.

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    • "But was it Drullkus? I never met him in person, but he helped Yabab and Glofnog and the Tacit Ronin and Andare and all them fight Minnea. Yabab said he was a pervert who said the Naga was sexy..."

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "I doubt he knew, he probably thought he found a wild crystal deposit in space, of corse if anyone did steel my buried treasure on purpose, I'd have to kill them."

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    • Well, maybe we should find out if he did it on purpose.

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "I would if I knew how to contact him, best I can do is this *she attempts to (if your reading this Drullkus it worked) contact him*.

      Lord of the Stars: "A entire asteroid belt, the air bags of a star system gone, and he did not think it would cause a catastrophe to a planet?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "To live on yoth required practically bio domes anyway, plus, not everyone cares about air bags. But the protection of those asteroids will one day be replaced..... by the first chat fleet to try to attack yoth!" *she grins mischievously*

      One of the children gently plops Yozoz on the head with a wooded sword "I'm a brave warrior".

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    • "Really, now?" Yozoz says in a friendly voice.

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "He doesn't understand we are in a predicament, he just wants to play with you." *She speaks to him in their native tong* The child: "Yes mommy". He buggers off.

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    • So... We going th the Manor or we looking for Drullkus?

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    • A member of the new fort at Yoth hails us and comes onscreen star drive stile (star drive stile means instant transmittion screen, no knocking, nothing, just right on spot.) "Lord of the Stars, Madam celestial Saber, the honor of meeting you in person was, a exitng opportunity, we prepared a meal thinking you would be hear sooner but your just wandering the star system. Lost something?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Oh I had my slip space crystals, but their..... gone...."

      Transmition screen caller: "We have some, for a price."


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    • Yozoz wrote: So... We going th the Manor or we looking for Drullkus?

      Lord of the Stars: "Sorry, I was interrupted by the new base in construction, you say something friend?"

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    • Transmittion screen caller: "Yep, it turns out, our new base is ontop of a slip space crystal deposit, it can take years to harvest them all even with modern technology. We can just make you a new batch of dinner, a major faction of the resistance leaders deserve fresh :)."

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    • "Wait... they stole them what!? So was it Drulkuss, your own men, or what? And are we going to the Old Manor, or what?

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    • (I was just providing a short cut.)

      Madam celestial Saber: "The ones in the asteroid belt are gone, I did not know about the ones on the planet. "

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    • Yozoz: Soooo... we're going down there? (gtg)

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    • Trol: "Depends on the lady's word.."

      The Teabagger appears in the Yoth system.

      Nial: "Shall I glass them, mistress?"

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    • (Our timeline is so screwed up it doesn't make sense.  So I am going to put order to it.)

      (First Discovery, then Chat labratory infiltration and the return to Yoth happen at the same time, then Enticonter.)

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    • (We should really slow down and regroup. There are still some people at Discovery.)

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    • (not my fault they got them selves left behind, but, I must do what's right.)

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    • Nikoli the rebel wrote:
      (Our timeline is so screwed up it doesn't make sense.  So I am going to put order to it.)

      (First Discovery, then Chat labratory infiltration and the return to Yoth happen at the same time, then Enticonter.)

      (Ha and people complained about me for doing one thing at the wrong time. By the way I will inform you that after the Enticonter will come the Hunt for Mandalore.)

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    • ok

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    • (The beginning few dates are also scewed up, they jump all over the place and are not in chronological order.)

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    • (my stomic hurts, be back soon I need to try to make the pain stop.)

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    • Yozoz wrote:
      (The beginning few dates are also scewed up, they jump all over the place and are not in chronological order.)

      (We know.  It is being put on the long list of stuff we have to do.)

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    • The ships get to yoth and then do something that for some reason in sci-fi you rarely ever see ships do, land on the planet.

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    • Yozoz: Now what?

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    • (sorry the internet was screwy)

      Lord of the Stars: "I don't know, normally something happens by now."

      I take off my armor and start putting on warm cloths made of wool, a thermal suit over that, a leather coat over that, then I put my armor back on over that, and I put on a wool scarf and a hat, and wool under gloves with leather over gloves, and do the same thing for shoes.

      "But I do know this, the base isn't near finished being constructed yet, we will all pitch in with our plans."

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    • The Back with a Vengeance goes to a nearby planet and recruits soldiers. 

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    • Yozoz equips combat armor with a vacuum suit underneath and puts on an ultra helmet. He doesn't need any major warmth or coats because his home planet is frozen itself.

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    • Now, I have noticed that the acomidation qourters the sirens build for them selves when they go on break and need to sleep and so forth is a really big bio dome that has in it melted snow filling a 32 to 180ft deep 280ft wide round pool with simulated warmth of a tropical beach. Its not a bad start, but I want to add to that.

      I want to add dirt around the pool, 792 feet of area around the pool with in a bigger dome, and the water will be pumped into a shower system that simulates tropical rain that will water trees. We will need trees, they aren't obsolete you know. As well some of the area growing plants for food such as melons, and medicine plants as well. This filter system will refine the water and it will flow right back into the sirens pool. If they agree to this I want to convince the back with the vengeance when they get hear, to let them barrow their Spartan armor technology, a siren in a land suit is still in its primitive clumsy state.

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    • Now, walls and turrets..... I want the walls made of hunter shield mettle, we got any of that or stronger?

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    • Kig-Yar soldier: Affirmitive sir!

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    • good :) (in the end I'm hoping this ends with a bran new article on the newly constructed base. Gtg to bed, 10:10)

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    • Nikolai stands over a crowd of people. 

      Nikolai "I am not telling you its going to be easy.  As a matter of fact its going to be alot harder than sitting it out and letting someone elses blood and treasure buy your freedom.  They set their dreams aside for a while."

      City Leader "We didn't ask for the reistance for bring war to our doorsteps."  The village chears.  

      City leader "The Chat will just keep shattering the dreams of its people until they win in the end."

      Nikolai "But for every dream the Chat shatters another one comes true." 

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    • (Is this happening at the same time as Alien THDF style?)

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote:
      Now, walls and turrets..... I want the walls made of hunter shield mettle, we got any of that or stronger?

      Admiral d-117: Back at the shadowcorp sector stronghold we have skilirium-12 stockpiled. It is 50% stronger than hunter shield metal, while we're there does anyone have any special requests?

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    • Hmmm, you know anything about slip space crystals?

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    • Admiral d-117:  we know many things about slipspace crystals.  Why does this concern you?

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    • We wish to build a ship that is going to require a lot of power, and slip space crystals can turn a 90 day voyage into a 9 minuet voyage, their is a pretty big distance we will be planning on traveling.

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    • Wait, you're using slipspace crystals for power? 

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    • Trol: "NAH DIP!"

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    • Is that a bad idea?

      We are also planning to send some one home to his demention to be with his family, but we also planed on letting something in, but I don't remember what, its been so long.

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    • No. We just thought you used power systems similar to ours.

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    • You remember how the covenant empire was imitative rather then inventive when it came to technology? I try very hard to be both.

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    • Okay, anyone else have special requests?

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    • Trol: "Do you have walruses around here?"

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    • Any other requests? 

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    • Captain Lee "The crew of the Back with a Vengeance would like some food and ammuntition."

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    • Seeds please.

      Lord of the STARS wrote: Now, I have noticed that the acomidation qourters the sirens build for them selves when they go on break and need to sleep and so forth is a really big bio dome that has in it melted snow filling a 32 to 180ft deep 280ft wide round pool with simulated warmth of a tropical beach. Its not a bad start, but I want to add to that.

      I want to add dirt around the pool, 792 feet of area around the pool with in a bigger dome, and the water will be pumped into a shower system that simulates tropical rain that will water trees. We will need trees, they aren't obsolete you know. As well some of the area growing plants for food such as melons, and medicine plants as well. This filter system will refine the water and it will flow right back into the sirens pool. If they agree to this I want to convince the back with the vengeance when they get hear, to let them barrow their Spartan armor technology, a siren in a land suit is still in its primitive clumsy state.

      It turns out they actually have 2 diferent bio domes being built, 1 of which isn't for their comfort, but for breeding sea food animals. They have agreed for both buildings to be expanded, but they also want seeds from the islands on their planet so that the land garden part has a island beach feel to it.

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    • I also still have a blueprint for a vehicle, somewhere.



      Stupid early stages! We will have to do better then that.

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    • Yozoz: Let's just get that base set up.

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    • I'm sorry we whern't able to get you home Yozoz, but how where we suppose to know that some one had the technology to harvest a entire asteroid belt that once was almost terrestrial giant?

      Of these 3 I think most important turret to have first is the mass driver, sometimes things need mass driven, its the one that dose something other then shoot things down.

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    • Trol: "walruses?"

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    • Yozoz: "WHY DO WE NEED WALRUSES?!?!'

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Actually, its to cold hear for a walrus to survive, they need ocean, all the water hear is frozen except in the facilities."

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    • Trol: "Is there an artificial walrus habitat?"

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Their can be, melt some snow in a bio dome, make it into a pool, get some walruses, it will attract people to live hear, they will have families, 12 years later, fresh solders. :)"

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    • Trol: "No walruses here right now!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

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    • Glofnog and Yabab come wondering into the base.

      Glofnog: We get to go home! We get to go home!

      Yozoz: 'Fraid not.

      Glofnog: WHAT?

      Yabab: Why?

      Yozoz: CEO Drullkus stole the crystals.

