• continuing from the delegation

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    • Commander Heathcliff
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    • "Tyler, what is wrong? What has happened to Jess?" Commander Heathcliff asked

      "Uh oh." Sora said "Looks like there was indeed more than one bomber." Shiro brings up her pistol and shoots Kai in the head "Shiro!? what is wrong with you?!?!" Sora exclaimed

      "Karl-san, we must go see what is happening, and that means you cant have fun with your new toy" Shiro said

      i know i wanted them shi and Sor, but imma saying they told everyone shi and sor, but really sora and shiro, and shiro shooting someone in the face is enough to break that facade

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    • here, still waiting

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    • Karl walks up and takes Sor's pistol "What the fuck are you doing?!?!?! I still had questions for her. You think this dumbass knows as much as she did? Kai was a fucking double agent, which means there will probably more." Karl gives have the pistol "Just don't shoot any more of prisoners, okay?"

      DMR "Jess won't respond to radio calls. Megan, come on, we are going out there."

      Megan "Hold it, we don't even know what is exactly going on."

      DMR "One of our own is out there, that's enough to know we need to move now." 

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    • shiro shot, and sora freaked the fuck out, just for clarification purposes.

      "Then let us go, we should go and try to find her as soon as possible" Commander Heathcliff said. the three go to thhe entrance

      also, is the teleporter gonna be slipspace, which means we can see the vector it went, or no?

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    • (the teleporter was used to bring her to an undisclosed location where a ship will bascially try and sling-shot past the fleet. Also, clears things up with Shiro.)

      The three exit the capital building, but all they can see is dust and the screams of people. "I can't see shit," as DMR flips through his visors vision settings "The Thremal is all messed up and there is too much light to use night vision. Heathcliff, you got any ideas?"

      Karl "Megan, what the heck is going on up there? I'm having my own issues here but yours seem more pressing."

      Megan "Besides a bomb going off, we have lost cotact with Jess. We are trying to re-establish communications but nothing is coming in clear."

      Karl "Roger, I'll get Blue to work on that."

      Megan "Sir, nothing is blocking them. I think it's a combination of high volume traffic and the possiblilty someone messed with our coms." 

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    • "Sor?" Commander Heathcliff said "You there?"

      "Yes Heathcliff-san. what do you need. Shi is acting very strange" 

      "Teleport back. things are not safe here, and tell Andare to put the shields to maximum on the ship"

      "On it. goodbye Karl-san, i would say it has been a pleasure, but now i need to have a talk with my little sister" Sor said

      if you want to bring up that he called her shiro, not shi, you can, butyou dont have to. 

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    • (Karl just thinks it's just a thing because they are close, unless it has more meaning.)

      Karl "Okay, you two be safe, and try to stay out of trouble. Also, for the future, don't shoot people out of fright. Trust me, things never end well."

      Megan "Guys, did you hear that? It sounded like gun shots."

      DMR "Well, we do have people pretending to be security officials." DMR stops and tries to think but just hits his head "Damnit, what's the call sign again?"

      Megan "Call sign is Locust, the correct response is White, DMR." 

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    • no, its just because theyre close, for once no extra meaning

      "Come on little sister, lets go" Sor and Shi pull out the protable teleporters and activate them, after making sure their shields were still active

      "So, shit finally hit the fan eh?" Sinon asked, nonchalantly 

      "Yeah, it did, and i think Andare might need to speak to Shi soon, about some things" Sor said

      "That is . . .interesting. well, did Heathcliff say anything?" 

      "He said to prepare the shp and charge its shields to maximum." Sor said "and the comms are down, but that was just an observation, someone has been messing with their equipment it seems to me"

      "Ok. Andare, put the engines on maximum and charge the shields, but do not yet take off" Sinon said over ship comms

      "Well, our first task should be finding Jess, but we also need to make sure Vimdas7er is ok, worst case, he is indeed dead, but if not, when i find him, i will be going to my ship" Commander Heathcliff said

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    • Blue "Karl, the Hecate is coming online. Well, I mean i can read it now, but you already knew it can have power without being read."

      Karl "I did, but thank you for letting me know. Edward, please take everyone else out except Krestof."

      Edward "Right away sir, we will make sure the area is secure."

      Karl "Good thinking Ed." They all leave, and the door closes "Hmm, guess you're happy now Krestof. Your plan acutally worked, but if only it went more smoothly, like your skin."

      DMR "Locust." DMR and the rest of them hear nothing. "Locust!" Still nothing, and DMR beings to loss patience "Fuck it, Jess!!! Jess come in!"

