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    So this thread is going to be a fast way to get SuperVegito back into the swing of things.  I will be playing as Jim.  SuperVegito will be roleplaying as Xytan's flash clone.  This will be kind of a frankenstein type roleplay because of obvious reasons.  Here we go!)

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      • wakes up in cloning tube*

      "Gah, wha- where am I?"

      • bangs on glass*
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    • A chat scientist strolls by a containment cell.  Inside the containment cell made of glass is Xytan's flash clone.  

      The Chat scientist writes his observations down on a peice of paper and walks down the room.  But just when he gets down the hallway he swears.

      Chat scientist "God damit.  I am a senimental idiot."

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    • The Chat scientist walks over to you.  He says "I am sorry for what they did to you.  If this were still my project then you would be out in the field doing tests and living a normal life.  You are on Yoth in one of our experimental facilities.  We saved your life from a fatal crash.  We were not able to save your orginal body but the clone you now live through is the best we could do."

      He takes a deep breath.  

      Chat scientist "I know they will probably kill me for this but..."

      He hits a switch and the top half of the glass tube is opened.  You can walk out now but you are naked.  

      Chat scientist "You are my creation and if I will you to be free then free you will be.  Now hurry.  Time grows short."  

      He moves to the end of the room and uses his key to unlock the door.

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    • (Jesus, I've been talking to Vegito on HN chat about getting back into THDF for 5 minutes, and I see this xD)

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    • (I'll join if the Alien thread is over. Im not really sure...)

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      • walks back and forth inside the cell

      "I lost everything. My gear, my sword, contact with my ship and now I'm in a flash clone. Nice.

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    • Good, I'm free.

      • grabs scientist by throat

      Now what's to stop me from killing you?

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    • Chat scientist "But you are still yourself.  Sure you genes are from diffent people but its not what you are underneath but what you do that defines you."

      Vegito grabs him by the throat. 

      Chat scientist "Well the chat are going to kill me anyways so I guess I am going to help you get out of here."

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    • Yozoz wrote:
      (I'll join if the Alien thread is over. Im not really sure...)

      (The chat lab is really close to the outpost you put up.)

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    • Excellent point. Now, where's my gear?

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    • scientist "Well everything from the incident was put in Archives.  Its just down the hull but a man of your size is going to be hard to not notice.  Especially because your naked as the day you were born.  I will go and get it for you if you will just let me go.  You don't trust me?  Here have my keyes to the facility and my fingerprint for the scanners."

      He hands Vegito the keyes. 

      Scientist "can you let me go now?"

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    • scientist "The only way I make it out of here alive is with a big guy like you to take out the sentries.  And the only way you are going to make it out alive is with my knowledge of the facility or you will get lost.  Like it or not we need each other's trust."

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    • Get me my gear and I will trust you.

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    • The scientist goes out of the room.  He is gone for a worrysome amount of time but he finally comes back.  He has blood all over his hands and he is pushing a cart.

      Scientist "Funny the things some is willing to do to stay alive.  I got your sword and killed the surviellance motiniors.  Here is all your stuff."

      He pushes the cart towards you and looks on in facination.

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      • Suits up

      Alright, let's get going.

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    • scientist "Amazing that you are able to remember how you looked in your former life.  I just hope that my work will not loose his skills.  We don't have time for stairs so we are going to have to get to ground level by elevator.  Are you afraid of hieghts?"

      He walks briskly out of the room and towards the elevator.

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    • I'm not afraid of anything, human.

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    • (surprisingly, looks like Wedge will survive the thread, so will he be able to come here?)

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    • Yozoz wrote:
      (surprisingly, looks like Wedge will survive the thread, so will he be able to come here?)

      (Yes.  The outpost is nearby.  All member will be accepted.)

      Scientist "We must first take a detour Elite.  What is your name?  Anyway we need to free two Hunters and some engineers. They will help us get out."

      The Scientist turns around and goes down a different hallway.  He sees three chat guards sleeping. 

      Scientist whipsers "You know what to do big guy."

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      • kills two guards silently, then throws third off a ledge.
      • guard screams out in pain but lives
      • I jump off the ledge onto the guard, crushing his ribs, and killing him
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    • (Hahaha, "What is your name Elite?" [Kills a bunch of people in response])

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    • Scientist grabs one of the guards guns but is very clumsy.  

      Scientist "I really did create a beautiful killing machine."

      He opens the door that the guards were "Gaurding" and opens up some crates.  Legkolo worms form together and make two hunters.  The Scientist convinces them that they must trust him if they are to make it out alive. 

      Hunter one (Visa) "How will survive without armor?"

      Hunter two (Wiva) "This glass is plasma proof right?"

      The scientist nobs. 

      The Hunter tears off a section and puts it on his arm.  

      2 guards are walking towards Super from one hallway and two from another hallway.  You are standing in the middle. 

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    • This is rather simple. 

      • throws sword, killing two of the guards, then uses energy daggers to eviscerate the remaining 2

      Told you it would be easy.

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    • (That was cool but I have to go to bed.  10:00 tomorrow I won't be late.)

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    • Nikoli your a male suprimist. I'm only calling you that because you told me to.

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    • (I actually am not)

      Vegito sees a glass room where some flood trolls are being held.  If you realise them they might spread through underground passages to other facilities.  

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    • (I said I only called you that because you told me to, want me to quote it?)

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    • (How do you see the chat history like right now?)

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    • (Actually I admit I'm starting to forget some things, only thing I can remember the chat do that are evil is blow up yawldrin.)

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    • (No.  The Chat are an empire.  The chat an IM that allows me to talk to you.)

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    • (Yes.  How do you find out the history on that chat?)

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    • (idk):
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    • (Stars please look at the return to Yoth thread.  I have posted.)

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    • (ok I will in just a moment.)

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    • Vegito sees a glass room that has some Flood trolls in it.  

      The scientist is reaquainting the Hunters to situation.  Suddenly a an alarm goes off that was in response to the hunter ripping a glass pane off of its hinges to use as a shield.  

      Scientist "Hunters.  I am not going to try to explain to you how much you are not going to fit in that elevator and how much those stairs are not going to hold you.  I just need you to each go to one end of this hallway and hold the guys off. Ok?"

      Visa "Yes sir."

      The hunters moblize and the scientist takes the ladder down to Vegito's position.  

      Scientist "Next phase is to go down this hallway here and take a left."

      Suddenly a squad of gaurds come down the hallway infront of them and the scientist raises his gun to fire but it is highly inaccurate.  

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    • "Get down!" Throws the scientist out of the way.

      Bullets and Blaster fire are reflected of my sword and back at the guards, killing them.

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    • Deeper in the lab, scientists observe a man, if it could be called that, floating in a tube. Several dozen needles are injected into his skin, which was a sickly white color. An unknown calling had reached the ears of the sub-human within; the first sound it had heard in many years.

      Its heartbeat picked up, escalating from a coma-esque rate to one of pumping adrenaline. The men outside were indifferent at this happening. It had awoken before, and had always been sedated. The sub-human was the physical manifestation of the true scientific horrors that the Chat were capable of. As the men outside observed the quickened heart rate, they also observed something that had never happened before; its eyes opened.

      Unbeknownst to them, it planned on escaping by whatever means. It was awake. It was scarred. It was angry. It had a plan.


      Awake once again...

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    • The scientist runs down the hallway. He stops to grab some grenades off the dead guys. 

      Scientist "We are going to need these."

      He keeps moving down the hallway and we get to a group of chat soldiers that are trying to set something off.  It puzzles us because the alarm is already on.  We quickly put them down but it is too late.  It seems as though the Chat have realised a monstrosity.  It is a Hunter than is exeedingly bulky and after it tears a whole in the wall with its artificial obsidian claws it is safe to assume it has had augmentations.  

      Monster "I will feast on your BONES!"

      The Scientist throws some grenades while saying "Got any bright ideas?"

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    • "Lets keep moving. Don't want to get cornered."

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    • "Just run!"

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    • Something, its hard to tell what it is because it has been so heavily experimented on, is in a tube demandingly pounding on the glass: "Release me!"

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    • Creature: "I said, release me, come on man, do you know what it is like living hear like this? I don't understand a thing they have been doing to me, and worst of all now I can talk, that's not natural."