      Yabab: That pervy freak? 

      Yozoz: He did save you from Minnae. You should be more greatful.

      Glofnog: We could have handled it ourselves. We didn't even need the Tacit Ronin!

      Yozoz: First, the whole reason you fought her was because I sent you to warn the Tacit Ronin of the attack. Second, I heard she threw you, Glofnog around like a ragdoll-

      Glofnog: That not my fault! Field Marshall didn't let me take my Fuel Rod-

      Yabab: It was supposed to be a vacation. You didn't need a Fuel ro-


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    • Trol Lolamee' wrote: Trol: "No walruses here right now!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Relax, that's what we are hear for, build a base, then a town for it to protect, yadayada."

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    • Just like old times.  I can miss a week on a RP thread and nothing major happens.  OMG YESSSSSSS.  Okay, it looks like some minor dialouge has happened since I last replied, so I am just going to take off from when I left with no major time difference.

      The GFIII exits slipspace far closer than what was calculated, and at the extreme speeds she is traveling at while exiting, the ship faces a collision with a heavy destroyer. Mere seconds from a devastating collision that would result with the total loss of shields, her commander doesn't hesitate to turn the ship.

      "Hard starboard!"

      ROB: "Hard starboard, aye sir."

      The GFIII pushes the emergency thrusters to the limits, to little avail, while the destroyer itself begins to turn and attempt to avoid a head-on collision. The destroyer almost clears itself from the behemoths path, but is cut in two by the tip of the Great Fox's wing.

      Fox: "Prepare Onager cannons to perform a salvo fire on that destroyer. She's crippled, but she can call for long range help. Fire now!"

      ROB: "Aye sir."


      ROB: "Also to be noteworthy, our presence on Yoth has been noticed by what I am now tagging as Corvette class vessel #7-8999001. That vessel could be a great first catch for today, don't you think, sir?"

      Fox: "Yes, actually. We will have to find her exterior sensor arra-"

      ROB: "Already found sir. With your confirmation, I can get an onager salvo to crack her shields, and take it out. Perhaps we will kill some horrendously evil pirates while we are at it."

      ROB gives Fox a blank and awkward stare.

      Fox: "ROB, remind me to never cross paths with you. Fire at will."

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    • The Back with a Vengeance enters the chaos.  

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    • (So this is our final "Reclaiming Yoth" product?)

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    • Unnamed Field Marshall wrote: (So this is our final "Reclaiming Yoth" product?)

      (Wait, you mean you did not know???? for real????)

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    • (Stars, meet me in chat.)

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    • Unnamed Field Marshall wrote:
      (So this is our final "Reclaiming Yoth" product?)

      (You know what the Kig-Yar Pirate page is called? Stars and i are trying to rename it, but cant find the page. We decided on your suggestion, Gaurdians of Eden, so thanks for that.)

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    • (Gaurdians of Eden.)

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    • Guardians of Eden*

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    • (First comment of the new year)

      Blake's eyes flicker.  He slowly wakes up.  He looks outside and a first sees nothing.  Then he sees flames dominating his view.  

      He wonders where he is.  Then he sees all the dead bodies around him and his heart sinks.  Everything he has done comes back to haunt him.  

      He knows he is in an escape pod and he knows from the dead bodies that Nikolai thinks he is dead and he knows from the flames that he is falling.  He gets up and pushes his way through the dead bodies to find the front window.  

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    • Yozoz: Glofnog, Yabab, go with Commodore Crystal and help the Guardians of Eden unload their ships.

      Yabab: Yes sir!

      (Has anyone else noticed Drullkus has been missing?)

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    • (I got both the MCC and the H5:Beta, and I might be getting Destiny within the next few days for my birthday. Awesome stuff)

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    • (Until Drullkus comes back then we should say that the enticounter thread is dead.  It could always be revived though.  gtg.)

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    • The Teabagger receives a distress call from a cruise ship called the SS Arno:

      "Hello, Hello! To the Teabagger, this is Nin' Jamamee, a Heretic! We need help! These... things are attacking passengers and we can't get rid of them! What are they called, Kate? Oh yes, Xenu...Xenar.... Xenomorphs! Whatever, just come help, quick. Nin' out."

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    • What Spartan Blake saw he almost couldn't comprehend...

      The surface was instantly recognizable.  The large frozen wasteland encroaching upon thinly populated cities and a distinct look of desolation and despair. 

      He had read the file on Yoth.  First the resistance and then the Chat's.  It was a battle field.  After the Battle of Eafth the Raptor Pirates had seen the flimsyness of Chat control and moved for the Slipspace crystals rummored to be worth trillions of Edits a piece.  

      The Chat fought back hard.  They enlisted hundreds of thousands of civilians to the army and enslaved millions of civilians to build stealth orbital defense stations and groundside defenses.  By the time of the Entilightentment discovery 1/3 of the slipspace crystals had been stolen and sold or stockpiled by the Raptors.  the NGR Spirit of Honor would unknowingly steal these back in the conquest of an asteriod and give the asteriod to Drullkus who would make use of them.  

      Blake was huttling too fast though.  He could feel it.  His senses where more attuned to his surroundings without his armor.  He reached to pull some dead bodies out of the way but he caught the eye of a dead young man.  He couldn't have been more 16.  And to think that their death was his fault.  His heart sunk but his years of training held together. 

      Blake "Mission.  Just think about the mission.  Survival will be my salvation."

      But Blake didn't really know what to think.  He didn't know whether he told the humans at New Eden the secrets of the terrorists because he didn't want to be eaten by Kig-Yar or if he didn't want to help the Chat anymore.  Feelings of patriotism and zeal for humanity clashed with feelings of duty and honor to his team.  But nomatter what he made sure he kept one principal throughout his political turmoil.  Never kill a human being.  Too many soldiers died at the hands of the Covanent to spare one more life.  

      He could kill Sanheili, Kig-Yar, Raptors, and Mandalorians. That he knew for sure.  But he couldn't shake the feeling that Nikolai and Alysha were not going to see his point of view.  Whatever that was.   

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    • Suddenly a 25 ft animal shows up, it has white fur, resembles a primate, and walks like a man. It spots Blake, and starts heading tword him.

        Loading editor
    • (Can we say the base looks like this, because it hasn't been here long, and the soldiers haven't had many supplies? They wouldn't really have been able to make a full outpost yet)


      Outpost Map

        Loading editor
    • (good idea, thanks for the addition. simply laying out and commencing building plans where the only idea I had. thus why when I started the rp is did not fly, quite, very far.)

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    • (The ships landed and unloaded from the West. The largest area, the courtyard, has multiple structure, the largest of which can be used as barracks and warehouses, the smaller ones for medical rooms and armorys, etc. 

      The North East wall is the weakest, and has no fortification. The walls there are the thinnest, so supplies should be sent there. The large building is where the Ops Center is located, but it needs a roof.

      There are three ways into the fort: One from the south west, where that building is,

      One from the West, where the arrow is pointing,

      And one at the weak North Wall. We have to fortify our defenses, and bring in more supplies.)

        Loading editor
    • Yozoz stands in the Ops Center, under the cold sun, talking to Commodore Smite.

      Commodore Smite: Yes, I am the leader of these fine men assigned to this outpost. It's a good thing we have recieved your supplies. We were beginning to run low. It's freezing out here; we need a roof over our heads at all times.

      Commodore Crystal slowly walks into the ops center, flanked by Glofnog and a Kig-Yar Royal Commando. She looks at Smite.

      Crystal: We will make sure we have everything needed. Have your men go unload the ship.

      Smite: But we need food and blankets, now. We have needed them for months.

      Crystal: And have it you will. But first, we all must unload.

      Smite: Need remind you who is in charge of this post?

      Crystal: But I am the leader of the Madam Celestial Saber's Royal Forces, who are reinforceing this base. We are under her majesty and Lord of the Stars; but I am now in charge of infantry forces.

      Crystal, Glofnog, and the Royal Commando turn and march away.

      Smite growls. "I'll show her who's in charge..."

      Yozoz goes to help carry out supplies.

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    • 48 Kig-yar also aid in carrying supplies.

        Loading editor
    • Crystal turns to Glofnog and the Royal Commando Lieutenant.

      "Unggoy, Kra'kuk," She commands, "Get those turrets over there up on the walls."

      Glofnog: Yes Sir! I mean ma'am... uuh... Right away!

      Kra'kuk nods, and they get to work.

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    • A Siren supply ship shows up, they are 2 and a half days late. They land on the landing pad and begin pumping their water from the first sections of the cargo bay doors into their main tanks as sirens in land suits prepare to come out onto land.

        Loading editor
    • A siren: "Food and goods from Aquamarine, as well as seeds from land plants found on the islands of our planet, mostly trees. As well live sea animals for breeding meat, 1700 tons of medicine, 300 tons of leather from amphibious mammals, raw building material, more raw building material, lots of ropes, generators and batteries for adding power supply, and some preciouses gem stones as a donation."

        Loading editor
    • Glofnog tinkers with a cannon that he just set up. A light flashes green. "Looks good." He says to Kra'kuk. 6 cannons had now been set up on the Western Wall. Kra'kuk walks to the edge of the wall and calls down to Crystal. "Turrets up!

      "Good" Crystal says.

      Six Kig-Yar that were originally stationed at the base haul plasma batteries up and attach them to the cannons.