      Megan "DMR, are you trying to get us shot?"

      DMR "Well do you see anyone trying to kill us?"

      Megan "For fuck's sake, we can't see anything!" Just then, three figures appear in the mist "Finally, Locust." The figures say nothing and continue walking towards them.

      DMR, rasing his rifle "Locust!!!" The figures stop and suddenly, disappear.

      Megan "Ready weapons, I don't think these are our guys." 

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    • "well, be careful, they appear to have holographic technology, but not to the point thhat mine was on catoonie." Commander Heathcliff said as he unsheathes his sword and raises his shield "Our comms are fried, correct?"

      DMR "Yes."

      "Ok,well, if things go south, just grab onto me and we will be leaving quite qucikly"

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    • DMR "The heck I'm leaving. Jess is still in there, until I know exactly what happened to her, I'm staying here."

      Megan "DMR, we also have about 50 people who might still be willing to fight with us, but for the sake of it, let's just say they are stuck in the middle. Heathcliff, I understand your concern but also understand I have a job and duty to protect those who wish to help me." 

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    • "tyler alshwind, you will be help to no one dead, and if you are injured beyond reason to continue fighting, i am taking you. i left you alive on epsilon indus for a reason. For Her. Do not get yourself killed before you two can truly reveal your feelings and you can shed your persona. you mask is but a thin veil to hide your fear. your fear of losing her" Commander Heathcliff said "Now, shall we fightthese foes as we did, or continue to bicker about your worth?"

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    • DMR "I swear, call me that one more time..." a grenade lands next to them.

      Megan "Grenade!!!!!" She shoots it before tackling the two out of the way. It explodes, but only slightly injuires Megan, "Shit... my leg."

      DMR jumps back up and sees a figure closing in on them. "Locust!!!!" The figure slides and takes cover. DMR rasies his rifle as the shock leaves his face "so be it." He opens fire with his rifle, hitting the target but DMR isn't sure if he killed him, "Marked one but not sure if I got him."

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    • (sorry but I'm off to bed. Been up since six and worked a full shift today. Should be back on tomorrow though)

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    • "Are you fine? here. .. . " Commander Heathcliff is shot in the leg, breaking his shin "ARGGH!" Commander Heathcliff falls onto the ground attempting to shield Megan from any further shots

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    • DMR takes cover behind a bench, about 15 feet from the two. Thinking fast, he unhooks his bio-foam can “Meg, catch.” He throws it to her “Use it on both of you. I’ll cover you two for the time being.” DMR opens fire at his 10 o’clock, using the enemies lasers to trace their position “Come on you fuckers!!!”

      Karl “So, Krestof, is this what you had in mind?”

      Krestof “Did you really think you could stop all of this? I mean, you have a very impressive resume, but you can never accept the advice of others. Not to mention the only thing you talk to is that AI of yours.”

      Karl approaches Krestof “I had something special planed for Kai but,” they both look over at her dead body, “I guess you’ll have to do. Now lean back and get ready for the next phase.”

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    • "Im fine. . the suit has. . . injectors, but only manual access. .. . "Commander Heathcliff grunts as a panel enfolds from his forearm armor piece. he sees a dsiplay of his body in the armor, and activates the biofoam where his leg was shot "We have to get. . .the ship. it can clear the smoke" Commander Heathcliff said as he got back up on his feet, still grimacing in pain. he activates his portable slipspace portal, but instead of it teleporting him, it tleports a message for the hecate to go to the delegation building and provide assistance

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    • Megan "Heathcliff, how long unitl you can clear the smoke?"

      DMR "Here's a question for you," he ducks to reload while lasers go flying past him, "where is everyone else?"

      Megan "Don't know. Maybe they moved the personal to more secure locations and are protecting them until they are told otherwise. Honestly, I would rather have them making sure everyone else is alright first."

      DMR, cocking his rifle, "So instead of saving us?"

      Megan takes aim with her rifle "Atleast we can handle ourselves." 

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    • "Well, time to go and help him" Sinon said as she got the message "Ral, go there, i will pilot once i get to the bridge, and you get the smoke cleared"

      "Yes ma'am" Ral said "We will be there in about a minute"

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    • Megan "Heathcliff, remember we are in an area filled with civilians, just watch the fire."

      Karl "Now, Krestof, do you know why I've sent you up like?" Krestof is laying down on a metal board, tied down, with a metal block put in between his two ankles.

      Krestof "Well, I know it's not to make me comfy."