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    • "Keep running human! Don't look back!"

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    • the creature in the tube just waits, watching helplessly as the thing they where running from will inevitably show up.

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    • "Ok!  But I wasn't make for running like you!"

      Two plasma shots hit the ground right behind me.  

      "Damn Rosalin!  I told her she shouldn't have created that thing!"

      The monster loses ground due to its bulkyness but it still manages to wreak havoc.  

      Scientist (Still running) "those chat soldiers were trying to kill us!"

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    • "We'll come back for you later. We have a rather large, rather angry Mgalekgolo after us, so we don't have time!"

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    • The creature in the tube just watches as the monster comes..... but to his surprise it pays him no attention at all, and goes right past then continuing to peruse the scientist and Supervegito.

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    • "I- I've got a signal to the Spectre! Just get me time to contact them!"

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    • The Hunter tries to catch up but the hallways are too narrow and it doesn't fit so its arms ripp through the side walls.  It evenutally gets stuck in its position with its arms stuck in the debris.  It can't shoot at you guys.  

      "That was close.  Mabye we should take a break."  slows down.  

      Chat soldiers are sprinting towards us from all directions.  

      Soldier "Halt in the name of Darth TheHackingDog!"

      The scientist shoots him in the head with a lucky shot. 

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    • Voice in his head "So... you finally decided to heed my call. I figured a few months of whispering might get through."

      Awoken Man "So what now?"

      Voice in his head "How about you get out of there. You have power, I have purpose. We'll make a great team."

      Awoken Man "Ah, so you're not one of my dillusions. My mind is more intact than I thought."

      Voice in his head "Don't get your hopes up, because it's not really."

      The Awoken Man chuckles silently before examining the exterior of the tube.

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    • "Come in Spectre. This is Shipmaster Xytan 'Montrumai calling from Yoth. Please respond." 

      "2nd in command Thel 'Ronanee reporting in. You're assumed dead, it's good to hear from you."

      "No time for banter, here are our coordinates. Send in a combat ready Lich."

      "On it's way"

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    • The strange creature in the tube attempts to see reflection in the glass, but it doesn't reflect. "Before I was a mongoose native to cattoon, I got all my water from food, I fed on eggs and scorpions. Then poachers sold me, I ended up in a lab. I don't know what I am now but they call me, failed experiment number 1242. I don't understand what they did to me and why, but I can now speak, just like the scientists, but the only thing I get to do with it is talk to my self. My brain has become capable of plotting, more then anything, I want to get out of this tube, I want to see what I become, I want to see what they did to me. My idea is this, I'm not going to make it on my own, perhaps I can team up with other failed experiments. Yah, that's it, team up with the others, and escape. Freedom calls on the other side."

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    • Voice in his head "Hey, I hope you haven't forgotten your void-weaving skills"

      Awoken Man "That's the reason I was in here to begin with; how could I forget?"

      Voice in his head "You are the creation of a god. The only being in over a dozen millenia to be able to tap into this brand of power."

      Awoken Man "Apparently I was created to be used as a tool. These men have extracted my energy to power their own machines of war."

      Voice in his head "Stretch your legs. You might be powerful, but sitting in a test tube for a decade might have erased your memory of how to walk."

      Awoken Man "Promise me answers, and I will listen to what you have to say, for now."

      Voice in his head "Well, I could have left you as a broken shell as you were, but your terms are acceptable. First off, you must escape, otherwise I've no intention of wasting my time."

      The Awoken Man clenches his fists, and focuses his energy. The scientists outside begin to take notice and act per protocol. Immediately, the Awoken Man felt the massive doses of sedatives enter his veins. Only for a moment did his conscious flicker, despite the amounts that would prove lethal to almost every other living thing.

      His newest weapon, a purpose, easily fought off the creeping desire to embrace the sleep, and he let out an inhumane growl. The men outside started to become alarmed.

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    • Vegito and the scientist are surrounded in a cafeteria by 200 Chat troops.  But we are behind a few tables that we barricaded so we aren't at a total loss.

      Chat leader "Come out now!  We have you outnumbered!"

      A little girl walks in.  She is dressed in all white and has a picture perfect innocent face.

      Chat soldier "Get out of here.!  These men are terrorists!"

      Girl "Actually I think the things you did to me are more like terror."

      Chat soldier 2 "Oh.  Shit!  Test subject 19 is out!  Run for your lives!"

      Chat soldier 3 "That guy was insane.  Mabye he was being experimented on."

      Chat soldier 2 "Look little girl you need to get out of here or I will have to treat you as a hostile."

      The girls lips do not move but all the Chat in the room can here it.  It is very deep and gravemind like.  "I'll show you hostile!"

      The Chat soldiers bend down in pain.  Screams of "my head!" can be heard.  

      The little girl walks over to Chat soldier number one.  

      gravemind voice "What is it you really fear!?  What makes you scream in horror in the middle of the night!?  What do you lock in a closet and never let out!?"

      The Girl's eyes fall back into her head and then her eyes go white.  

      Suddenly all of the Chat gaurds experience their own terrors.  Some have the sensation of falling and some feel being shot over and over again.  We take the oportunity to beat a hasty escape. 

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    • ('ello)

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    • Scientist "Since that Mgalekgolo blocked our quick way out to the east elevator we will have to go through the psych ward to get topside."

      The exhausted out of shape scientist leads the way across a corner.  But what you see takes a way your breath.  The patients are out and roaming around thanks to the retreating Chat officers at the other end who are running for dear life.  A man lays his hands on the scientist and the scientist is shocked back. 

      Scientist "You are a monster!  What the hell did you do to my head?!"

      The man doesn't respond so the scientist puts a few plasma bolts in his head.  

      Scientist "You are a waste of so many experiments and scientific knowledge.  To bad you had to make me see hell."

      More of the psychopaths aproach us.  They are generally slow due to the fact they were in tubes and didn't get much exercise. 

      Scientist "We need to get out of here!  You guys need to move!"

      no response. 

      Scientist "You need to move!  We need to escape!"


      Scientist "Are you going to tel us go through?!"


      The ones that can run pick up their pace towards you. 

      Scientist "You heard the Vegito.  Over their dead bodies."

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    • "If you say so, crazies."

      Several minutes of death later

      "We need to keep moving. I fear there may be even more dangerous beasts than the massive Mgalekgolo."

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    • Scientist "Ok.  Just go down this hallway."

      He goes down that hallway and you follow him.  You guys eventually come to the elevator.  The scientist makes a run for it but several Chat soldiers come out of their hiding places and shoot him in the leg.  He falls down and limps behind so cover.  You guys throw grenades and dispatch the enemies.  Then you move in and finish off the survivors.  You relunctantly help the scientist to the elevelator, he puts in a code and they start going up.  But just as we get to the Basement level 3 or level -3 the lights go out. 

      Scientist "Some on is playing games with us."

      You grab your energy sword and cut a hole in the wall where the negative third level is.  You climb up on the ledge and what you sees you can't understand.  A group of unmutals Drones have gone crazy and are tearing the living flesh off of the Chat and other drones.  The Scientist comes up but just them someone must have turned on the power and turned the elevator back on and it cuts off the scientists right foot.  He screams and the noise alerts the drones off your presence.  The Drones see to be more agile and quick than the normal unmutal drones but they have no armor.  One latchs on to your leg and another gets you in a choke hold and trys to bite your neck.  

      Several try to land on the scientist but he is able to pistol whip his way to a dum waiter. 

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    • The massive glass chamber let out a world-shaking crash as it collapsed, drenching most of the room in the fluid that it had previously contained. The Awoken Man had utilized his inner power for the first time in many years, and the results were devastating; men and women stood frozen with terror at the sickly pale figure in front of them. Plenty were wounded by the violently projected glass shards, and some were even fatally impaled. 

      The Awoken Man grinned a mouthful of razor sharp teeth as he tore the machines and pipes out of his body. Despite the blood flowing down from the lacerations left by the needles, he relished the moment.

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    • "Something dangerous is here. I can feel it. An ancient evil."

      • Feels explosion and shaking

      "Move faster!"

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    • (or maby a slave escaping we can gain as a ally, I'm exited to find out.)