      An engineer checks them. "This will last a while"

        Loading editor
    • A Kig-Yar Soldier runs up to Crystal, who is now talking to three Royal Commandos. 

      Soldier: Commodore Smite says that more cannons are needed on the North East Wall. We have none, and it was only made of spare fire wood-

      Crystal: Tell him that first, we will do the closer walls. That one is furthest away.

      Soldier: But it's the weakest point-

      Crystal: I don't care.

      Soldier: Y-yes. Commodore!

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    • Cholyar heads to the exit of the ship, wanting to play in the snow.

        Loading editor
    • Yabab watches Cholyar run. He then turns back into the ship and goes to his cabin. 

      (What are the ships' names?

        Loading editor
    • (hmmm, good question, its been a while since I tried naming the ships. Long time ago they would to often get traded for others, sold, destroyed, gained through capture, or replaced to often to keep track of, in post modern rping they haven't been individualized in use often enough to profileafy. These 3 can be named. But what to call them?)

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    • (Dunno. But we need to get people over here to get on with the RP.)

        Loading editor
    • (agreed, rping with just a population of 2 just feels wrong, like operating a fort againced a seage with 2 people trying to convince the enemy their are at least 200.)

        Loading editor
    • (Which is about to happen if someone doesn't hurry up. Imgoing to hold theRP till others come and catch up.

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    • (I'm here, lemme catch up.  Been awfully sick since new years, sorry for absense.)

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    • (Its ok, we have been use to it since celebration of independence the usa don't have day.)

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    • (All my characters are used up. I've literally nothing to RP as, unless I start filling minor roles)

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    • (hmmm, most unfortunate. I do know this, the children of my main characters are roll playable.)

        Loading editor
    • (Kig-yar children?)

        Loading editor
    • (yep. I know though its the most minor roll of them all.)

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    • Unnamed Field Marshall wrote:
      (All my characters are used up. I've literally nothing to RP as, unless I start filling minor roles)

      (You kept all your people at New Eden.  You actually have plenty of people if you pull from that dead thread and put them here.)

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    • Computer "T minus 100 seconds to landing."

      Blake looks out and sees the surface of Yoth hurtling towards him and gets in the cockpit.  He yanks on the yoke and stears it for a mountain.  

        Loading editor
    • Nikolai sees the escape pod going towards the planet from his pelican.  Nikolai keeps this for future reference.  He tells himself to stop worring about it but there was something articifical about the way that craft went down.  But he reminded himself to honor the dead and fight like hell for the living and dropped it. 

        Loading editor
    • (I will catch up tomorrow I guess. Bye :)

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    • (Yozoz and Stars have made an outpost and Blake is falling towards Yoth.)

      (Inside of UD77-Pelican )

      Nikolai "We should probably go down there but I have no idea how to get past these orbital defenses.  The records say that one shot almost tore of the wing of the Great Fox lll."

      Baron Fortunato (Looking at a battlenet) "The Raptor Pirates have broken through Chat defenses at your 3 o'clock.  Its the only current way to get planetside.  But I would reccomend that once we get there we support an outpost that the Gaurdians are building."

      Nikolai (Changing direction) "Seems like a good idea.  But won't there be a lot of pirates down there?"

      Baron Fortunato "The Raptors are too busy fighting the Chat.  And the Chat can't exactly pass us through customs in a warzone."

      The pelican is soon in a warzone but noone seems to want to kill them.

        Loading editor
    • (So the Chat is on Yoth, orbital defenses are down, and the pirate fleet is scrambled enough for people to get on the surface?  Alright.)

        Loading editor
    • (Yes.  What we ran into in the Entilightenment was the Raptors siegeworks around Yoth mainly in the asteriod.  The Orbital defenses though were Chat.)

      Blake braces for impact as he hits the mountain.  He is severly jolted and his head banged against the ceiling.  The glass breaks in his face and he winces in pain.  The pod follows the curvature of the mountain but Blake's unarmored body is still riddled with debris.  It seems as though the brutal battery would never end.  The escape pod just kept on going and going.  Every pain he got from a bump or dip was multipled many times over because of the speed of the pod.  

      Eventually he sees the land infront of him slow its progression towards him.  The escape pod's noexistant belly ground to a screeching halt.  Blake took a breath.  He was too old for this kind of stuff.

      Then the real pain set in.  The glass in his face and the pieces of wreckage in his body racked his nervous system.  The agony never seemed to stop. 

      But he was a spartan and so he would pull the pieces he could out and the others he would have to bear for a while.  The painstaking job was complicated more by his hunger. 

      He had not eaten for 2 days and to a spartan's metabolism that seemed like forever.  As a matter of fact the last real meal he had was before New Eden.  Oh how he would have wanted to have that feast with Stars.

        Loading editor
    • (Aight.  I see. Resuming from space battle.  Also, thanks a ton to whoever fixed the timeline.  I tried, but now it looks gorgeous.)

      ROB: "Sir, the corvettes communication tower and sensor array were both destroyed.  As far as I know of, the ship was unable to send a long range distress signal."

      "Alright.  Let's bring in our first catch of the day." 

      The destroyers drift out of the bays they are held at, and flank the GFIII.  The corvette, now 100 kilometers away, starts frantically struggling to gain enough power in her engines to outrun the supercarrier.  Fox broke into a fast walk out of the bridge with corporal DX-4 barely keeping up.

      "Prepare Kig-Yar boarders!  I lead the assault, we look for the captain.  Take out anyone you need to, but I need the captain."

      Fox walks into a room where Kig Yar are pulling on EVA gear and readying Trollvenant Carbans.

      "I read all of your files.  I know that you have lived other lives of piracy and by doing wrong things.  But I need you now. We find their captain on this corvette, and we can snag some pretty good stuff. These raptors are quite suicidal, so if we try to dock them, they might just set off their fusion core and nuke the GFIII inside out, so until we can make sure its under control, we must remotely board."

      Jackal: "so we are going alone?"

      Jackal: "we just had a training simulation on doing this kind of thing and it didn't end well........"

      Jackal: "And were not going to dock?"

      Fox: "We will have a droid team lead the assault, so if anything goes wrong, you can fall back to the boarding shuttles. After this ordeal goes down, the Great Fox will stay back and assist with ground activities to let the accumulated captured fleet, manned by your kind, to do the boarding business. Alright! Lets go!"

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    • Blake lie in the wreckage and his thin tuxeudo did poor work in protecting his skin from the cold.  He ate some snow for water and searched for a primate that the escape pod had splattered on its way down.  The meat was raw but fresh.  Blake knew that some animals, like cows, you could eat raw but not all of them.  He decided to take his chances.  He slowly took a bite.  It tasted aweful and it only jabbed at his hunger.  

      After his frozen meal Blake searched for all of the dead bodies that had been throw out of the escape pod.  He took off their clothes and took the clothing back to the wreckage.  He was near frost bit but he tried to sleep that first night under the piles of clothes.  He was warm and fed which usually sent him to sleep but he couldn't stop thinking about the horrors he had been through.  In his sleep during his fueral he had seen the bottom of the abyss and it frightened him.  

      He thought about Kyle and envied him.  Spartan Kyle never had to see the horrid bloodbath of seeing a man beheaded.  He never had to see barbaric arenas that TWIO had to fight in or the Mandalorians massacring their own civilians to keep them out of resistance hands.  He never had to see the great cities of New Eden fall or the hundreds of millions of people vomit their guts out in muscle spasms and people shake to an agonizing death induced by SARIN gas.  

      These were the horrors of war and it was a nightmare.  He thought about the effect that these things had on him.

      Blake "These horrible things change you.  If you are good then it amplifies you need to help people.  But if you are selfish as I was then you tell yourself the horrible things you must do to survive.  He thought that man was not ment to see these things.  

      He took out a piece of glass that he had pulled out of his eye which would had bled profusly had it not been for the freezing cold.  He holds the glass to his wrist and starts to cut it.  The pain shocks him but it also felt good in a twisted way.  He liked and hated the way it felt.  He stopped cutting.  He threw the shard of glass away and lied down to go to sleep.  

      But sleep evaded him.  He thought about the things that he wouldn't have to see if he wasn't around in the future.  He thought about the horrors that he wouldn't have to see if he ended it and for the first time he really felt like noone would care if he died.  

      But then he found hope.  He laughed.  He really laughed.  There was a silver lining.  The snow had broken his fall and had saved his life.  But more importantly the Chat had inplanted in him a chip that would track his location into his thigh.  He could finally sleep that night knowing that someone somewhere was looking for him.  He had finally found a saving grace. 

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    • (can anyone else detect the tracker chip?)

        Loading editor
    • (As much as I would love to give you guys something to do no.  Only the Chat can detect it because then the resistance would have known where Blake was during New Eden and everything.)

      Richard Lee hovers over a file on his touch screen.  He wonders whether he should realise it or not.  It contains the information about the black ops of Savior team since the Na Zego Incident.  He is worried that it might fall into the wrong hands.  But he finally convinces himself that if he expects these people to trust him with the truth then he has to trust them with the truth.  He pushes the screen and the file is downloaded to all of the resistance ships.  

      Captain Lee "There.  Now the resistance and evenutally the Chat will know who they are dealing with."

      (Now everyone knows everything about my characters. Except for the fact that Blake is alive and that Johnson is actually Johnson but that has more to do with Heathcliff's characters.)