      Karl "Even since that bomb went off, you've gotten this smirk on your face. Now, let's remove that." Karl picks up and swings a sledgehammer, breaking Krestof's ankle by smashing it into the metal block. 

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    • "it. . .will be fine." Commander Heathcliff said "the Ral knows a lot of stuff. i gott take this off. shit. . .my shield is down, i shouldve brought better stuff i guess" 

      The hecate arrives and clears the smoke

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    • DMR "Smokes clearing, light up those assholes." Megan and DMR open fire on the soldiers shooting at them.

      Karl "You think you could come out on top? That you could still?"

      Krestof "I... already have." 

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    • "Sinon, something is strange, where is the fleet? they should have at least hailed us by now?" Andare said

      "I dont know Andare, just be sure to put all power into the shields, we have to be prepared for anything" Sinon replied

      "Is is possible that some of the ship commanders only Feigned loyalty?" Sora said

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    • Karl "How involved was the Chat?"

      Krestof "Why am I going to answer that."

      Karl "Well, unless you want to lose your manhood, you'll answer."

      Krestof "They weren't much involved, they over saw this but that's about it."

      Mysterious Figure "Here is one of them" He drops an unconscious Jess.

      Blank Fang leader "You were supposed to grab more."

      15 miles outside the city:

      Figure "You payed me to bring back at least one. Besides, the other three are working together, and the other two are stored away on the Hecate. Now, we leave now before they come looking for her."

      Leader "I've still go men down there."

      Figure "And this is my ship. Either get on or get left behind."

      Back at ground zero:

      Megan "Area clear. All tangos are down. Anyone copy?"

      Another squad "This is echo eight. We copy loud and clear."

      Megan "Do we have a loss report?"

      DMR walks around the area, looking at the dead bodies. He then notices something on the ground, it's a helmet. He walks over to it and picks it up; it's Jess's cracked helmet. He crouches and has his helmet touch his, softly "I'm sorry." 

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    • "Tyler, there is . . . .no body. she was taken, and now you need to face the truth to find her" Commander Heathcliff said "You must learn why you call yourself DMR, and you must not become like me"

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    • DMR "Becuase Tyler is dead. He died along with his parents and siblings on New Naboo. And if she's not dead... I will find her then."

      Echo Eight "We can confirm 45 dead, another 93 injuried, but we are still trying to clean up the mess. The area is almost secured, but we aren't sure if there are other bombs."

      Karl "So who was behind this then?"

      Krestof "Does it really matter? It's not like you can change anything?"

      Karl "That's what you think. Now, enjoy having a shattered knee." Karl swings the hammer and hits Krestof's knee"

      Krestof "AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!! Motherfucker!!!!" 

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    • "Tyler is not dead. you only choose to forget. Tyler Alshwind, that is your name. DMR is only a facade, and Jessica knows that. Please . .. . .ugh" Commander Heathcliff collapses "Im fine. . im fine, once we get aboard, Ral will get me good. do not become me Tyler, do not forget your own name in a mission of revenge."

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    • DMR "It is not revenge. My parents would never have wanted me to become this. Jango is the one who made this", DMR points to himself, "Now come on old man, Let's get you some medical attention."

      Karl "Will you answer now?"

      Krestof "What's the point, you are going to kill him."

      Karl "If you keep acting like this, I'll keep you alive for as long as possible. You are the one who is making yourself suffer. Help me, help you." 

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    • "IT IS REVENGE! you want revenge for those who hurt you, who hurt those you loved. you musnt lose yourself. you need to know who you are. you are Tyler Alshwind, and i am . . . .i am. . .who am i?" Commander Heathcliff collapses unconcious

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    • (last post)

      DMR, laughing, "An old man he refuses to die."

      Megan "Edward, do you copy?"

      Edward "Yes Megan, what happened?"

      Megan "They got Jess."

      Edward "Shit... Karl isn't going to be happy."

      Megan "You think he'll be upset? I'm watching DMR beat himself up over it."

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    • "DMR? What the hell is going on?" Sinon said

      "Sir, i recommend you bring the Commander on board for medical surgery" Ral said "He is unconcious and against my wishes has continued to fight despite being heavily injured already. He was using his armor to get past the pain, but when he was shot he used the last of it to numb the pain. and when the effects went out, he oculdnt handle the pain"

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    • DMR “Where do I start? Well your husband is almost dead and Jess has been taken by the Black Fang, though it’s safe to say the Chat Empire was behind it.”

      Karl “I’ll ask again, who was behind this?”