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    • (That is it!  I finally figured out why we roleplay so differently.  I roleplay like a play in a theater.  So and so went here and then said this and so on.  I only include movements and dialogue with the occasional thought bubble.  But you, UFM write it like a novel from a certain point of view.  This is very interesting.)


      The drones fly off of Vegito and the exhausted scientist pushs through the last few stepps without his foot.  You reach a futuristic dum waiter and go up first.  The scientist then follows once you send it down.  We are now on one level below the surface.  

      The scientist starts to fall behind.  Drones spill into the hallway and we run as fast as we can against the wingless males.  The walls start to cave in on us.  We run faster than we ever had before.  

      But the scientist slows down to much.  The drones are at his heals and he is slowing you down.  He yells to your the directions to get out just before he is overtaken by wingless male drones. He screams. 

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    • I activate my energy sword and rush into the swarm, mercilessly killing the drones, and heaving the scientist on his shoulder before he runs again.

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    • Suddenly the floor starts to shake. 

      Scientist "Thanks for the save back there.  That Mglakegkolo must be destroying the supports of the building.  We have to go faster!"

      The floor starts to shake and it seems as though the entire building is tearing itself apart.  We finally get to a lobby dispatching Chat soldiers along the way.  

      Scientist "We will have to blow a hole in the ceiling and then go out a window."  The scientist lets himself down and limps around the room in search of explosives.  He finds a dead Chat trooper and takes his grenades and his handheld grenade launcher ammo.  

      "I suppose you know how to rigg these to explode?"

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    • Before anyone can make a move, footsteps can be heard outside the lobby. Three Chat Troopers run inside and open fire on Xytan.

      Dervish Chat Trooper: This facility is being overun! All the specimens are escaping!

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    • "Oh, just great. To rig them, press the yellow button on the underside 5 times, then hit the red one. That'll set a 5 minute timer." 

      I rush through the chat troopers, letting my shields absorb the damage, and dropping a plasma grenade along with the timed grenades into the group.

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    • Dervish Chat Trooper: Oh crap...

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    • The Awoken Man chuckled at the chunks of flesh that surrounded him, formerly the scientists that were tasked with studying him. His void-weaving powers had spawned an explosion so large that it had shook the very foundation of the building. He looked around at the doors on either end of the room, wondering which way to go.

      He headed through one door and floated down the hall; void-weaving allowing him to levitate serenely. A security guard snarled from down the hall, and the AM closed in on his next prey. The former fired his weapon in vain, but it had little effect. Within moments, the pale figure stood directly in front of him. The Awoken Man jabbed his boney hand through the man's cardiac area and impaled him, and the latter's eyes rolled back into his head.

      This wasn't the end, however. A silver, sludge-like substance began to emit from the opening, and soon covered the entire head and and upper torso of the victim. The former corpse stood up and let out a disturbing groan, as a small light radiated from within the sludge. The now-horribly disfigured humanoid stood before him, awkwardly hunched over.

      Awoken Man "It's hard to make decent art when your canvas was already trash to begin with."

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    • (hey field marshall, the rp's are coming together.)

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    • "Alright, 3, 2, 1"


      "There's our exit. MOVE!"

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    • The scientist gets ontop of a makeshift table and goes up to the surface room.  He kills a few Chat guards that where shocked by the explosion.  Just as he is about to kill the last one someone comes up behind him.  He lifts up his weapon. 

      Chat Scientist "Hush honey.  Whats wrong?"

      Resistance scientist "Julie?  (Lowers weapon) We have to go.  The Chat are going to kill me."

      Julie (Chat scientist) "You don't understand. You need to turn yourself in.  This chaos that you created is.. well its evil.  How could you be apart of this?"

      Resistance scientist "Babe.  I don't know.  I DON"T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE!"

      Julie "Honey.  Put down the gun.  Come over here.  We will work everything out if you just put it down.  You don't have to dump your lifes work just because you had an idea."

      The Resistance scientist slowly lies down his gun and walks over.  He hugs her but suddenly realizes something isn't right.  She leans in on his neck as if to kiss him on it.  Vegito sees from a distance her face transform from a human face into a monstrocity with massive fangs and claws.  

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    • "Look out!"

      I shoot her in the head with a Carban, hitting right in her mouth.

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    • (Rp thread turns into a FEAR video game)

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    • (That's not necessarily a bad thing)

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    • (I personally think THDF could use a little more horror)

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    • (Oh theirs a lot of horror, its just hard to tell because we retain such a positive attitude about it. I'm not kidding, if you try to make a horror movie but give your characters a non we are all doomed kind of attitude about their circumstances, its not scary anymore.)

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    • (I don't like the horror movies where people make stupid decisions just to advance the plot.  But if external forces really did pit these people in this situation (like this roleplay) then I would like it)

      The plamsa spalshes on her face and some of it hits the back of the resistance scientists neck. The beast pulls away and at the same time its claws rip the scientist's clothes and leave huge gashes on his side.  

      Resistance scientist "What the hell was that about Veg---"  He looks at the horrible face and claws of his would be girlfriend.  

      Resistance scientist "holy shit!"  The monster swings and he ducks.  He charges its legs and topples it over.  The beast falls flat on its face and Vegito puts a few well placed rounds into its head just as it got ready to bite off the resistance scientist's thigh.  

      resistance scientist (I am naming him Jim because I don't like typing all of that) "I almost bit the dust.  I can't thank you enough.  Now lets get out of here."  The scientist grabs what appears to be a sword from the dead beast and a couple coats from the chair.  

      "Its cold out there.  You might need this.  Its a long walk home."

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    • "I have armor, and a Lich is on it's way. The coords I set are 10 kilometers north from our current location. Let's get going."

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    • Jim "You certainly are always on the move."  He gets on a heavy coat and cuts a hole in the windows because who needs doors.  He gets outside and survies the base.  

      "Even though it will be a while till the Lich arrives we will certainly freeze everything in here to death before they realize the breach in their base."

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    • "Something very powerful is in that base. No Mgalekgolo could have shaken the building like that."

      The base shakes again.

      "Let's head to the LZ"

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    • Jim "Ok.  Who knows what that Mgakekgolo has let out."

      (i gtg)

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    • "Xytan to Spectre, how is the Lich coming along?"

      "Almost arrived, Commander." 

      "Excellent, when we get to a minimum safe distance glass the facility."

      "Roger that."

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    • Scientist "But wait.  That is the pinnacle of artifically faciliated mutations!  That represents my life's work!  You can't destroy it!"

      He runs along side Xytan to the final rally point.  The heavy snow makes it hard for him to run but he is free of hostiles so he can take his time.

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    • "What is at the maximum security level?"

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    • Jim "The highly successful mutations, the creatures that can manipulate space and time, and highly unstable creations.  I guess that it would be for the greater good if those things died but you would be putting those fields back 5 years in their studies.  Some scientists will have to start from scratch like me."

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    • "There was something else. I could feel it. Something ancient. What was it?"

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    • Jim "Well these is also the soul of the once great Trollmind but that has been stored away and hasn't been active for sometime now."

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    • "Interesting. We will still be glassing the lab. It is shameful to live as a monster. They will die with honor."

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    • Jim "I guess you are right.  Glass it then.  I can't believe I am saying it but we have to destroy the very things I helped create.  Just remember what would have happened had the situation been switched and the Troll mind had gotten out and called for support.  He would have had you destroyed."

      Jim sits down with his spear like weapon.  He holds the point up.  The Liche arrives.  

      Liche pilot (Shouting over a slowly brewing snowstorm) "Get in quick! its cold out there!"

      We hurry on in but when Jim goes up the gravity lift he is face to face with the barrel on a Chat gun.  He stabs him in the stomach with the spear and does a roll to avoid the plasma bullets. 

      How does Vegito react now that he must fight for his Liche?

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    • I shoot some of the chat troops, and run for the cockpit.

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    • Jim takes out his spear and rams it into a man's heart.  But then he doesn't have the strength or time to pull it out.  He abandons it for the heartless Chat soldier's weapon, an M-30 and lays down cover fire for you.  A Chat soldier gets in your way but with one swipe two-handed swipe of a sword you have cut him in two. Defecting plasma along the way to the cockpit you find that it is locked but fortunately you have your sword.  

      Jim temporarily clears the left side of the Liche and gets one of the plasma turrets and takes it off of its stand.  He uses it to annialate the Chat presence on the lower deck. 