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    • Lord of the stars is with commodore hurricane, at the moment the siren ship commander is in the biodome that has been turned into a garden, but none of the plants are growing yet as the seeds have to germinate first. Commodore Hurricane is in the pool resting in the water, his head in a position where the gills are below water and the face is up looking at the Kig-yar king and they talk face to face. As the siren speaks a translator translates to Kig-yar and visa versa.

      Lord of the Stars: "Nice to meet you, We both know why we are meeting, trading technology. What are you most interested in?"

      Commodore hurricane: "Weal as you know we are really only contributing to the fort to path the way for our people to study the planet, but, the chat won't see it that way. Should they show up we are mostly interested in long range onland weapons. Rifles and side arms. Only for self defense if they try to attack us as rebel incahotanators. What you staring at.... I mean, interested in?"

      Lord of the Stars: "Staring? oh, sorry, its just I'm use to only seeing your profile pictures, up close and in person you are colored according to text description rather then photo color, and you are huge, look like you can swallow me whole."

      Commodore hurricane: "I'm almost that big, but not quite, don't worry what ever you buy we will make your size for you. Also only the barbarous Aquamarinears eat other people. So, what are you interested in?"

      Lord of the Stars: "Short ranged melee weapons, they aren't exactly a necessity for us but they will make a nice decoration for mantles. Also something that can actually help us is the rail rifle, they have smaller magazines then brute spikers, but the projectiles have 140.8 times the range acursy and stopping power."

      Commodore hurricane: "I can't help but think that your thinking what I am thinking, surly you aren't interested in our swords and spears only for decoration."

      Lord of the Stars: "You think I'm thinking what your thinking? I think your thinking what I'm thinking, you so far the only firing weapons your interested in are energy weapons."

      Commodore hurricane: "Weal the project we are working on is mostly in figuring out how energy is properly fired."

      Lord of the Stars: "My project is mostly figuring out how your melee weapons contain such high voltage and giving it a ranged attack."

      Commodore hurricane: "So we will combine our technology and sell it back to each other? yep, you and I had the same idea."

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote:

      Lord of the Stars: "Staring? oh, sorry, its just I'm use to only seeing your profile pictures, up close and in person you are colored according to text description rather then photo color, and you are huge, look like you can swallow me whole."

      Commodore hurricane: "Oh, one more thing, a profile photo is only as good as the artist who made it ;) the shape is right at least."

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    • Captain Lee "Lord of the STARS, would you like to start a trade alliance between my suppliers, Aquamarine, and New Eden?  We would share technology and supplies for the greater good of the war."

        Loading editor
    • Oh I'm very interested :)

        Loading editor
    • Captain Lee "Well the smugglers have vital chat passports that will allow our supplies to pass through Chat space making the deliverly times decrease by 214%.  The Sirens would supply use with technology to upgrade our manufacturing, economies and weapons of war.  The Cheytac smugglers will give STARS flashbangs, smoke grenades and other things in exchange for crystal weaponry.  

      And any member of the alliance will be able to transfer to any part of it.  So if a young Kig-Yar on New Eden wanted to start a company on Cheytac or aquamarine then he could do it no questions asked.  The same for a Siren or a human."

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    • Commodore hurricane: "Ah yes, I'm sure the people of my country would be glad to have air breathing businessmen among them. Just remember not to venture places your forbidden, follow our rules and our planet is a wet tropical paradise, break the rules and the planet is very dangerous, often with even the wild life being your least concern."

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    • The terratory of the saphire clans

      Commodore hurricane: "When the time comes your people are ready to visit ours, every port in orbit can be visited, but when you are on the planet, that their is a satlight image of our peoples territory. (in actuality it is a area the size of 5/7ths real life south America) Everything inside the blue is our territory, but everything with in the red is the territory of other clans. Their not necessarily "all" bad, but if any of them decide to try to kill you out side our territory we can't legally defend you. This is your first basic look at the map of where it is safe. A more detailed map with come latter."

        Loading editor
    • Captain Lee "I see.  I will begin drafting the deals for our trade.  My friends will be very greatfull to have Sirens and Kig-Yar among them and also gain two vital stops through that section of space."

        Loading editor
    • Commodore hurricane's vocal cords emit a low frequency vibration directed directly at caption Lee, he can feel the sound .80% more then hear it, but nothing translates. He listens as the sound bounces back.... "Hmmmm, this one has solid bones and a mild heart rate." He dose the same with Lord of the Stars.... "But this one has hollow bones and a faster heart rate."

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    • Trol' turns around.

      "Glad to help, Kig Yar. But we have a cruise ship to find."
        Loading editor
    • (The Sirens resting pool building your exact location or are you replying to something from earlier?)

        Loading editor
    • (No.  Trol is leaving before the roleplay has even begun.)

        Loading editor
    • (that's rather abandonful.)

        Loading editor
    • (I'm just flying around Yoth. I got the distress call from the Arno.)

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    • (How many golden banshees do you have?)

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    • Commodore hurricane: "Computer, I command that you bring your screen down hear."

      A screen comes down.

      Commodore hurricane: "Both the bird and the mammal speak a language that my vocal cords can't handle, I've tried, but my vocal cords can't manage something so non complexed. Put on a video for some lessons in a langue called, morse code. That my vocal cords can manage just fine, and at a long long long distance when in water."

      Computer: "It is done."

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    • (Is the Arno... bum bum bum... going to be crash-landed on Yoth in the middle of nowhere with survivors aimlessly trying to survive the blistering cold? :o  )

      Fox remembered one last thing to bring with him for the risky boarding action, which was his powered scout armor helmet. Tucked in a cabinet by his control seat from the dual floored bridge of the Great Fox III, he'd have to check back in with ROB.

      ROB: "Intensifying anomaly near the corvettes frontside."

      Fox: "What do you mean by th- wait a sec..."

      The void of slipspace opens inside the void of space in the front of the corvette, and the corvette limps to escape to the portal.

      ROB: "Sir, I know what you are thinking. My protocol will not allow for a closer intercept."

      Fox: "In the wake of that portals closing, it'll leave undetonated anti-matter drifting over Yoth!"

      ROB stood at the bridges main console for an extended pause and nodded.

      ROB: "Green light! Green light to engage!"

      Fox: "Punch it! Get us close!"

      ROB: "Sir, without a detonation solutio-"

      Fox "We are not losing that ship! Prepare to fire another onager round... lets shake the cage!"

      A lone downsized onager round fired a precise shot at the fleeing corvette, and hit it directly in her side, throwing her off course. The portal gradually evaporated over the next several minutes as per most ships protocols following a failed jump, and the Great Fox finally caught up to the crippled corvette.

      "All hands to the shuttles. Zulu squadron, you are back on duty. This is one big corvette, so I want you to help us make sure she's locked down tight."

      Fox put on his helmet, and walked to the turbolift. Ding!

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    • Commodore Smite approaches Commodore Crystal.

      "We need weapons on the North East Wall, NOW!" he demands.

      "Not yet," Crystal replies, "Food first, and fortifications to the side where we all are now."

      Smite: "Why does it matter where we are now? That wall is only a couple hundred meters away!"

      Crystal: Calm, we are not under attacck. We will do as I command.

      Smite: Hmph.

        Loading editor
    • Their is something suspishiose about this guy, wants us to prepare for attack like we are being hopelessly over run, and nothing is, weal, over running us hopelessly.

        Loading editor
    • (He thinks it is best to prepared. Crystal, who is in charge of Saber's Royal Company, thinks there is no reason to be.)

        Loading editor
    • (This is a hard coin to flip.)

        Loading editor
    • (Crystal wants the first defenses to be closer to the ships, todefend them, where more people are right now. Smite wants them to be at the weakest point, the North East Wall, made of only spare firewood, where anyone could easily shoot through and come in behind.)

        Loading editor
    • (If anything blows through the weak point and makes it even almost close to the ships the ships will blow them back and buy us all the time we need to make the weak point a strong point.)

        Loading editor
    • The sirens have at this point all exited their land suits and have all went into their tropical water simulated pool for some sleep. Before falling asleep they talk to each other of things going on.

      One of them: "Hey you know what our air breathing friends are up to lately?"

      Another: "They are arguing about priorities, the one with fur and solid bones wants to reinforce the wall, while the pretty bird wants to bring in supplies."

      A 3rd: "A fort defended by walls that keep people from getting in? it just doesn't feel natural, in the real world enemy forces would just swim over them things."

      2cond: "Of corse it doesn't feel natural, what did you expect? we are on a alien planet. Now lets just get some rest. Worst that can happen is they eat the wrong kind of shrimp anyway. We are safe on this snow ball."

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    • day 2 of survival

      Blake wakes up.  He is rejuvenated by his new hope.  He visits the death animal and notices that it is dead.  When he gets back down to his ship, however, he sees Raptor Pirtes all over it.  Blake approaches them to get their help.  

      Blake "I need help.   I've been wounded."

      Pirate leader "And this is your ship you crashed down in?"

      Blake "Yes."

      Pirate leader "Well considering there is no FTL travel devices on this ship then you must have come from the Chat, the resistance, or the mandalorians that are fighting above the planet.  We are going.  We have Chat to kill and can't be bogged down on scum like you."

      The Pirates turn around and walk away.

      Blake puts his hand on the pirate leader's shoulder.

      Blake "No!  You can't leave me to die! That is a death sentence on this planet."

      The Pirate leader whips around and cuts off Blake's left arm. 

      Blake "NOO!"  Blake falls to the ground.  The pirate leader holds his energy sword to Blake's neck. 