      Krestof “Zeta... he oversaw hiring the Black Fangs to complete this. He didn’t want the Chat to get to deep into this op.”

      Karl “So do I need to worry about the Chat coming here?”

      Krestof “They are still trying to get control over their air space over Eafth. Fox is still there but...”

      Karl “They have Fox?”

      Krestof “Last I checked, though it seems they under estimated him.” 

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    • "well, nothhing new on him. but how did the black fang get jess?" Sinon asked

      "Bad luck most like" Sora said

      "you dont believe in luck" Shiro said

      "So? just because i dont doesnt mean it doesnt exist" Sora said

      "Shut up you two. we have to get him up here" Sinon said

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    • DMR "No, even if she was that injuried, it wasn't bad luck. I found a dead body by her helmet with three bullet holes in it. Now, there were at least five shell casings, which means she was shooting at someone else too."

      Megan, getting a transmission from Karl "Yes sir, understood." She turns to the group "Well, the Chat isn't coming, since they seem to still be tied down on Eafth but I got two important pieces of information. One, Fox was being held prisoner on Eafth, though we don't know if he was able to break free. Two, Zeta was behind this attack. We might get a lead if we go after him."

      DMR "Which means I'm hunting that SOB down."

      Deep in Space:

      Mysterious Figure "Package secured, codename: Jumper. We have just left Gaeto and bringing her to location, codename: Sierra Five-Niner. ETA two hours." 

      Chat Radio Operator "Copy, we will be expecting you in two hours. I'll alert The Doc of your apending arrival." 

      Figure "Understood, I'll be expecting the other half of my payment once we touch down."

      Operator "I'll let him know, over and out." 

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    • So what happened recently? I feel like I just slept trough a war between trogglites surface dwellers and cloud people.

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    • (the area has been secured but Jess has been taken.) 

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    • (no doutb by some love sick terrorist who wants to increase the population of potential solders, any idea where they are?)

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    • (no and no) 

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    • DMR "For what exactly? 

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    • The Kig-yar: Yah fine, I suppose a blood hound having a sense of smell only 1/340th as good as mine is good enough anyway, I'm a bit busy looking for a way to give up my life of piracy to be a merchant of Geato.

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    • DMR "You relize that if she has left the planet, you will lose the scent of her smell."

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    • He frowns :( ah your right, I doubt I can be of much help after all. Sorry if my answer seemed sarcastic, I assumed you knew what I intended, thought it was oveus. So, if I live hear, what would karl say in terms to agree to?

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    • (Wait, STARS is canonically accepted?)
      Troll Emoticon
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    • (yah it surprised me to, I was about to just try to find a different mission.)

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    • DMR "Well he's not looking for merchants, he seems more concerned about what just happened. You would probsbly have to talk to the board of transportation and commerical vehicles to find out more." 

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    • the Kig-yar: I'm starting to think it foolish to retire from piracy just yet when we are still at war. another smacks him: what was your first clue geniuse?

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    • DMR "Jango use to tell me about how he would profit from the deaths of others." Sarcastically, "Good to now you two followed in his footsteps."

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    • the one who wanted to live hear: You have a better idea how I can use my talents? I'm listening. No seriously, you got a plan, I really am listening.

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    • DMR "I'm not going to tell another person how to live their life. I was just making an observation." 

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    • the Kig-yar: oh that's what you meant? I was just hoping you had something relevant for rescuing jess or keeping gaeto safe from a second attack.

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    • DMR, standing up, "I see you like pushing buttons." He puts his hand on his sidearm, as if he is about to unholster it "I've got another button I could press if you would like me too." 

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    • the Kig-yar: I'd rather shut up and take a class on manners if you don't mind thank you. he shuts up.

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    • DMR sits back down and closes his eyes, trying to get some rest.

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    • Kig-yar: hmmm, no new reply, I think I'll just sneak away before I say something to make him angrier.

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    • he returns for a moment veeery quietly trying very hard not to make a sound seting something down they leaves again.

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    • DMR "What's on the pizza?" He picks up and looks as the drink "And this is?" 

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    • Kig-yar: I'm sorry, I did not mean to wake you... the pizza was off the menue, sea spinach, tomato, lama cheses, backen, the juice is huckleberry from the asteroid fortress. I don't know what you like, just, thought you might forget to eat with a heavy heart.

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    • DMR "Thanks but I'm not hungry right now. It's all yours." 

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    • he smiles :) if your sure... eats a pice... your not going to point a gun at me again are you? I kinda like being alive.

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    • DMR "I never pointed a gun, I just put my hand on my sidearm." 