        Loading editor
    • I cut into the cockpit, surprised to find my Sangheili pilot still alive, but held at gunpoint by a chat officer. I stab him with my sword, and get into contact with the with one of my larger Troop Ships.

      "Shipmaster Rtas?"


      "Scan the Spectre for Chat Troops."

      "Scanning.... Done. No troops, but the Shipmaster has brokered an alliance with the Chat."

      "Curses. I'm going up there to take my ship back. If that fails, send a boarding party of Zealots."

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    • (You know that rtas is not in this universe?)

      Jim "Whats the situation?  Elites are switching sides to ally with the Chat?"

      He puts down the gun.  

      Two hunters can be seen running out of the Labratory from a distance.

      Jim "Don't go yet.  I think I see those hunters from the bottom floor!"

      The hunters race as fast as they can towards the liche.  

      Jim "Move the Liche closer to the base so they can get it."

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    • (Rtas is an elite name in general, this is not THE Rtas, it is a Rtas.)  

      I move the Lich closer to the base. 

      "Get on!"

      They get on, I seal the ship, and Pinpoint Jump within 100 kilometers of the Spectre. 

      "Get ready for boarding action!"

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    • (The horror portion of this rp is over and now it is just about our adventures at Yoth.  I mean there will always be horror in war but no more random groups of enemies that attack us.

        Loading editor
    • (The Void Walker is still a problem)

        Loading editor
    • (For all intensive purposes he has escaped and has found clothes and is out there somewhere.)

      Jim "Are we really going to kill these guys?  How bad can heretics be?"

      Jim picks up his gun and walks toward the door. 

      "I won't last long against those elites."

      Visa (Hunter) "We got your back."

      Jim "Tell them that we come in peace so we don't get shot down on the approach."

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    • "Done"

      (On Comms) "Thel 'Ronanee, stand down or be branded as a heretic. My loyal Sangheili, if he does not comply, kill him."

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    • Thel "Ronanee "I have an army."

      Jim grabs the micro phone "We have a Xytan.  You best listen to the man or your future will be shorter than your dick."

      Thel 'Ronanee "I will not surrender.  If you were wise you would see the Chat will win the day.  As I see it they already have."

      Jim "Ok then.  We are docking to serve under your command.  You were persuasive enough."

      The phantom gets inside the Unforgiving spectre.  The two hunters disintegrate into two piles of man eating Lekgolo worms.

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    • "Thel, I knew you were a sneaky jackal. Honorless. Meet me at the dueling platform, if you wish to fight me for control of the ship."

      (Call my character Xytan BTW)

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    • Thel "I don't see how destroying one rebel would hurt my reputation.  You have 140 minutes.  If you are not there then I will send waves of your own troops at you.  Do you understand?"

      Xytan "i will be there on time." (If you don't like that then feel free to change it.)

      Jim "We have a problem.  Thel is closing off all exits to the hangar.  I don't think our walk to the dueling deck with be without this kind of schnanigans.  Hunters, guard the ship and make sure that noone tampers with it or comes close."

      Hunters "it is the least we can do for the man who saved our lives."

      Thel (to troops) "Stand down.  Do not attack.  I mean to duel him over the ship.  But that doesn't mean you can't make it incredibely hard for him to get to the dueling deck."

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    • SuperVegito1229 wrote: "Thel, I knew you were a sneaky jackal. Honorless. Meet me at the dueling platform, if you wish to fight me for control of the ship."

      (Call my character Xytan BTW)

      (you are sooooo lucky I was murdered by troll)

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    • (Void-weaver)

      The Awoken Man nimbly scales the elevator shaft. Displeased with the thrall he had created earlier, he had detonated it on the spot. Several more guards attempted to stop him, but they were merely ants in the way of a giant.

      Now, as he approached the top, he noticed a blast had formed an opening, and leaps through. In front of him was a primed bomb, ominously ticking down.

      Awoken Man "Unbelievable."

      He sprints past the bomb and up a decorated incline toward the source of natural light. He could feel a chill on his skin as the cold wind touched him for the first time in years. As he entered the lobby, surrounded by broken window panes, he could see various dropships loading to leave the area.

      He once again taps into his void-weaving to summon a large, flame-like, white radiance around himself, causing a bright flashing light to emit from where the Awoken Man stood.

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    • A Chat soldier raises his gun and fires at the Awoken man.  Many others follow suit. 


      This is the combat form that the hunters took in the earlier comment.

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    • i would have been mad about no one telling me about this. . .except that i was gone when this started and for almost the entirety of it

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    • (In the dueling chamber)

      "I'm surprised you actually showed up, Thel. You are a coward, and a weak, honorless fool."

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    • Thel "Your blasphemy stops here!  I will not be embarrased in front of my men.  I will kill you.  And I will have the Kig-Yar feast on your bones."

      He draws his energy sword and with the flick of his wrist the bright blue light expanded from the end of the hilt.  He raises his sword into a battle stance.  

      Thel "Shall we begin, scum?"

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    • I draw a Type-1 Sword and we begin to circle around the arena. 

      "Your men, huh? You mean my men? Hmmph. The Kig-Yar are to good for your flesh, maggot."

      I snap my mandibles, and then proceed to spit onto his boot.

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    • (Just a bit confused by the context of this fight here; is Thel angry because 'Xytan assumed control of the fleet?)

        Loading editor

    • (I was thinking of making a character native to this universe because of the following reasons

      • Back-up plan in case of an end game, meaning the transported members will go back to their own universes
      • In memory of DMR, I shall make him with a similar history to DMR's i.e., family killed by the Chat
      • Because I like to do it.

      I will use the Dead Space suit. Admins, can I make this character)

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    • The energy surrounding the Awoken Man shields him from the barrage of gunfire. Several rounds make it through and ricochet off his genetically-enhanced skin. He considers lashing out at them, but thinks against it. 

      Awoken Man, muttering "Your lab; your bomb; your problem, heathens."

      He propells himself off the platform and onto the snowy mountainside. The one memory worth holding onto for years, amongst thousands of other tortured ones, was the location of his original ship. 

      Clad in nothing more than a fancy loincloth, the Awoken Man sprints through the shin-deep snow at a remarkable pace while leaving behind a flurry in his wake.

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    • (As long as the character doesn't break canon and it is not overpowered then I will allow it.)

        Loading editor
    • (Thel is ticked because I'm trying to take back control of my ship. The rest of the fleet is still under a loyal soldiers control, maybe Yozoz's.)

      Thel: "Are we just going to talk, or are we going to FIGHT?"

      Xytan: "By all means, take the first swing."

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    • Thel slowly walks in a semicircle and then jabs at Xytan.  Xytan counters and swords fly at an unbelievably fast pace.  Several Elite's eyes are having a hard time catching up.  Then Thel makes a crucial mistake by striking in a vunerable position and you counter the stronger Type-1 ripps the type-1337 out of Thel's hands.  You go for the killing blow but one of his henchmen run into the arena and place their sword inbetween you and Thel.  

      Jim "What the hell is this?  You can't do that!  Your a cheater!"

      Thel "Shut up punny human.  You have no say what is honorable and what isn't."

      The block allows time for Thel to grab his sword and get back up.  

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    • I eviscerate the elite that got in the way and resume the duel with Thel.

      "The human is right. You bring dishonor to your clan, 'Ronanee. No wonder your younger brother was made Kaidon, and not you." 

      I thrust at Thel, then kick his feet out from under him, knocking Thel to the ground. 

      "Surrender or die."

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    • Thel uses his sword to knock yours out of the way with extreme speed and then kicks you, knocking you down on your back.  The gutted elite is on the ground now but he takes out an energy dagger and uses his left hand to try to plunge it into your throat. You grab his wrist and twist it.  He roars in pain and crawls away.  Thel has time to get up.  He places his sword over you throat, only a couple cm away from death.

      Thel  "I see our roles our reversed.  Surreder or die."

      He draws his sword back for a coup de grace.  But you still have your sword and his legs are exposed. 

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    • I cut his legs off at the knees, and roll out of the way. He drops to the ground.

      "I trusted you, Thel. How could you defect to the chat? Better question, how could convince MY Elites? MY Unggoy? MY Kig-Yar? You deserve death."