      Pirate leader" You get to live to fight another day.  You should be happy."  The leader puts his energy sword away.

      Blake "I will burn your towns down.  I will murduer your leaders and bring devastation onto your people."

      The pirate Leader laughs.  "This dead homeless guy is going to kill us all.  haha."

      The walk away and leave Blake to his business.  

      Blake "I swear to God I am going to make them pay."

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    • day 3

      Blake lies down in the snow next to the wreckage.  He prepares himself to die a cold, painfull death.  He starts to hallucinate about his surroundings.  He trys to force himself to try to find food but he convinces himself it is no use.  Just when all hope is lost when a group of soldiers land and check his DNA. 

      Soldier "Unbelievable.  Hes alive!"

      Soldier "Quickly, load him in the chopper."

      Soldier "Stay with me, sir.  Stay with me.  I know we can get you through this."

      Blake's last thought is that he is still having a hallucination.  

      The helicopter is real and it seeks to revive the wounded Blake to no avial.  When they get him to a hospital he is rushed into the ER. 

      Guy taking notes for the hospital on the victim "He has lost his left arm."

      Doctor "Clear!"  A futuristic defibrilator shocks his heart.

      Scribe " He has small pieces of glass showered over his body from his chest and up."

      Doctor "Clear!" The chest rises.

      Scribe " His head his head has endured massive truama, probably from the fall.  The overall scarring of his body means that he will need life support even if we get him alive."

      The body comes to life and coughs several times.  The doctors then preform surgury.  
      Blake&#039;s surgury

      Doctors and drdids attempt to save a life.

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    • After hours of surgery the doctor's step back and the man stands up.  The hooded figure walks in 

      Hooded figure "I see we were able to save your life.  In exchange we must ask for your unending service.  Your old name will be of no use to you.  You will be called the "Hollow Tryant."

      New Blake
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    • (And becomes darth vader?)

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    • (He just has Darth Vader's suit and voice.  He doesn't actually have the force.)

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    • (lol)

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    • Most of the Sirens put their suits back on and come out to get some work done, but one of them decides to be lazy and stay in the pool and stay asleep.

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    • Hollow Tryant "I wish my lord to run a campaign against the Raptor Pirates for taking my arm."

      Hooded Figure "I approve.  You may take control of the 3rd battalion on the ridge outside of Yul.  Their commander has failed the empire for the last time."

      Hollow Tryant "I will be done, my lord."

      Hollow turns around and walks outside where he commandeers a vehicle and speeds towards Yul. 

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    • Hollow Tyrant (COM) "Don't I look a lot like Darth TheHackingDog?"

      Hooded Figure "That is because we modeled your armor after his.  But you have a much more upgraded version of this armor.  Higher sheilds and increased staminia are just part of the upgrades."

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote: Most of the Sirens put their suits back on and come out to get some work done, but one of them decides to be lazy and stay in the pool and stay asleep.

      One of the sirens returns to the warm bio dome, a machine lifts him and removes his suit then drops him into the pool.

      Siren 1: "I know your in hear, we noticed something different and did a head count, its time to get to work, why did you never leave the pool?"

      Lazy siren: "What??? its working shift already?"

      Siren 1: "No, its afternoon, you better have a good reason why you are being lazy, or you will be punished."

      Lazy siren: "Take it easy, I'm only 40 years old, I will learn."

      The one checking on him sends a high vibration sound directed at him, listens as the sound echos back, using this and his ability to hear color he uses the echo location to look inside his body just like ultra sound. Siren 1: "How are you feeling, be truthful."

      Lazy siren: "Sluggish, low energy, having problems digesting, shaky from a feeling of weakness, and warmer then normal."

      Siren 1 sniffs him, senses his bodies electric pulse, feels him, looks at his eyes, listens to his heart..... Then he orders the computer to scan him, a green light goes over him then scan results are completed. "I see what the problem is, its just a virus, with alittle rest, some food, and exercise, you will be feeling good enough to get back to work in a few more hours. Its only a minorly annoying virus species, be tough and you will be fine."

      Lazy siren: "Why can't I just have a sick day?"

      siren 1: "Because I never give my self a sick day unless it is at least twice this bad, trust me, once you rest and eat, exercise will make you feel much better, I did not know this until I tried it, trust me, just try it my way, you will feel better faster with a balance of exercise."

      Lazy siren: "Ok, I will give it a go."

      Siren 1: "I will come back when your rest time is up."

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    • (So true stars.)

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    • Madam celestial Saber: "Oh lover, I need to see you alone, in privet, with no one around."

      Lord of the Stars: "No thank you, I can't believe I'm saying it, but at the moment I'm not in the mood for mating."

      Madam celestial Saber: "That isn't what I want, this is more important."

      Lord of the Stars: "More important?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Just come."

      Moments latter we are in our room together, door sealed and sound locked in.

      Madam celestial Saber: "At first I did not think the raptor pirates where a big deal, but I have come to some realizations about clues regarding them that changed my mind, you notice how they don't try to convince us to help them fight the chat? that's because they, more, then think they don't need us."

      Lord of the Stars: "What do you mean?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Clue number 1, the territory they have clamed. Take not of this, reports of the positions of their clans territories show that it occupies, everything, that my mother once called her territory. And that's just the beginning."

      Lord of the Stars: "So, no big deal, their squatting can be dealt with one way or another."

      Madam celestial Saber: "Clue number 2, we have found this." She lays out before me a scroll, rolling it out, the scroll shows a figure standing tall and proud. She points to the figures chest "Do you see that?"

      Lord of the Stars: "Aaaaaaa, statue?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Not the whole thing, just the chest, that mettle, that the chest is made of, the territory I held before the Kig-yar chat territory dispute, that my mother ruled and I inherited, that territory the raptor pirates now occupy, was once the territory of another minor empire, and that mettle, that the chest is made of, is the mettle they used to build their space ships."

      Lord of the Stars: "Your nation inherited the territory of a former race?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Yes, thanks for letting me know your listening but, *points to the belly* "do you know what that is?"

      Lord of the Stars: "That is the mettle we use to build our space ships now."

      Madam celestial Saber: "Very good, your figuring this out.... now, do you by chance, know what this is?" *points to the figures upper legs*

      Lord of the Stars: "Uuuuuhhhh, you lost me."

      Madam celestial Saber: "That, my friend, is what the raptor pirates use to build their space ships."

      Lord of the Stars: "WHAT??????"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Their are some written symbles hear, you know what they translate?"

      Lord of the Stars: "I'm listening".

      Madam celestial Saber: "This syble means, now the modern age, this syble means, old times are yet to fade, this one is, the new age way is at hand."

      Lord of the Stars: "They are going to be a problem with our reclamer saga aren't they?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "They believe that our time is over, and their time is beginning, the fall of yoth and the failure of the chat to clam the teratory even in victory, they think that it is the will of the gods. But, hear is clue number 2, remember how Drullkus, or what ever his name was, glasered the asteroid belt my treasure was hidden in?"

      Lord of the Stars: "Still makes me nervous knowing we have no defense againced extra stellar....."

      Madam celestial Saber: "Your getting off track, I have reason to believe he took my treasure on purpose."

      Lord of the stars: "I will make him pay for that for you if you so desire."

      Madam celestial Saber: "Bad idea, he is richer then us and has tier 1 technology, but he had a very good reason he did it that I find forgivable according to my theory.

      Lord of the Stars: "Explain."

      Madam celestial Saber: "According to journal reports of the higher intelligence authorization class, the raptor pirates main occupation of the star system of yoth was primarily fixated on mining, and searching, and exploring the asteroid belt long before he shown up, and apon pathing the way he payed good attention to their asteroid belt activity, and figured out why they where so fixed apon the asteroids, they where searching for my treasure."

      Lord of the Stars: "Meaning?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "He did not take the slip space crystals to take them from us, priority and importance, he did what he did to keep the crystals from falling into their hands. That's my theory."

      Lord of the Stars: "Should we tell anyone about how the raptor pirates are clamming this system and probably see us as territorial invaders?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "The raptor pirates are on yoth, right now, spying and plotting to invade us, we should not raise panic."

      Lord of the Stars: "Their scouts are hear???? then we shall call a assault defend fleet at once to...."

      Madam celestial Saber: "NO! We mustn't call for back up, that will only cause them to find out we know their invasion work is coming."

      Lord of the Stars: "Then what do we do?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Hold the fort..... Commodore smite was on to something, and I think we just figured it out....."

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    • A Raptor Scout lies prone on a snow dune to the East.

      His macrobinoculars scan the East Wall. He continues until he hits the North Eastern wall, made only of spare firewood.

      He lowers the binoculars and presses a button on his comlink.

      Smite continues arguing with Crystal"Come on! We need those defenses up, now!" He shouts.

      Crystal: Calm yourself. We are not even expecting an attack.

      Royal Captain Kra'kuk and Glofnog come down from the West Wall.

      Kra'kuk: Turrets up.

      Glofnog: Charged and ready!

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    • Yozoz carries some Space Bannanas into the base. He dumps them in the barracks.

      Yozoz: Take some, now!

      Several Kig-Yar Bucaneers take some food.

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    • (Stars that is not a comment it is a blog post.  jk  But I will be spending the reminder of my adult life reading that. )

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    • Suddenly we are interrupted by the arrival of a passenger/cargo space shuttle, a raptor pirate is beamed down from it and steps forward. In his hand is a brass chain with many shrunken heads on it, the heads of military leaders of those who have apposed them with in the last 28 days.