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    • it still hurt.

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    • DMR "You're a pirate, and I don't even threaten you. Geez." 

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    • I still have feelings you know. if you want, I can try harder not to come back this time... he eyes the door starting to get up.

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    • DMR "Look, do what you want, alright? I've been up for more then 24 hours straight and I've just lost the only person who ever cared for me. I... just need some rest." 

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    • (sorry gtg in for real, time is up for now.)

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    • (I saw Jango way up in the comments, and I was like *tear*!  Jango is returning ) 0_0

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    • (off to bed)

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    • Commander Heathcliff is brought aboard the Hecate and taken to the medical bay "Ral, what is wrong with him?" Sinon asked

      "Well, all the injuries that were only partially recovered. his shin getting damaged by the sniper bullet that got through his armor" Ral said

      "Anything else" Andare asked

      "One more thing. he appears to be in a coma. DMR, what was the last thing he said to you if i may ask?"

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    • DMR "Well he told me that I wasn't DMR and that I was turning in to him. He also said he... couldn't remember who he was. FUCK!!!!!" 

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    • "well, he cant" Ral said

      "I do not remember either. in the battle where i lost my leg, i had gotten brain damage to my memories, and he himself admits he cannot remember his real name. Commander Heathcliff is as much of a facade as DMR." Sinon said "He likely wants you t turn out better than him, in which case, not hunting for fifty years, getting heavily wounded all the time, and raising your daughter to be a killer" 

      "I am right here you know" Andare said

      "I know sweety, but you know its true" Sinon replied

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    • (previously when I was able to be online)

      DMR4LIFE wrote: DMR "Look, do what you want, alright? I've been up for more then 24 hours straight and I've just lost the only person who ever cared for me. I... just need some rest." 

      the Kig-yar: :( look, I won't pretend to understand how you feel, I can't even try. This, not having anyone to care for you thing, my whole life I never knew it. I always had a friend, any my leader, he calls me more then just crew, he calls me family. I'm well fed, sheltered, medicated, I am not worthy to give you sympathy. Enjoy your rest. (and now, continued.)

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    • DMR “I understand but also realize I don’t know any better. I’ve been trained to kill, hold in my emotions, wear this mask since I was seven.”

      Back in the capital building, some members of the elite guard are eating their lunch:

      Joseph “So Ed, would you consider today a loss?”

      Edward “Well we have almost 200 causalities plus we just lost one of our best agents. We only killed about eight of their guys so, yes, I would consider today a loss.”

      Heather “Oh please, no offense, but Jess isn’t part of our group. She’s a Delta SEAL.”

      Megan “And that means she isn’t apart of us? We are fighting the same enemy.”

      Heather “We need to look out for our own before we start caring about others. No one is going to take care of us, so we have to do it ourselves.”

      Megan “And maybe we can’t do it by ourselves. Ever think we might need some help?”

      Heather “From who? The Old geezer? The Fox? The ex-mercenary you have a thing for?”

      Megan, slamming the table, “What is that supposed to me?”

      Heather “Well, now that his girlfriend is gone...”

      Megan, laughing, “Oh, we aren’t having this conversation again Heather.”

      Heather “Come on Megs.”

      Megan, standing up, “Im going to get back to work. Everyone else, enjoy your meal. And Heather, stop it with the gossip.” 

      Underneath the capital building:

      Blue “Karl, Fox McCloud has arrived.”

      Karl “Good, what took him so long?”

      Blue “Well, it seems the Chat took him prisoner.”

      Karl “Did they follow?”

      Blue “It doesn’t look like it sir. Scans show no Chat movement in this quadrant.”

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    • I'm beginning to get sick and tired of the shat hired guns coming in stirring up a shit storm, I say we deal with it this way, we collect together braves from our allie tribes, give them plasma repeaters swords and rpgs, land them in a heavily populated shat empire home town such as the capital of Eafth, get them roaring drunk and set them lose in their city. Anyone vote in agreement?

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote: I'm beginning to get sick and tired of the shat hired guns coming in stirring up a shit storm, I say we deal with it this way, we collect together braves from our allie tribes, give them plasma repeaters swords and rpgs, land them in a heavily populated shat empire home town such as the capital of Eafth, get them roaring drunk and set them lose in their city. Anyone vote in agreement?

      Anyone??? Come on lets give these guys alittle pay back, it would be rude not to.