      I rip his throat out with my mandibles.

      (alright, bbl)

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    • Thel (Choking on his own blood) "We were low on weapons and food.  We couldn't wait for the next shipment from UFM.  The Chat provided both.  We had no choice..."

      Jim runs over "When did you start talking to the Chat?!  Who talked to you!  Who convinced you!"  Jim shakes the elite's body   "Tell me!"

      Thel "Never."  


      On the bridge Vladmir Reznov, a Chat spy and diplomat watchs on a screen as you tear his throat out.  

      Vladmir "Damn."

      As the elites stare in shock and horror Vladmir barely makes it to an escape pod.  Outside of the escape pod though several elites approach Vladmir.  

      Elite Ultra "We need to come with you.  Xytan will surely kill us because of the information we gave you and the food we destroyed beforehand."

      Vladmir "Is there anyone else that is loyal on the ship?"

      Elite Ultra "Other than the sangheili who was used to cheat during the match, no.  We are all that is left.  Now hurry.  Time is not on our side."

      The Elites get in the escape pod ( with Vladmir (who is a human) and escape.  


      A bridge officer snaps out of it and looks at his other security camera and sees Vladmir and the other Elites escaping.  By the time he can react they are already out of the ship.  

      Bridge officer "What was that human called that convinced Thel to join the Chat?"

      Bridge officer 2 "I think... I think it was Vladmir Reznov.  Yes I know for sure."

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    • "Xytan to bridge! Fire on the escape pod!"

      (About my finishing move: Do ya think that was overly brutal?)

        Loading editor
    • ('Xytan used crunch. It was super-effective! Not the most practical thing I've ever seen, but it was an alright end to the duel)

        Loading editor
    • (Sangheili type is super-effective against chat-type)

        Loading editor
    • (TWD SPOILER:   I don't mind you taking a page out of Rick Grimes' playbook.  It was actually the right kind of shock value that we needed.  

      I am sorry but you can't destroy the escape pod but you can damage it because now that those characters are planent side I had them do stuff down there on the return to Yoth thread.  The point is that you ship is yours again and you don't have to worry about convincing the crew.)

      Jim "We should probably glass that base now that we have the ship back, right?"

        Loading editor
    • "Xytan to bridge. Glass the lab, and everything within 100 kilometers of it, just in case anything escaped."

        Loading editor
    • Bridge officer "Aye aye captain."  The spectre moves to position over the base and starts glassing from 100 km away and works the glassing beam closer to the base with every pass.  AA guns on the spectre ripp apart Chat AA guns and chat escaping dropsihps.  

        Loading editor
    • "Excellent. Get me into contact with the Field Marshall. I need to tell him about the defectors."

        Loading editor
    • Bridge Officer "Aye.  Aye."  He tries to raise him but can't get a good connection. 

      Officer "its not working."

      Jim "Mabye they are jamming us."

      Officer "Radar does indicate the Labratory does contain communications related equiment."

      JIm "What labratory doesn't?  I know for sure they have a jammer."

      Officer "I am glassing the lab first and the I will resume my pattern."

      The ship moves its glassing beam towards the base and it leaves a line of thawed snow and scorched earth.  Plasma splashes against the Lab and much of the superstructure is quickly exposed and torn down.  

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    • "Track major energy signatures."

        Loading editor
    • A large bolt of plasma shoots past the Spectre.  

      Jim "Did they just shoot as us?  Do they know who they are dealing with?"

      The officer moves the glassing beam to destroy Chat defenses but The spectre takes evasive measures to dodge the shots. 

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    • Meanwhile, on the Augury of Justice's command deck...

      HC Zealot "Fleetmaster, we just got a ping from Yoth, but it's very weak."

      "Can you connect to it?"

      HC Zealot "No. I'll seize the chance the next time we pick it up."

      K'lada "Fleetmaster, with respect, I suggest we don't try to open any hails unless we're sure about who it's from. The carrier suffered a rather noticeable amount of damage the last time we did so because it ended up being a Black Fang trap."

      "Your opinion has been noted, specialist."

      K'lada "Fleetmaster, but what-"

      The specialist's mandibles click and she frowns, saying nothing more. 'Quirov and TWIO enter the command deck and salute the present members.

      'Quirov "Orders have been relayed to General 'Ordas to aid in the relief efforts. Not counting the ships stationed here for the next few months, our battle strength has been cut down to 30% of full capability."

      'Putah "And still no way to replenish our numbers with the exception of the occasional in-fleet childbirth."

      "Yes, maybe we should discuss that issue; it seems to be the most pressing."

      (If anyone is confused, my troops address me as "Fleetmaster" when I'm on my command deck, but call me "Field Marshall" when I'm leading in combat)

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    • UFM takes a seat on his levitating command chair and types a few keys into the armrest console. Immediately, multiple holograms of respected sangheili in the fleet pop up to replace the massive display of coordinates that usually occupy the projector.

      "Generals and shipmasters. I'm sure this matter has come to your attention previously, but it's time we dealt with it; the Scouting Fleet's combat capability has been diminished significantly throughout this conflict, and we've no way of replenishing our troops and equipment."

      Chatter broke throughout the group of holographic figures scattered throughout the deck. Some raised their voices, others made gestures, and a few talked amongst themselves. A few of the respected shipmasters spoke up as the conversation died down.

      Young Shipmaster "Why should we have to remain exclusive to the pact that forged the original Covenant? We can enlist thousands of aliens here, and form an even stronger fleet!"

      Old Shipmaster "Fool! Your suggestion rings true for the equipment we're unable to reproduce, in that we can adapt to using these slightly primitive weapons for combat, but not once do I ever want to share my command deck with anything other than the Sangheili and the Mgalekgolo!"

      Murmers of agreement came from the various sangheili as the older shipmaster momentarily basked in their verbal support. The young shipmaster, however, remained adamant.

      Young Shipmaster "Shipmaster, your wit is as dull as your blade, perhaps twofold. You speak of adapting, yet refuse to follow through with what comes out of your mouth! Yes, we can acquire weaponry with ease, but to whom do we give it to? Your suggestion would simply have us die off."

      Although several members of the committee gave stern glares to the young shipmaster for speaking to the veteran in such an acerbic manner, they considered his point after being provided with a stronger argument. The old shipmaster lashed back that it was the job of any capable fleet to end the war before that happened, but of course, that was easier said than done. Another shipmaster suggested that they declare neutrality to avoid being the target of the Chat, while a ranger commander proposed that they resort to cloning; the latter being negatively received. 

      General "Don't forget that we've established resource income; the Mandalorian world Beta Maximus, and that gas mine during the mercenary hunts. Why even have those if we can't accept that we have to become a hybrid fleet amongst these stars."

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "Has anyone considered finding a way to return to our own universe? Our home?"

      The entire command deck went silent as the elderly shipmaster took the floor.

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "This isn't our fight. We were drawn into this because the fleetmaster thought it was a good idea to liberate these worlds full of heretics and sinners! Have you all forgotten why we were so respected feared? We glassed the godforsaken enemy until all they had was reduced to ash! Instead, we waste our time growing sentimental and aiding these mercenaries that wouldn't hesitate to betray us at a moment's notice for high pay!"

      Young Shipmaster "Idiot!"

      "Listen 'Kuram, that's enough out of-"

      Shipmaster 'Kuram, yelling "No, you listen, fleetmaster. You would have the fleet fight for a peace and unity that we've never seen; take us into a war with no memorable start, and no forseeable end; sacrifice your own kin to help these fools take back planets that they're too incompetant to manage"

      Outraged cries erupted throughout the group, with anger being directed toward both the bold shipmaster and UFM.

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    • (What is reseverd mean?  Btw you should recruit humans and other species native to this universe to your cause.  Mabye you should conquer a sharp yar world and incorporate them. And you could probalby get a lot of cloud Yamne to fight with you assuming they don't fight with the enslaved Sharp Yar. )

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    • "Shipmaster, you speak of saving lives, but what of the thousands more that you'll be submitting by leaving in the middle of a war?"

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "This war was never ours! Did we care about the human casualties when the parasite ravaged the Halo rings? NO! We straight-up glassed a continent! Why? Because it was the most practical, and logical, solution! What lives are you talking about? The worms that crawl in their own filth waiting to side with whoever seems most likely to win? The universe is better without them!"

