• Note: The event is concurrent with the "Planet Ghost Town" Saga. Please note of the characters you are using in this roleplay.


    New Arcadia, one of the many Resistance strongholds, has been under siege by space pirates for several weeks now. These pirates are well stocked, and are all exceptionally trained in many varieties of combat. It has been confirmed by former spies that they are not working with the Chat, but solely by themselves.

    The mission is simple: Divert these pesky pirates in order to prevent the loss of New Arcadia as a planet for Resistance operations.

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      • Five T-Rex Class Assault Cruisers approach the pirate blockade
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    • Name: Spirit Of His Father. Spirit for short.

      Race: Kig-yar

      gender: male

      age: 14 years. (The law is different in our culture, we care more about if someone is ready, trained, and can hold a gun.)

      Bio: He is one of the sons of Lord Of The Stars, although not from the first cycles clutch, and the younger brother of the 3 inheritors well known. Their for it is not as much a risk of the royal dynasty if he dies in battle. However, 15 royal commodores are his officers and mentors. It is his turn to prove him self, and become a veteran.

      Rank: Lesser Prince.

      Weapons: Blamite crystal javelin, 2 3-berral sawed off shotguns, a plasma pistol, a laser cutlass, and a phaser.

      Armor color is purple, with a purple cape, so that no enemy may see his blood.

      Fleet: 3 covenant super cruisers, 2 unsc spirit of fire class colony ships, 5 ships of unknown class that have been bought recently, and 8 covenant corvettes.

      Notes: No matter the RP speed mom and dad will attempt to come on transmission screen every 7 hours real life time, perhaps out of the same worry as for the first clutch children who we missed the RP for.

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote: 5 ships of unknown class that have been bought recently


      (Note we don't even know how to use it.)

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    • Name: Grant Lennington

      Gender: Male

      Species: Human

      Age: 27

      Rank: Space Marine Private


      Armor: Just like most other space marines, Grant has a modified armor variant of the EVA armor created for normal soldiers. Its primary color is gun black and its secondary is orange. Biography: (CLASSIFIED)

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    • 2 days earlier Pirate Prince Spirit is currently on a joy ride, no missions, no reasons, just on a self chosen training corse while his older siblings are off doing the real thing.

      He sits in the command chair, studying his naval academy home work. However he has his countries duty, should need arise, he may find his little vacation becoming a first action mission. Close by him, some of his elite crewmen are in his company.

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    • Space Marine Helmet

      The Extra-Planetary EVA helmet

      *Grant and other space marines enter their custom painted F-65 X-wing Clymores. The hangar doors open, allowing them to take off and exit the head cruiser.

      Grant: *Over commlink* This is going to be entertaining...

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    • Spirits fleet begins to enter the system of New Arcadia.

      Spirit: "I haven't visited a planet outside my country before, I wonder what its like hear. Think we can get along with the locals?"

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    • Kigyar Praetorian: This area is home to a massive pirate organization. However, I doubt they would even dare to pick a fight with us.

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    • Spirit: "They better not, because a fleet this powerful, we may not even be able to counter pirate them."

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    • He views the surroundings out the current space, taking in the beauty of nature. Their are floating rocks of dazzling colors with clouds of shimmering dust orbiting them. He tries to draw what he sees.

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      • A camera screen picks up the X-wings flying on the edge of the pirate fleet blockading New Arcadia
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    • Spirit: "Mom says when this happens I should contact them just to make sure their..... wait... what's this... Computer zoom in.

      Ah, looks like the pirates have concurred the planet and have set up orbital defense. No doubt demanding ransom for it."

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      • One of the x-wings explode, leading the others to push a full assault on the blockade

      Grant: *Over commlink* We lost Hawk Two!

      Hawk Three: Number 5, cover my back! I am heading into the main entanglement of cruisers!

      Grant: What? That's suicide!

      Hawk Prime: Hawk Central, send in the other nests! They've seen us!

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    • Spirit: "It looks like the pirates won. We are part of the New Galactic Republic, and that is a New Galactic Republic planet. I don't think anyone would be proud of me if I made no attempt to liberate it. But so far I only been in the simulations, no actual battles. Do you think we are ready for this?"

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    • Kigyar Praetorian: Call your parents. I would hate to put you into a battle if they say you are not ready.

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    • Madam Celestial Saber and Lord Of The Stars appear onscreen:

      Stars: "Ahhh my 4rth born :) delighted to see you I love you so much. How is your practice voyage going?"

      Spirit: "Weal, lets just say, its no longer practice. A unknown enemy naval might commands New Arcadia. And the attempts to reclaim it are failed. Do you think I should try to take it back?"

      Saber: "Weal you do win in the war games 6 times out of 10 againced the 3 of your older siblings combine.... 2 of the times because they kept arguing..."

      Stars: "Dear this is the real thing this time, don't take your time on this."

      Saber: "I know, weal.... by ready lets say maby you mean....."

      the 2 look at each other, then nod...

      Saber: "If you take even 15% losses retreat to the nearest allies fleets, and slowly come home. Stars, look out for the younger clutch children, I want to come join this one my self. Have Flower help you, I know your not the most skilled single handedly babysitting."

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    • Spirit: "Lets try starting this off simple, just a reconnaissance, cloak the entire fleet and slowly move half way closer, we will use telescope to see what we are up againced. Try to pick up their communications chatter."

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      • The Resistance fleet and the pirates are now in an intense dogfight. Spirit's reconnaissance squads have returned. They identify the pirates as the Le Tesu Kung, a rival Kigyar-Human pirate organization
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    • (Extremely slow today, super multi tasking.)

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    • Spirit: "Ok, sail into range and form the fleet fusillade formation, ships with MAC mainguns facing the enemy bow side ships with plasma cannons facing broadside. Decloak half the second after firing all weapons, then form a sailing line and move forward at 2481mph normal space speed."

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    • Spirit: "Come on, its basic ambush formation, fleet fusillade formation. Start with all the ships best fire power as your opening move. Shall I demonstrate?"

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    • (Are you wanting to open fire on the Le Tesu Kung or the Resistance fleet? I am confused)

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    • (Le Tesu Kung of corse, why is their someone else hear to fire at?)

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      • Spirit's fleet initiates the fleet fusillade formation. They open fire on the pirate fleet.
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