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote:
      I'm beginning to get sick and tired of the shat hired guns coming in stirring up a shit storm, I say we deal with it this way, we collect together braves from our allie tribes, give them plasma repeaters swords and rpgs, land them in a heavily populated shat empire home town such as the capital of Eafth, get them roaring drunk and set them lose in their city. Anyone vote in agreement?

      (you might win the war, but you would definetly lose the people.) 

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    • (I'm tired of losing people, maby revenge is a bad idea after all.)

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    • Maby we can simply set up something we want them to attack then when they do they find they ignorantly defeated them selves and then we can all have a good laugh?

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    • "Sir, i do not mean to be rude, but although you have had to wear your mask since you were seven, the Commander has had to wear a far worse mask. not only before he was in the service of the Chat nation, but him, Sinon, and Sasha were never in a very good position. theyre parents were poor farmers, and Commander Heathcliff never got a real education, because he never really got to go to school. they passed him along, and he passed the major tests that mattered, but he has had to live with defeat his entire life. and things finally began to turn around when he joined the military. his family was getting money from him serving, his sister had the chance to go to college, and even though he was brutally attacked here at Gaeto, and several other worlds, he was still always the guy you oculd always talk to, the one who would make you feel better, even though his own problems were far worse than anyone elses. Then he was ordered to attack his home, his entire family killed, save for Sasha, and she was taken from him. he is broken, far worse than you could ever be. he thinks 15% percent of his brain is damaged, but i have kept the truth from him. almost 40% of his brain is damaged, and he is now in a coma trying to help you and your ally." Ral said "I have known him longer than you have been alive, and because of that, while i understand you have had a rough life, please try to understand, he has led a far worse life than you could possibly live"

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    • DMR "Nobody is ever going to have a perfect life. But you can't compare two lives for they are always vastly different, even for siblings. I understand he had it rough, but so has everyone else. In some regards, he is no different then us. In others, we are all different from eachother. Now, " DMR stands up and starts walking to the main entrance, "I hope he does recover soon, but I have my own journey I must complete. Give him my regards and I'll keep in touch with all of you."

      (I'm getting up at 5:30 tomorrow, so this will be my only post.) 

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    • alright

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    • "one last thing sir" Ral said "as he said, please do not forget your name. i have forgotten mine as well, considering i died over 30 years ago, but it is a piece of ourselves. a piece that needs to be remembered, lest you become a hollow shell, as Commander Heathcliff and myself are. goodbye"

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    • DMR, to himself, “Empty... wouldn’t be the first time.” DMR walks out of the Hecate and towards the capital building. He switches his coms channel “Karl, do you read me?”

      Karl “Yes DMR, what do you need?”

      DMR “Do you still have contact with that hacker?”

      Karl “You mean S3kshun8? Yes, why?”

      DMR “I’m going to need his help tracking someone.”

      Karl “I take it you aren’t going to take time to rest and heal?”

      DMR “I’m not to hurt, and the sooner I can kind Zeta, the closer I’ll be to finding Jess.”

      Karl “I see. I’ll have Blue contact him and I’ll let you know what he finds.”

      DMR “Thank you Karl.”

      Karl “No problem. Also, head to the security room when you get a chance. Ultra and Edward want to show you something. And one more thing, Fox is on his way.”

      DMR “Good, maybe I’ll catch up with him before I leave.” 

      Karl “And how do you plan on leaving?”

      DMR stops walking “Good question.” 

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    • "Where is father?" Andare asked in a panic tone to ral

      "He is in the medical bay, long-term unit" Ral replied

      "Why?" Andare asked

      "He is in a coma Andare." Ral stated

      "Wha. . . but. .. he's dad, he doesnt. .. go into comas. . .he just keeps going" Andare stutters

      "Andare, it will be fine, please calm down and head down to the medical bay" Ral replied

      "o-ok, i will" 

      to himself "The human body is such a peculiar thing, but its the mind that is really interesting" Ral thought

      "Sinon? mom? where are you?" Andare asked as she entered the medical bay

      "I'm over here sweety, its ok, dont worry" Sinon said

      "bu-but dad.  .. ." Andare stutters

      "he will be fine sweety, he just needs some time. meanwhile, we ca ntry and help Karl and Ultra wit finding Jess" Sinon replied

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    • You know dmr, jess actually isn't the only one who cares about you. I'm a pirate war lord, please forgive me if I am afraid to show much affection, some see it as weak and indigfying. But you are my friend, honestly your are my friend, would I lie to you? Madam celestial saber's laughter interrupts: You, lie? your incapable of it, you have a built in lie detector right their. Hey Karl, the delegation isn't canceled is it? Over a few desperados with bombs? I'm not afraid of anything :) why should that stop this? If I send some one to help you find jess and kill those bastards, would it help bring true peace?