      "You've seen the horrors of war! Entires planets are destroyed by the Chat! Thousands without families, even more without homes. The parasite was an unfeeling plague with the sole purpose of feeding on the entire galaxy. These people do not compare to the Flood!"

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "This war would be no different had we simply decided to never interfere from the beginning!"

      "You know that's clearly not true, shipmaster."

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "Fine. We've won a few battles, but no victory has ever offset our losses! Why do we keep fighting? The Chat want order; let them have it! Clearly they'll crush the resistance! Let those upstarts perish so this suffering you describe will end."

      "That's heresy you speak, shipmaster. Suffering does not end simply because the opposition is crushed."

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "Oh, so is it heresy to disagree with you? Fleetmaster, YOU FIGHT TO BOLSTER YOUR EGO!"

      "I FIGHT BECAUSE I MUST! Have you ever seen the resistance or the republic leave behind a trail of tears like the Chat?"

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "Why is that important? This is not our war, as I've said, we should not care about it, nor its outcome."

      "Don't tell me that after four years of fighting in it, fool!"

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "I fought in it because you DRAGGED me, and everyone else, into it!"

      "And you've seen enough to know that the side we fight for has the right cause that is WORTH fighting for."

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "Worth what!? They get peace and freedom, but what's in it for us, the Scouting Fleet? We'll have nothing to show for it except the casualties we've taken."

      "Imagine if the Jiralhanae had won, how oppressed we would be now- no, we'd be dead because of the prophets' 'great journey.' Yes, we'll definitely go back home at some point, but-"

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "How can you be so certain?"

      UFM facepalmed as his elbow lied on the armrest, and let out a sigh. This shipmaster was clearly distraught from the illusion of hopelessness that he had inadvertantly set up. Battle after battle, with no end; even their shore leave ended up being a massive conflict. Their diminishing confidence was partly his fault.

      Shipmaster 'Kuram "I'm leaving the fleet. My ship, the Blade of Veneration, will seek out anything that could possibly take us home. Anyone here is free to join me. Fire on me if you wish, fleetmaster, but you would only be proving my point of your extreme arrogance."

      Shipmaster 'Kuram's holographic representation faded away, and surprisingly, two others disappeared with him. Conversation broke out among the Sangheili as they discussed the heated argument that had just taken place. UFM glanced out the viewing panes, and sure enough, noticed a Light Carrier and two frigates break formation and start to drift away from the rest of the fleet. He silently shakes his head.

      K'lada "Fleetmaster, plasma torpedoes are locked and ready to fire on the rogue ships."

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    • (Woah. I got to catch up now.)

        Loading editor
    • "Don't do it, specialist. If we destroyed those ships, 'Kuram would be martyred, and that would cause more trouble."

      K'lada, hesitantly "As you wish."

      "Don't worry. If he has the best interest of the fleet at heart, then he shouldn't be any trouble."

      HC Zealot "Speaking of trouble, fleetmaster, the ship Unforgiving Spectre has been identified as the source of the transmission. The strange part is that the shipmaster has failed to respond, nor has he checked into the shipmaster's log recently; the last two entries have been marked as late and still pending."

      'Quirov "The last thing we need are more rogues."

      "Unbelievable. Try and acquire more information about that ship. I'll continue this Fleetboard meeting."

        Loading editor
    • (UFM.  That was some good convo.  Damn.  Dissent grows amongst the fleet.  Only this is at New Eden.  But still wow.  That is the feeling that I want to give people when I write my long comments.)

        Loading editor
    • (I could just imagin the bridge officer.  But you do know that the unforgiving spectre has been retaken?)

        Loading editor
    • (I know, but my characters don't)

        Loading editor
    • (Well if Xytan had retaken it then the first thing it would do is send a message to fleetcom and tell them not to shoot on them.)

        Loading editor
    • "Try to get me into a holo-chat with the Fleetmaster. If that doesn't work, try the emergency transmission."

        Loading editor
    • HC Zealot "Another incoming signal; same source."

      "Read it if it's strong enough."

      HC Zealot "There's an unknown interferance, but it's not enough to block it out this time."

        Loading editor
    • "Has he responded yet?"

        Loading editor
    • UFM comes up on the screen.  

      Officer "Well you can talk to him yourself now."

        Loading editor
    • "Sorry about the transmission jams, Fleetmaster. The lab I had been captured in had jamming equipment, and then my first mate had defected to the chat. Thankfully, I killed him, but a chat diplomat and several Chat elites escaped.

        Loading editor
    • The new avatar pops up amongst the various other figures on the deck, and the discussion settled down briefly.

      Shipmaster 1 "Your story is mildly questionable."

      "If what you say is true, then I suppose that Shipmaster 'Ronam is in no position to answer questions. What news of the conflict on Yoth? What of the other fleet ships?"

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    • "We have destroyed several chat AA guns, and a chat mutation lab. On of the head scientists has joined us. The chat diplomat was named..... Reznoz?"

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    • (At what time is this happening?)

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    • Shipmaster 1 "Hogwash! Why was there a diplomat onboard the ship to begin with?"

      Shipmaster 2 "DIdn't you hear? The first mate defected to the Chat."

      Shipmaster 3 "And so did several other Sangheili, as he mentioned."

      "Honorable Sangheili of the Fleetboard, as you can see, these are the kind of rogues we should be pursuing. Those like 'Kuram have simply misunderstood our endeavor, but ultimately share the same goal!"

      'Quirov "Fleetmaster, might I respectfully add that the detachment sent to Yoth had orders to 'passively support' the Resistance, not directly assault the enemy."

      To Xytan "Shipmaster, your actions were bold, and your accomplishment was noteworthy, but as Field Commander 'Quirov pointed out, why did you disregard the fleet directive?"

      (UFM has no idea Xytan is a clone)

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    • "I was on board the Imminent Victory when Fox shot it down, trying to capture the Captain for interrogation. I had to escape in an escape in a pod, and I crashed on Yoth, and was captured. Things get kind of complicated after this, and I will explain later."

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    • Jim (Stands next to Vegito on the holotable thingy) "I am doctor Jim Parsely and I believe I can shed the most light on this issue.  What we managed to achieve in a titanic feat of human engineering."  He continues to babble on about scientific explainations.  

      "So you see.  Although we used a different primodial neural sythesizer the phenotypes and mental processies have remain untouched and regular!!!!!!!!!  Its this the theorical perfect outcome!!!!!!"

        Loading editor
    • (Cleary anxious) "Yeah...... So now I am ready to continue my command. I will contact Ultra Yozoz to see if he will replace Thel as my first mate."

        Loading editor
    • Several members of the Fleetboard give surprised reactions to the response.

      Shipmaster 1 "This Sangheili before us is... artificial!?"

      Shipmaster 2 "They let the Chat prisoner roam the ship without so much as a leash, and then trust them to 'create' Sangheili!?"

      Shipmaster 3 "You fools are flapping your mandibles on matters you know NOTHING about; let the human speak."

      Shipmaster 2 "Let me say that his excuse still doesn't justify his ignorance of fleet directive."

      Shipmaster 4 "That was most likely the previous shipmaster, who was a traitor."

      Ranger Commander "With respect, I say we see this 'artificial Sangheili' for ourselves before we judge him so harshly."

      Shipmaster 1 "It was made by the Chat, and now a Chat scientist is explaining to us what it is. For all we know, it could be an organic bomb in our shape."

      "First off, stop referring to the Shipmaster as 'it,' second, let them continue speaking. I implore you all to listen."

      'Quirov, chuckling "Politics..."

        Loading editor
    • "I hope you all will trust me to resume my duties as Special Operations Commander of the Covenant. Now, I fear more than just chat troops have escaped the lab. My scanners picked up something very powerful leaving that base."

        Loading editor
    • Jim Parsely "I sincerly believe that this he is not an artificial creation but more like the same Vegito that we took a piece of and allowed to grow in special circumstances.  His DNA and thought processies are the same as the original.  I see no reason why he can't preform his duties."

      "In reply to my loyalty I would like to speak into the record that I have killed many Chat soldiers and saved two of your captured hunters, Visa and Wiva from impending experimentation."

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    • Visa "His words adore the truth."