      Pirate raptor: "I have a message for the one they call, queen madam celestial saber, and I demand to see all from commodore up greet me at the gate."

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    • Nikoli the rebel wrote: (Stars that is not a comment it is a blog post.  jk  But I will be spending the reminder of my adult life reading that. )


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    • Raptor pirate: "Helloooo, dose anyone hear me???? is anyone home????? you tell that other pirate queen unless she wants her head added to this lovely decoration, you all better listen to my message!"

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    • Kig-Yar soldier "Yes.  What is it?"

      (I read that comment btw.  Cool story.  it really connects our canon. )

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    • Raptor pirate: "We just wanted to tell you, see this nice little collection of heads? yah, no worries though, we don't want to hurt any of you we just want to give you a warning. You see, none of you seem to know this, but this planet, dose not belong to you anymore, this is our planet now, as is the star quadrant. We have scouted out your, little fort, and are not impressed. In 10 days a pirate army in over whelming numbers is going to come, and unless you want your queen and her mate to end up on these chain links, you have 3 options.

      A: leave our territory, don't come back.

      B: live among us, but as our slaves.

      C: you all die.

      Unless you pick one of these options, in 10 days, that army will come, and when they do..... *tosses the chain of heads over the wall* you will join them!"

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    • the shuttle beams him back up, and departs into space.

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    • (Madam celestial Saber: "Oh lover, I need to see you alone, in privet, with no one around."

      Lord of the Stars: "Weal of course! You feel like putty in my hands.")

      Yozoz cuatiously approaches the pirate, followed by Smite and Crystal. Glofnog jogs up and meets Yozoz. "What is that?"

      Yozoz: Well, I believe it is a Dinosaur.

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    • (I was nonja posted. Nothing I said is canon)

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    • (either way, I think the proper reply to that is, ha ha veeeerry funny.... or on second thought, maby it really is funny.)

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    • Hollow Tryant rendevous with the 3rd battlation.  

      3rd battalion commander "Hello.  Darth TheHackingdog?"

      Hollow tyrant "No.  I am Hollow Tryant and I am here to relieve you of your duty."

      The Tyrant punches the commander in the face.  The commander falls to the ground and then Hollow just stomps him to death.  He takes the commander's headset and weapons.  

      Hollow Tyrant (com) "I am hollow tyrant, your commanding officer."  A ground battle is going on below. "You are to kill every last one of those Raptors until their is enough blood for you to bath in it.  Do I make myself clear?"

      Surrounding soldiers and army over coms "yes sir!"

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    • (I just found that joke, Yozoz.  LOL.  XD.)

      (I just found out that Heath had a thread to be a Chat Moderator on May 5.  At that time he had been on the wiki for 7 days and had 38 edits.  Wow.)

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    • 5 hours after the exit from slipspace, a destroyer destroyed and a corvette boarded.  It had been good work, as the corvette was almost completely swept inside out, and was being readied for a one-droid suicide run against a now visible carrier.

      Fox "Captain... Cornellias?  You aren't the captain of this ship, are you?"

      Raptor Pirate "N-nu... No..."

      Fox "You are captain Cornellias?"

      Raptor pirate "Y-yhe-Yes! Arr!... Came under fires from ye bootleggerin' privateers arrr.... called for some ye assistance when someones hit us again arrrrrr...... then we's decides to make a jumps for its...."

      Fox "Are you incapacitated? Well... Good.  Your ship is hereby under the control of the Resistance, and the resistance solely. You are under arrest, and you have no rights. Following our tour of Yoth, you will be brought to an undisclosed location for trailing. Cuff him, birds."

      Jackal "Arr!!"

      A kig yar cuffs the captain of the corvette.

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    • (Fox, how many times must I tell you, their is no such thing as a pirate accent. My original accent was a blend of a Kig-yar accent that is over a thousand years old, and what I picked up from other members of the covenant. How ever my accent has unoticingly adapted with years of talking to aliens such as humans. As for the pirates in the movies who speak with their stereotypical pirate accent, that particular accent came from being descended from the kelts and the Vikings and being away from the main land knowing no true power can stop them from returning to their old ancestral barbarian clan life.)

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    • (So sterotypical. it ok though, we needed that.)

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    • Nikoli the rebel wrote: (So sterotypical. it ok though, we needed that.)

      (good point.)

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    • Blake goes to the front line and starts killing Raptors.  He guns down one and takes the raptors energy sword.  He then used the sword to cut another one in half that charges after him.  He continues to use the energy sword to devastate the enemy ranks. 

      (You guys don't get any pics of that because I can't find darth vader holding an energy sword killing a raptor in a snow covered backround.)

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    • (I was going to say earlier, if your thinking what I'm thinking, the situation between us and the raptor pirates looks like its going to be how Blake makes up for what he has done.)

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    • Nikoli the rebel
      Nikoli the rebel removed this reply because:
      23:22, January 9, 2015
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    • (wise words indeed.)

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    • Madam celestial Saber holds the chain of severed heads, looking at the spot that represents where our heads could be at any moment. "You know Stars, as sickening as it sounds, their is only 1 reason why this dose not intimidate me."

      Lord of the Stars: "Why?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Indeed, we are hopelessly out numbered, but if you notice, most of these heads are chat mayors and chat fleet masters. Even if they wipe out our entire clan, and have all other Kig-yar factions afraid to appose them, they will continue our work for us."

      Lord of the Stars: "And what exactly is, our work?"

      Madam celestial Saber: "Dethroning the chat of corse."

      Lord of the Stars: "Yah, weal I think you are forgetting, those heads their may be chat, and those heads their mandalorians, but those other heads, they are good souled family loving chat apposing REBELS. And oh, more importantly, *I show her the chain links that represent where our children's heads could fit.*

      Madam celestial Saber: "Where are they?"

      Lord of the Stars: "With their body guards making snow demo..... angles."

      Madam celestial Saber: "Bring them in, its their bed time."

      Lord of the Stars: "Isn't it a bit early?"

      • she points at the setting sun* "On yoth, once the sun goes down, temperatures drop so fast you can freeze to death in minuets, aahahah that's why its their bed time."
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    • Kig-Yar "Yeah hell sucks."

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    • Suddenly the radar detects something coming and coming fast, the object is much larger then a covenant super carrier, then the object shows up...... its a cloud, carried by 80 mph winds, sending down 10 inch wide snow flakes, 780 flakes per second, thunder flashes, then you can hear this. The storm continues to blow its icy wrath apon us for 23 minuets, then, as sudden as it shown up its gone, the sky is clear and the stars shine.

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    • (Is NOVA Team here?)

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    • (Yes.  But you can go and send your message back or help the fight on Yoth or go to my house of horrors at my "Horror on Yoth")

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    • (Okay, but Nikoli, I need you on the Chat. I want to send you a private message.)

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    • (Maybe I'll act as an Elite here.)

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    • (Nikoli, you there? it's somewhat urgent)

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    • 10:51 AM. New fort yoth.

      The sound of raptor pirates armored feet crunching and tromping in the snow is heard in the distance, the sound is getting closer, closer..... As the vibration of their massive army marching is heard the sound wave echoes off the buildings, some one is drinking coffee, and can see the rippling caused by the vibration as the sound comes ever closer of raptor feet in the snow. Each foot coming down symotaniusly.

      • Crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch *

      The sound of pirates marching in the snow now begins to fade, the army now becomes more and more distant, then, all is silent.

      9 days remaining until they said they will attack.

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    • Nikolai puts the Pelican down at the new fort.  Him Fortunato and Alysha get out. 

      Nikolai "Who is in charge?  What is the situation?"

      Kig-Yar Soldier "We really don't know and we are going to be invaded."

      Nikolai "Well we know how to deal with invasion forces now don't we."

      Alysha "Yes sir we do."

      Nikolai goes back into the pelican to start it and uses his eye to key the retina scanner and start the pelican.  The ship starts and they are off once more to look for the Raptor Pirates.  


      Hollow Tyrant stands over a river of blood and a hillside covered with dead bodies.  After killing hundreds of Raptors and leading the troops he is exhausted. 

      TECHNOCIDE "What is the situation at Green Hills?"

      Hollow "The last Raptor is dead.  This was one of their groups for sure though.  We found some weapons, ammunition, and supplies.  We will be able to hold the night but I doubt the stragglers that we scarred into the caves will counter attack."

      TECHNOCIDE "You've had a long day.  Come back home to the lab.  We have a present for you."

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    • This time, when Yoth falls, I will not be the one escaping anothers wrath. This time, our enemies fear us like we did to the Chat once.  Eons in the darkness, justice has waited.  Now, the very Resistance that had been hunted for so long have the upper hand in the war.  Now, the Resistance is the giant.  With her combined strength paired with the New Republic, we hold what I call the Mantle.

      -Broad message to straggler pirates

      (Hey guys.  Sheer hasn't been seen since Yoth 1.0... What if he turned out to be part of a massive syndicate?)

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    • (You mean he founded the Raptor Pirates?)

      Chat Shuttle can be seen approaching from the distance.  Hollow Tyrant squints to make it out.  He getts up and surveys the carnage before he goes.  The Raptor camp was sitting in ruin and desolation in the river valley below.  He distictly remembered killing the raptors while they ate lunch.  