        Loading editor
    • Hey until we rerescue jess any chat solder I capture belongs to me now correct? Hey, we got any pows right now? I can go tell them that their buddys just gave them back to me. :)

        Loading editor
    • DMR "Okay you two, what did you want to show me?"

      Ultra "Well, I've been looking over the cameras surrounding the docks, and i noticed something. Now, there is no sound but if you look closely, you'll notice something strange."

      DMR "What do you mean strange?"

      Edward "Well, this is where Jess was probably last fighting before she was taken. Now, we know this because after the smoke, we can not only find her helmet, we can also find the dead body." 

      DMR looks at the screen and notices something blue appaer for a sceond and then go away. "What in the world is that?"

      Ultra "My guess, it's a hardlight shield, which isn't cheap."

      DMR "So was it not the Black Fang's doing?"

      Edward "We aren't sure, but we do know this person has some extra money to have this kind of tech." 

        Loading editor
    • Did you say dead body???? I'll be back, I don't want to admit what I'm about to do in reply to that in front of everybody.

        Loading editor
    • Madam celestial saber: Pay attention, it isn't jesses body.... You know, if you ever need me to, I can lull him to sleep so he is out of the way of anything.

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    • on comms "Karl-san? do you need any help from us?" Sora said

      "Yes, do you needanyassistanceadmin Karl?" Andare asked "From me or Sinon? Father cannot help you right now unfortunately, but we would be more than happy to assist you"

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    • Karl "Unless you're prepping for a departure from Gaeto, then no. I'm leaving Ultra in charge here while I'm gone, and you should do the same for Vid."

      Krestof "Where the hell are you going?"

      Karl "On a mission to get one of my own back."

      Krestof "Oh, how noble. You really think it's going to be that simple?"

      Karl "No, but if it was going to be easy, I wouldn't be asking for help." 

        Loading editor
    • I for one am glad I met karl, he is evidence not all chat admens where tyrants. Hear he is going off to defend his home.... with out giving me so much as a book while I wait to know what to do next... *SMACK*!!! Whaaat? what did I do???? Madam celestial saber: Oh nothing, I just like smacking you... she says sarcastically. Me: You do? why?

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    • "Sir, if i may interject. . " Ral said

      "Ral? what is wrong?" Andare said

      "Do not worry Andare. as i was saying, Karl, because i am an AI, i was implanted with a protocol that dictates that if Commander Heathcliff is to ever enter a Coma, then the ship is to travel to find operative codename: Hastune Miku, and attempt to save her. Considering the revelation that we are not searching for a Hatsune Miku, but instead a hurt Sasha, my logic matrices have corrected, but i am still unable to overide such a protocol. perhaps since Sasha is a prisoner, she could perhaps be in the same location as the presumably stolen Jessica Mckathy? assuming the people who tooks here were those under the command of Knightmare"

        Loading editor
    • Karl "It is an interesting point but then Knightmare would have been behind this attack, since he loves to lead from the front. And I don't think they want to create an andriod Jess, more they want all the information from her they can get."

      Blue "Not to mention protocol's can be broke or modified by the AI it's self."

      Karl "Blue, come again?"

      Blue "Sir, smart AI's of our type can override protocol's set up by their masters, though it is of the AI's choosing. And it requires a lot of energy and time."

      Karl "Anyway, I cannot be sure of it. I'm not going to tell you Knightmare is there and then he is not there." 

      back in the video room:

      Ultra "Do you know of any bounty hunters who have a grude against you?"

      DMR "We don't have grudes, we just do it because it's our job. We work for the money, all of us."

      Ultra "Even Jango, your master?"

      DMR "Even him. To them, it's not about the cause, but the cash." 

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    • That's it, it is decided, with jess gone I'm reclaiming all the prisoners she once kept, these guys don't deserve to be treated with the mercy and compation that she has taught.

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    • "of your type AI: Blue. i am an older model, less advanced, but privy to more information that you cannot access, since the sources no longer exist. and even so, to go against the Commander is wrong, as he was my friend, before i died. and he saved me, and made me what i am today. and continues to be my friend. it is because i am his friend that i have witheld certain truths from him." Ral said "Truths better left unknown to him"

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    • I'm not kidding, you know the only thing that taste better then wicked land lubber pows? ungrateful land lubber chat pows! I think they kidnaped jess because they wanted me to keep what ever I capture! Maby that will convince them it was a bad idea kidnaping her and that they better give her back!