      Jim "Xytan is right.  We have many dangerous entities that were not ment to be let loose into this dimension.  Once these things disperse they will be difficult and time consuming to track down.  Our priority is making sure that the bad things the Chat locked up stay locked up."

        Loading editor
    • "Ah, yes, that reminds me. Send Visa and Wiva to the armory to get suited up."

        Loading editor
    • Wiva "Your will be done commander."  He turns around and goes back to the armory as does Visa.  

        Loading editor
    • "Excellent." *Mutes Chat* "What else did you keep in that lab?"

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    • (Get on the chat)

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    • Shipmaster 2 "Does he think he can just fight whenever he wants to? We have a chain of command."

      A handful of Sangheili agree with the outspoken shipmaster.

      "You will remain relieved of your position as Special Operations Commander of the Covenant... until I see you face-to-face again. However, I do encourage you to resume your pursuits on Yoth, as long as your actions abide by the standards of the Sangheili General in charge of the Yoth operation."

      Some indicated their displeasure at this, while most accepted this compromise that the fleetmaster had conjured up. The fleetboard members were like blades of grass, swaying in favor of whomever blew more wind, and both 'Quirov and UFM found it rather amusing.

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    • Jim "Well in the maximum security section which we had to bypass because of the large amount of Chat soldiers they had a lot of large threats any one of which could bring down a ship.  There was a Void weaver and as I said before the Troll mind.  We had a section of dormant Floodtroll infection forms but they could be active now as we speak.  

      They had every kind of sentient specie from Mglekgolo to humans mutated in one way or another.  They had cross overs of several species that would be half brute and half sangheili.  We had several floating engineers that could manipulate Slipspace and had mastered telepathy, mind control, hypnosis, teleportation and several other massive feats.  I could go on but you get the point.  There is a lot of scientific knowledge that, sadly, we need to destroy."

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    • "I will see you as soon as I can, Fleetmaster."

      • Turns to scanning officer* "Zoom in on the energy signature."
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    • Scanning officer "Aye. Aye sir. This might take a while though. it appeasr to be moving and has a very odd way of distorting the slipspace around it. 

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    • "Wait.... Void Weaver? What is that?"

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    • "As for the rest of you, continue to aid in the reconstruction of New Eden. If your vessel is capable for combat, notify me, and I'll set you aside in a separate battle-ready group. All ground relief troops, you are strongly recommended to encourage New Eden Kig-yar to enlist with the Scouting Fleet. It's definitely not the inflow we're looking for, but a handful of Jackals still serves to replinish our numbers."

      General 1 "As you command, fleetmaster."

      General 2 "Understood."

      General 3 "I will obey."

      "All ships participating in the planetary embargo, I want to remind you that no unregistered ships may enter or leave the asteroid. We don't need more terrorists entering, nor any escaping."

      Shipmaster 1 "Understood."

      Shipmaster 2 "Will do."

      Shipmaster 3 "I will not faulter in my duty."

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    • (Only three shipmaster left?  Btw I can solve your infantry problem if you want it solved.  I was kind of enjoying seeing the scouting fleet tackle these types of dilemas.)

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    • (No, I just didn't want every single person present to say something)

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    • "Jim, what is a Void Weaver?"

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    • Unnamed Field Marshall wrote:
      (No, I just didn't want every single person present to say something)

      (Ok.  thanks.)

      Jim "A void weaver is someone who has immense control over all 12 or more dimensions.  It really wasn't my department or my field of science really but void weavers are insanely dangerous.  If one did get loose and is wandering the countryside then we hope it stays that way.  

      As for its durablitiy,  if you shoot it, you'd best pray its dead."

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    • "How would a Troll-Class Anti-Matter Bomb do?"

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    • (The new eden Kig-yar would be glad to join other fleets as crew if they trust them, in fact some may even know the location of other pirate forts weather or not they are Kig-yar.)

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    • Jim "Its hard to say.  We have never tried it before but I don't think it would work.  It has the ability to move objects to an extent in its dreams.  Who knows what it can do while it is alive or when it realizes the full extent to its powers?  The most scary thing about them is we don't know hardly anything about them and what we do know is truely fritening."

      "Once he had a nightmare.  It shook the entire labratory for a minute and the aftershocks lasted much longer.  That isn't the scary part though.  The scary part is that we aren't even on a fault line."

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    • The Awoken Man stood in front of his old ship. Sure enough, the AI was still active, and eagerly greeted its master.

      Awoken Man "Aquarius, get ready. We're leaving this world. Forever."

      Aquarius "Of course, sir. This bird is a bit settled in, so it'll take a few minutes for me to run diagnostics and get it warmed up."

      Awoken Man "Make it quick."

      The Awoken Man powers down, extinguishing the fiery aura that cloaked him, and completely removing any trace of his power. He walked to the entrance of the inconspicuous little ice cave and looked out toward the white landscape. He closed his eyes and meditated, slowly hovering in the air while doing so. Several images flashed past on the back of his eyelids.

      Awoken Man "How long have you been here?"

      Aquarius "Since [January 25th, 2547; 15:00 hours], just as you commanded."

      Awoken Man "And you didn't anticipate it'd take me so long to escape?"

      Aquarius "Actually, I always calculate your mortality percentage as 100%; that way, I'd have something to feel good about despite being wrong."

      Awoken Man "So why did you wait."

      Aquarius "Because you are my master, and you ordered me to. Serving you is my joy."

      Awoken Man "Stupid, suck-up AI. Find a hobby."

      Aquarius, significantly deeper voice "Registering insult... complete. Retort: You are bald albino with freaky-ass eyes."

      Awoken Man "Ha, that module still works."

      Aquarius "Regrettably. You find amusment in insult, master?"

      Awoken Man "No. I find reassurance in consistancy."

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    • (Dinner)

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    • "Hmm...... Officer 'Vadamee, scan the surface for Chat bases.

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    • Vadamee "yes sir."  

      He scans the surfaces.  

      Vadmaee "We see no Chat bases on the surface n the immediate area but most chat bases are underground. I will scan using ultra sound."

      He scans using ultra sound. 

      Vadamee "We have at least 3 possible chat bases.  They could be just caves but they look promising."

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    • "Hmmm..... scan for energy emission from them."

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    • Vadamee "We have thermal engery radiating from two of them.  I am switching to electromagnetic energy to cancel out any pools of underground water or hot springs."

      He scans.  

      "Still two.  Volcanos are known to also emit electromagnetic energy in what the humans call piezomagnetic effect.  Give me a sec."

      Vadamee takes out a small datapad and puggs it into a computer.  He looks hard at it.  

      "Ok.  Most people woulds stop here but I think I can get a certain signature off of this. 

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    • (Vegito, did your troops enter the THDF Universe pre-Great Schism? I noticed your sangheili still have the -ee suffix, which is a tradition they dropped after leaving the Covenant)

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    • (Some forces did, but most didn't)

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    • Vadam(ee) "Ok.  Here it is.  I used a new type of equipment that the Chat gave us to detect certain Quanta that have to do with sentient intervention.  Its cutting edge stuff and even I don't understand all of it but I have narrowed it down to one lab.  About 4 clicks east, 2 and a half clicks north and about 10 meters down until we reach the ceiling.  It will take us closer towards Fort Yoth-Alpha."

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    • "Prepare drop pods A1 through A5, and Hunter Drop Pods A1 and A2. Jim, suit up with some armor, you're coming with us. (On comms) Combat Officer 'Lolem, Field Master 'Radam, and Stealth Elite 'Vadum, prepare for combat. Visa, Wiva, get to the drop pods. Drop is in 15 minutes."

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    • Jim "Me?  I think I would be better suited monitoring the situation from the bridge.  You guys don't need me down there."

      Visa walks in.  He holds up a list of stuff we need.  He points to one.  

      Visa "What does that say?"

      Jim "micro gravity stabilization atrophy program module."

      Visa quickly jerks the datapad out of his face.  

      Visa "Thats why we need you."

      Jim "Gotcha.  I'll go into the armory and see if anything fits.  Could I have an engineer acompany me if I find anything too complex?"

      Wiva "Heftier than some isn't doing anything.  He can go."

      Wiva motions and the engineer follows Jim to the armory.  Wiva and Visa are in standard armor and go into their drop pods. 