      Half of the Raptors fleet was burning in a large icefied to the east and the other half was MIA.  The Chat AA defenses that he cleared the LZs for where very effective at driving away small manuverable ships.  Although the Pirates had self destructed their ships whenever Chat soldiers boarded them to find the extent of Raptor control, Hollow knew they would eventually win the day.  As he saw it they already had.  

      The sun was setting on the snowy white mountains and the slight ruckus of soldiers celebrating could be heard.  Hollow Tyrant decided to let them have a break.  They deserved it.  Tomorrow they would start their long trek back to the comforts of civilization but for now every Chat soldier felt free. 

      As the Chat shuttle decended he told his new second in command (he had lost three second in commands over the course of the day) to watch over the men and head towards Yul in the morning.  

      Second in Command "It will be done, my lord."

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    • Smite walks around the fort. All walls are defended by 8 rapid-fire heavy plasma cannons. Except the North East wall. Is Crystal insane? He thinks.

      We alks to a Kig-Yar Buccaneer. We need cannons at the North East wall. 

      Buccaneer: Commodore Crystal says no, and sir-

      Commodore Smite: was put in command here long before she showed up!

      Royal Soldier: We have only two cannons left.

      Royal Captain Kra'kuk: We will get them set up.

      The Bucaneer whispers to Smite as several Royal Soldiers start moving the turrets.

      Bucaneer: Two cannons, sir?

      Commodore Smite: I know. But it's better than nothing.

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    • Just letting you guys know, call me if you need me and I will get to you.

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    • The Arno slowly drifts through Yoth space. One Chat Banhammer Class Ship, the Ravager comes out of slipspace. 

      On the bridge of the Ravager:

      Bridge Navigations Officer: Ma'am! We are approaching the Arno.

      Admiral Cambridge: Scan the area!

      Officer: Admiral, the Arno is directly ahead of us. But we're not alone.

      Admiral Cambridge: What is it?

      "The Great Fox III!"

      Cambridge: Have they spotted us?

      Oficer: Can't tell, ma'am.

      Cambridge: Let's start the evacuation.

      Communications Officer: Corporal Wedge, this is the Ravager. Help has arrived. We are sending reinforcements. Round up about twenty citizens and get to Hangar 2. We'll meet you their with our first evac shuttle and deploy Chat Troopers to deal with the rest.

      Wedge: Yes, sir.

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    • Raptor ships are seen approaching the Arno. They dock and enter.

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    • (Uuuuuuuuhhhh ooooh!)

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    • Trol' follow them with the Banshee. as he enters, he sees blood smeared all over the place.

      (Should I not continue this in another thread?)

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    • Wedge runs down the hall toward the hangar with seven civilians and the Droids from the bridge. He runs past the room the sirens were staying in, and sees Dornog lying dead outside. The group makes it to an intersection. The right hall goes to the hangar. They stop at the intersection.

      Wedge: We're almost there.

      Suddenly 8 pirates round the left corner and fire at the group with energy weapons. The DX Droids are destroyed. The XD blasts one of the raptors, who falls down wounded. Wedge fires another shot to finish him off. A raptor charges Wedge with an energy sword, and knocks him to the ground. He then swings at beheads the XD.

      Wedge gets up and points his gun at the pirate.

      The six pirates pirates in the middle of the intersection all aim at wedge.

      Sword: You shoot, you die...

      The civilians duck and cover their heads.

      Suddenly, both xenomorphs come running from the right hall, right through the pirates, killing four and incapacitating two. 

      Wedge and the Pirate stare into each other's eyes. Wedge shoots the pirate and enters the hangar. The shuttle has not yet arrived.

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    • (I was suggesting that after being abandoned on Yoth, sheer could have become the leader of the syndicate.)

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    • Then, Trol' steps out of his Banshee, bewildered by the events.

      (Let's stop this here and make a new thread. Sound good?)

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    • Yozoz presses buttons on a computer screen in the ops center of the Fort.

      "No way! GLOFNOG! COME HERE!"

      Glofnog: What?

      Yozoz: The ship that Dornog took off on; It's in orbit above us! They need help with an evacuation. Some Resistance members were on board.

      Kra'kuk, who overheard: I'll take a squad.

      A Pulse Laser Phantom speeds to the Arno with Kra'kuk, Yabab, and 12 Royal Commodos on board.

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    • 1hs444 wrote: (I was suggesting that after being abandoned on Yoth, sheer could have become the leader of the syndicate.)

      (that prophesy Madam celestial Saber shown me, perhaps the pirate raptors believing it is their destiny to replace her tribe is the result of his betrayal.)

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    • Trol Lolamee' wrote:

      (Let's stop this here and make a new thread. Sound good?)


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    • Trol Lolamee' wrote:
      Then, Trol' steps out of his Banshee, bewildered by the events.

      (Let's stop this here and make a new thread. Sound good?)

      K, but it needs to be short. We need to finish the 'Alien Arc' and regroup at the fort on Yoth.

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    • (Stars, how many troops do you have in the fort? It can only house 200, plus another 150 in the capitol ship. Remem


      ber, it's a small fort, and we are expecting others to arrive.)
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    • Yozoz wrote:

      (Stars, how many troops do you have in the fort? It can only house 200, plus another 150 in the capitol ship. Remem


      ber, it's a small fort, and we are expecting others to arrive.)

      (believe it or not we did not think we would need to bring our military strength, so most of the warriors are still on the asteroid helping to repair the 7 forts and tend to the people while making sure anything else that attacks become sorry they do, so aside from the evac ship that transported those who are not in a health condition to be useful back home, only 150. The others are either in medical hyper sleep pods in the ships or in med tents.)

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    • (So 150 Royal Soldiers that you brought. How many buccaneers pre-stationed in the fort?)

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    • (So we RP on the ground here, and in the Arno over there.)

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    • (Is the Scouting Fleet here. If yes then I am, I am Arus Nedom, a Halo Reach Zealot)

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    • (Anyone here?)

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    • (Can anyone give me a review of Halo: The Fall of Reach novel. I'm making a page on Halo Fanon. I just need a review on John and Blue Team's story.)

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    • Suddenly as I and commodore crystal are discussing business at yoth over coffee, our day is interrupted by the vibrative crunching sound of raptor pirates marching in the snow, the vibration knocks the cups shattering to the ground. Suddenly, all symotaniusly coming into view at once, 180 units of raptor pirates, eight hundred thousand in all, show up looking right at the fort.

      Commodore crystal: "What???? but, yesterday they said they won't attack until 10 days."

      Lord of the Stars: "That can only mean 1 thing, some one else must have hit them before they can hit us."

      Commodore crystal: "But, theirs no one hear on this wet frozen desert of a planet but us, we are all that's hear who could have."

      Lord of the Stars: "Weal maby in thinking we are all that is hear, maby we are dead wrong."

      The pirate army shouts unit to unit their war chieftain giving orders, then 1 unit charges, advancing tword us....

      Commodore crystal: "Let me handle this my Lord, a certain some one needs to be shown I know what I'm doing."

      Lord of the Stars: "Granted."

      The unit comes closer, closer, closer.....

      Commodore crystal: "All warriors get ready to fire in ranks on my command."

      the enemy continues to advance

      commodore crystal: "Ready, aim..... FIIIRRRE"

      as the advancing raptor pirates are fired apon they toss their riffles, baunets impale into the snow and they just stand their mocking us

      Commodore crystal: "Rerank.... fire!"

      the enemy do nothing to attack, they just stay in range mocking us

      commodore crystal: "Rerank..... fire"

      more pirates are dropped, yet they just stand their mocking us

      commodore crystal: "Free command, fire at will"

      the raptor pirates just continue to stand their mocking instead of fighting them.

      Commodore crystal: "My Lord, what is the matter with them, why don't they fight?"

      Lord of the Stars: "Their counting our guns."

      Commodore crystal: "WHAT???"

      Lord of the Stars: "Their counting our guns, can't you see their leader up their? he's testing our firing power on the lives of his pirates."

      Commodore crystal: "Uhhh, I knew that."

      suddenly the pirate leader orders the army to retreat, as quickly as they shown up, they disarear."

      Commodore crystal: "Any orders Stars?"

      Lord of the Stars: "They will be back, but before they return, I want to know who hit them before they said they will hit us. Get a team ready, fire up the communication devices and broadcast, I want to know who else is hear."

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    • (Is the Scouting Fleet here?)

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    • Coolbuddy379 wrote:
      (Is the Scouting Fleet here?)

      (It's on New Eden)

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    • Yozoz runs up to Stars.

      Yozoz: Sir, we're gonna get a biiiig ouchy. There are 212 of us, and over 500,000 of them!

      (150 Royal Soldiers - 19(Went to the Arno)= 131 Soldiers

      Around 75 Pre-stationed Buccaneers = 206 Soldiers

      Lord of the Stars, Yozoz, Crystal, Smite, Saber, Glofnog= 212)

      Smite joins Yozoz, Stars, and Crystal on the Wall. 

      Smite: I told you! We should have beefed our defenses! They are gonna blast right through the North East Wall! We have 8 cannons on every other wall, but only 2 over there!

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    • I meet up with the ship commander of The Eye Of The Gods, and try bargaining with him.

      Lord of the Stars: "I know you guys have said you wish to be the kind of allies who don't get involved in our war, but intelligence reports the presence of both chat, mysterious raptor pirates, monsters, and enemy parties not yet confirmed. Won't you guys please help us in the fort to fend them off?"

      Commodore Hurricane "We are war neutral allies, not stupid allies, we know very well if we don't help fight we will die to, weather or not that ends our neutral to the war plans."

      Lord of the Stars: "What do you plan to do to help fight?"

      Commodore Hurricane: "Actually if you pay attention to what we are doing right now, we are preparing our weapons, by chance, do you know why our electric weapons don't electrocute us to death in water?"

      Lord of the Stars: "Wet and dry conduction physics."

      Commodore hurricane: "And soon we will fight in the snow, we will figure it out."

      Lord of the Stars: "Already we agree then, good, I gtg attend to other business then, I will leave you to yours."

      the sirens in their business

      Plays in the Kelp: "Commodore, you know how the Kig-yar commodore and the human commodore are always arguing who is in charge?"

      Commodore hurricane: "Annoying I know, but that's not their fault, they share the same rank so they need to establish dominates, though I would suggest they just go in command shifts."

      Plays in the Kelp: "No that's not what I'm saying, you should be out their arguing that your in command, your also a commodore."

      Commodore Hurricane: "Lutenet, why do you think I should be in charge?"

      Plays in the Kelp: "Because if you haven't noticed, we are higher intelligence then both their species combined, and they are both physically weak. Should not the wisest and the strongest be in command?"

      Commodore hurricane: "A excellent point..... but use that higher intelligence a moment.... think about it this way, what do we know, about onland combat?"

      Plays in the Kelp: "Uhhhh, weal ummmm......"

      Commodore Hurricane: "Yes lutenet, I'm listening."

      Plays in the Kelp: "Weal...... we know that we need our weapons to be onland compatible..."

      Commodore hurricane: "Hmmhmmm, anything else???"

      Plays in the Kelp: "We know that... hmmmmm, thaaaat.... we can't swim when out of water...."

      Commodore hurricane "Anything else?"

      Plays in the Kelp: "That, bio foam seals suit breaches good."

      Commodore Hurricane: "More please"

      Plays in the Kelp: "Uhhhh,......"

      Commodore Hurricane: *bares his teeth covers his eyes in 2 lower lids growling and hissing, he looks ready to bite someone's head clean off* "So, what your saying is I should be in command of the land combat, and we know nothing of land combat?"

      Plays in the Kelp: "Yah, we know nothing."

      Commodore hurricane: "Exactly, we know nothing of land combat, that's why I don't go out their to establish my dominates, we are to just watch and learn, because we don't have our land legs. In fact, with out our land suits we don't even have legs, in fact, we so seldom venture out side our natural habitat that compared to what they have, our exosuit technology is laughably obsolete, so until we learn from the best, we can't argue with the best. Now, back to work."

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    • Yozoz wrote: Yozoz runs up to Stars.

      Yozoz: Sir, we're gonna get a biiiig ouchy. There are 212 of us, and over 500,000 of them!

      (150 Royal Soldiers - 19(Went to the Arno)= 131 Soldiers

      Around 75 Pre-stationed Buccaneers = 206 Soldiers

      Lord of the Stars, Yozoz, Crystal, Smite, Saber, Glofnog= 212)

      Smite joins Yozoz, Stars, and Crystal on the Wall. 

      Smite: I told you! We should have beefed our defenses! They are gonna blast right through the North East Wall! We have 8 cannons on every other wall, but only 2 over there!

      Lord of the Stars: "I already know we are hopelessly out numbered, that's why I am trying to find help from some one who will actually get hear before we are dead. For now we will just have to survive as long as we can. Some things are as of yet not declassified."

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    • A Covenant Sniper Platform rises off the ground by the North East wall. Glofnog is in it with a Fuel Rod Gun. Two Kig-Yar Buccaneers man the cannons on the wall and Smite and two other Buccaneers step up on pedestal to see over the wall, ready to fire.

      The other walls actually have enough space to stand on and shoot off, with a smaller wall in front for cover.

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    • GTT13

      Outpost Map

      (In the upper right corner is where Glofnog and Smite are. The West wall is made buildings with windows we can shoot out, and cannons are in some of the windows.The ships landed outside, near the West Side. Which wall are we at, Stars?)
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    • Mean while, my head full of wander, and unable to ease my self, I am walking circles in (we are hear) the middle of the fort.

      "Now lets see, out numbered, out war machined, out gunned, the fort is still young, its not ready for a attack.... that one wall smite built is just extra fire wood, aginced modern weapons that's like trying to endure incendiary bullets with 80 inches of cardboard. Not enough cannons, not enough strong walls, we can never make them strong enough before the second attack with our mettle, what to do...."

      Suddenly I am distracted by the sight of my 3 adorable children, they have swiped a small tent, fortified it by packing snow on it, inside is a cooler full of hot beverage canteens with hot tea inside, a heater in it, around the shelter they have built 3 6ft high 4ft wide well packed snow walls, around the shelter they have coolers full of snowballs.

      "Playing in the snow??? again??? how can they stand to do that on this freezing ass planet???"

      Other children who are present at the fort comes, one of the sons spots them and blows a horn to alert his brother and sister. They take up snow balls and throw them at the other children, the other children throw snowballs back, they giggle and wrestle. Snow balls hit the walls they use for cover and iglueafyed tent to no effect, they resist impact as if they are made of steel. The other children sound the retreat.


      Other people from everywhere begin to look at me.

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    • I get on comms: "Guys, by the time we use our mettle supply to build enough walls and cannons to do anything we will all die, I have a idea, follow my lead."

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    • (Wow.  That was a lot.  ok.)


      A group of survivors can be seen walking towards your base.  It isn't clear what faction then are.  They all look pretty exhausted but once they see the base they start to run (Or charge depending on if your cup is half full or half empty) and scream out undecipherable words and phases.  What do you do?

      Chat lab Alpha-12

      Hollow Tyrant walks into the base.  Many mistake him for Darth the Hackingdog so he can easily walk past the gaurds and other security measures without needing to provide identity.  

      Hollow walks into a room where TECHNODICE is standing around a map of Yoth and war planning next to several of his advisors.  

      TECHNOCIDE "Glad to have you back.  We have had so few assassins since New Eden.  We need you know more than ever."

      Hollow "I don't understand.  You had a whole race of Naga."

      TECH "We lost contact with them and our assassins on New Eden are either dead, in enemy hands, or missing.  In the chaos and lack of victory we neglected to pay most of them so I doubt many will be comming back."

      Hollow "What do you need from me?"

      TECH "No.  What do you need from me?"

      Hollow "My old headhunter armor had stealth technology and many ecessories like armor lock and hologram.  And while that armor will not keep me alive now after my injuries I will need that help from you."

      TECH "Oh yes.  That.  But I was thinking about something even bigger.  How would you like to have augmentations?"

      Hollow "I am afriad I already have that.  It would be an explosive combination."

      TECH "That is exactly what they are about here at Alpha-12."

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    • Glofnog, standing in the sniper tower, sees the people running and yelling. 

      Glofnog: Uh-oh.

      Glofnog fires a Fuel Rod round at them.

      Meanwhile, Pirates surround the fort, and others surround the ships including Hurricane's, which lie outside the fort. The Sirens are trapped. Raptors try to climb into the windows of the West Wall, but are shot off by Royal Soldiers. They keep pouring on.

      Yozoz: We're surrounded!

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    • Those ships are the only thing we could have used to reclame fallen lines,

      and, the only thing we could have used for my use the snow idea.... weal crystal and smite, I hope you are both satisfied, we saw why we should have listened to him, and now we see why we should have listened to you. Now, prepare for battle. To your stations.

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    • The survivors see the round coming and dodge it.  They keep sprinting as fast as they can though.  Eventually the are at the gates.  They are not wearing uniforms of any kind but they do have a few guns which for safety reasons are pointed at the Raptors and firing.  

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    • gtg

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    • Seeing that they point the guns at the raptors I sprint to them, dodgeing incoming fire and blocking with my shield, I open the gait and open fire with a assault rifle and invincibility turned on, the survivors come in, then I just as the pirates come at us siren yoth cannons fire blast of electric water at the entry, I jump back away and the gaits slam closed and lock.

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    • The sirens dome locks and seals, they prepare to defend them selves hoping we save them. The ships weapons get ready to fire.

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    • (Now we got to hold off this attack with out losing the ships or the sirens, to do this we must wait for more people to come online and contribute their characters. agreed?)

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    • Raptors attach ascension cables to the top of the walls and start climbing. Kig-Yar simply yank of the hooks and the raptors tumble down. Cannons fire and mow down raptor after raptor.

      The Kig-Yar have only a couple dead and a few wounded, but they are still losing...

      (I will wait for more, Stars.)

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    • (Can we decrease 800,000 to 8,000? Because 800,000 is unrealistic and would kill everyone inside in minutes, as opposed to at least a day or two.)

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    • (indeed, thought for sure I mastered the art of not over powering everything in sight. I hope they don't go halo 2 opening cut seen on me. Lets just say they figured 800,000 to kill little old us was as over kill as firing a anti elephant rifle at a mouse and sent some of their forces to fight someone we don't know is around yet or possibly even find old mnnor.)

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    • (has it been a week yet? I've decided that it takes that long for this sector command to give up it's precious 1st legion and dreadnought battlegroup. also where are the raptor seige guns? and also d-117 brought a dervish lord commander back with him here are their char cards

      name: d-117

      rank: admiral

      age: 32

      species: kig-yar tvaoan

      eye color: cyan

      feather color:

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