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    • I head to my drop pod, grabbing my Carban, my personalized Red Type-1 Sword, and dual Plasma rifles. 

      "Jim, stay out of the way. But if things get... out of hand, use this." I hand him a plasma pistol.

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    • After the Fleetboard Committee meeting had ended and the last holographic avatar vanished, the standard display occupied the CIC. UFM gathers round with the bridge crew. 

      'Quirov "Fleetmaster, maybe we should consider withdrawing our troops from Yoth. We did just go over the necessity to exercise more conservative tactics in our engagements."

      "Indeed, the last thing we need is another prolonged conflict to further deplete our numbers."

      HC Zealot 1 "Shall I call up the Yoth invasion-master, General 'Lhar?"

      "Go ahead."

      A screen pops up, revealing a Sangheili in ceramic general armor. He bows upon recognizing the Fleetmaster.

      General 'Lhar "Fleetmaster, how unexpected! What do you require of me?"

      "General, give me the situation on Yoth as briefly as you can."

      General 'Lhar "Reasonable casualties, and rather pleasing battle reports thus far. We've abstained from establishing a ground camp because the action is constantly relocating. Corvettes Unassuming Martyr and Unforgiving Spectre are on station to mass deploy ground troops as we speak."

      "Call off the order, General."

      General 'Lhar "Are we disengaging, Fleetmaster?"

      "No, but after realizing the true worth of Yoth, I've a better alternative. Shipmaster 'Kuram might've even opened my eyes a little."

      'Quirov "Fleetmaster, what a surprisingly change in tactics. We haven't done this in a few years."

      "Once all our troops are out, glass Yoth until it, and everything Chat affiliated on it, is nothing short of dust."

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    • General 'Lhar "As you command."

      The general taps several keys on his command console to bring up the figures of the other shipmasters in the Yoth detachment.

      General 'Lhar "Shipmasters, do not deploy your ground troops any further. Send your Phantoms to pick them up, and prepare for an orbital bombardment."

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    • I radio message UFM. 

      "Fleetmaster, I just got your order. Me and a team of Zealots are raiding what we believe is another chat lab. We'll be down there for a few hours. Message me if anything comes up."

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    • (This is the UFM we all know and love.)

      Jim takes the plasma pistol and goes into the armor.  He picks out some Kig-Yar binoculars and some grunt and Kig-Yar armor and he is ready to go.  For safety measures the engineer puts a Sanheili minor's shield on him.  

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    • "We had already dropped when I got the message. Wait for us to leave before glassing this portion."

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    • (BBL)

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    • Jim goes into a drop pod but it is disabled. 

      Jim "What the heck? Can you fix this?"

      The engineer works on the drop pod but it doesn't seem to budge.  

      Jim "All dressed up and nowhere to go. (To Xytan COM) "Do you know why the pods are locked?"

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    • (The way I visualized Jim in that armor is too funny, haha)

      K'lada "Oh, it's that tank-born again."

      'Quirov "Specialist, that's rather derogatory. Refrain from addressing him as such."

      K'lada "My apologies, field commander. Shipmaster 'Montrumai has requested that we delay the orbital bombardment."

      "Fine. At sunset, the ships begin."

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    • After the comm channel closes...

      K'lada "With absolute respect, I don't understand why we're taking the word of this Sangheili; he wasn't born from a mother, and isn't as... alive as us."

      "Specialist, I can assure you he's alive enough to defeat a Zealot Shipmaster and escape a Chat laboratory. Trees are alive, but did they come out of a mother? I don't think so."

      K'lada frowns as 'Quirov and TWIO chuckle at UFM's response.

      "The scientist explained everything to us. The physical body is a clone developed from Sangheili DNA, but his brain is almost entirely the same one as the original."

      'Putah "Perhaps a duel is the best way to settle this?"

      'Quirov "The specialist's agility and stealth vesus the shipmaster's expert swordsmanship. This will undoubtedly be the battle of the ages."

      K'lada rolled her eyes and silently returned to her duties, considering Specialist 'Putah's suggestion.

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    • (One.  While that was a great line about glassing people I have an objection.  It was calculated that it would take a Covenant fleet of about the same size as the entire UNSC fleet in the year 2556 over 30 years to glass earth.  A small scouting fleet on a mostly snow planet would not fare very well.  I would reccomend glassing population centers but that would further the Chat's portrayal as us as terrorists.  Just something to think about.)

      (Two.  Check out community messages.  Three.  I thought Putah was a private.)

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    • "Alright...... Dropping!"

      We drop and freefall for a minute before we impact the snow, and the doors pop off.

      "Alright. We have roughly.... 5 hours to get in, get the info, and get out. If this is a chat lab. We need to get what we're here for, and get out."

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    • A Kig-yar ship and a siren ship are scanning the ground, they are heading right for the chat lab.

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    • "Oh, and Fleetmaster? Tell K'lada to shut up."

        Loading editor
    • The engineer works the pod a little more and fixes it.  Jim gets in and holds on for dear life as it falls to the ground albeit off base.  

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    • The ships scan the area and find the base. The Kig-yar ship attempts to contact the people inside.

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    • "Are you ready, human?"

        Loading editor
    • Kig-yar ship: "This is the Spotlight, is anyone in their who's technology has reached the monkeys slapping dinosaurs age or higher?"

        Loading editor
    • Jim "Yes.  I am ready.  Just don't destroy anything before I get there."

      He gets out of his pod with a grunt and falls into the snow.  

      Jim "I am headed to your location as fast as I can."

      2 minutes later. 

      Jim "Ok guys.  I am ready.  We have to hit the secure supply stockpiles.  Not the normal ones but the ones with the high tech products we need.  So first we are going to need a map.  We can find that off of any guard.  If you can kill one silently and drag his body away then we can get our planning ready."

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    • "Vadum, do that. We'll wait here."

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    • (I am confused.  What is the difference between Vadum and Vadam?)

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    • The spotlight opens its hanger bay doors and lets out a phantom, the phantom flies over to where the chat lab is just below ground and deploys a wraith. But the wraith is only 14 inches tall. The phantom then returns to the ship and the 14 inch tall wraith trys to find a way inside.

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    • (Vadum is my stealth officer. Vadamee is my scanning/communications officer.)

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    • Nikoli the rebel wrote: (I am confused.  What is the difference between Vadum and Vadam?)

      (Vudum has yellow eyes and pale skin.)

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    • SuperVegito1229 wrote:
      "Oh, and Fleetmaster? Tell K'lada to shut up."

      (Unless Xytan is a psychokinetic, there's no way he heard a remark made several systems away with communications turned off)

        Loading editor
    • (Vegito heard that because someone on your ship accidently hit the recording function and accidently attacted it to a file being sent to Vegito.  It came up on Vegito's monitor and he saw that entire convo.)

        Loading editor
    • (Wouldn't the Chat have won already if they had stuff like that?)

        Loading editor
    • (It was mostly a joke, but you mayyyy have left your comms on.)

        Loading editor
    • Jim meets up with the Sangheili and the two hunters. 

      Jim "I am getting a signal."

      Fox "Attention to all ground forces in the Vudan valley.  Please converge on coordinates -------------~.  General Sheer avenger is holed up in their and has announced his intentions to kill us all."

      Jim looks at his coordinates "looks like we got more than we bargained for."

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    • "Vadum, fall back with us. We're going to those coords."


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    • Nikoli the rebel wrote:
      Jim meets up with the Sangheili and the two hunters. 

      Jim "I am getting a signal."

      Fox "Attention to all ground forces in the Vudan valley.  Please converge on coordinates 03:06, January 23, 2015 (UTC)03:06, January 23, 2015 (UTC)~.  General Sheer avenger is holed up in their and has announced his intentions to kill us all."

      Jim looks at his coordinates "looks like we got more than we bargained for."

      I fly towards you (incase you didn't know I am a Yanme) with a plasma rifle and four other yanme. Then I say "We have our own little surprise for him. The yanme will fight with you."

        Loading editor
    • (We are on the Return to Yoth thread now.  If you want a description of what has happened then I can give you that.  For continuity purposes I will just assume that these Yanme are part of the scouting fleet of Generous Distribution.)

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    • This RP is officially over, and will promptly be closed. 

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