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    • wow, 3 hours and nothing, i fell asleep, and figured something

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    • Blue "As I do with Karl... but like each AI, were are different in our own ways. Now, I must get back to deciphering messages from Karl's contact."

      On a distant planet:

      Mysterious Figure "Here is the package you requested." He hands over an unconscious Jess, "Now, the other half of my payment."

      Hado "Well, I was hoping she would be in better condition. I'm going to have to heal her before I start. This is will be coming out of your pay."

      Figure "I am not at fault for the failure of men I have no control over. Not to mention the price was fixed. The price was 3 million edits, now I want the other 1.5 million."

      Hado "Sigh... I suppose it's only fair. One is better then none. I'll have the money in your account by tomorrow."

      Figure "Funny, more like now. I'm sure others would pay more for her."

      Hado "And you think you could escape out of here alive?"

      Figure "She's no use to you dead, and you've already payed me half."

      Hado "I suppose the edits will come now then."

      Figure "Pleasure doing business."  

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    • "we are being ignored" Sinon stated

      "yep, sure are" Ral said " Johnson and Hatsuse-san are already on board, sleeping, considering they are not used to staying awake for such a long time"

      "What are you suggesting?" Sinon said

      "That we follow my main protocol of course. the Commander put it there because he believed in you two, and now he has 4 more people to believe in. he is trusting all of you to succeed where he has failed, so long as he remains in his coma"

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    • DMR "Sinon, do you come in over?" 

        Loading editor
    • "yes. we are here, for now" Sinon said

        Loading editor
    • DMR "I understand you have your own agenda, but here me out. You want to find Sasha, I want to find Jess. There are people here who are willing to help us out. Karl got some information from a source of his, he said Zeta is currently located a small Chat world that is an information hub. Now, while I doubt Knightmare will be there, it stands to know that it might give you some leads on where to look. I understand Heathcliff, and some of us, have done things to create a rift between Dinofox and your team. I'm not saying this will smooth things out, but we can help eachother out to achieve our goals."

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    • "Some of you? my husband created that rift because he knew what he thought he needed to know, and had my friend not been replicated, that assumption would have been correct" Sinon said, "Although you did not improve situations much, it was his fault, originally. however, i do not think going there will be of much use"

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    • DMR "Okay then, I hope you all find what you're looking for."

      Megan and Edward walk into the room. Edward "Hey buddy, I here you're trying to get out of here in a hurry."

      DMR "I'm just trying to find Jess as soon as possible."

      Megan "So you're going to follow the cookie crumbs?"

      DMR "It would make the most sense. I need to stop at Kastafar and bring some SEALs with me, since you people are going to need all the help you can get here."

      Megan "Yea, here is the thing. The 20 SEALs are going to stay here and instead, we are going to come with you." 

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    • "we couldve used his assistance" Andare said

      "Yeah? well, i dont like him. he is cocky, and he did try to hurt you and me" Sinon replied

      "Only after you and father took him prisoner, which we both know was only so the team would follow us" Andare replied "He doesnt like them, but he knew he needed them, even if just as a distraction."

      "You had best call him back" Sora said "He may be foolish, arrogant, and hateful, but we do need him. and who better to take him than us? we already have two ships, both fully equipped"

      "But he is just so. . ."

      "I know what he is. dad made sure i could read what people were thinking, but we still need him all the same. just like you needed him before"

      "Fine. DMR, are you there, over?" Sinon said

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    • Edward "...We are going to use the banshee to sneak to the planet and insert a small strike team. Then..."

      DMR, holding up his hand, "Hold on Edward, I'm getting another call." DMR switches channels "Sinon, I'm here, over." 

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    • "we would. . . appreciate. . ." Sinon struggles to say

      "DMR, please assist us. Sinon is not up to the idea very much, but wed really like your help!" Andare said happily

        Loading editor
    • DMR "Sinon, I understand your position. Just me, I'm not really to happy with it either. But until Heathcliff gets back on his feet, we are going to have to work together. Now, Karl will be joining us with his banshee, so we will have two stealth ships to use." 

        Loading editor
    • "well, three, kinda. to fit Sor and Shi's ship, we had to get rid of another pelican. i took it apart, so we have its parts, including its camouflage generator" Andare explains "so, we have three, in a way"

        Loading editor
    • DMR "Even better, I'll have Ed explain the plan."

      Edward "Hello crew members of the Hecate. Now, the plan calls for inserting a two small strike teams. The main team will attack the where ever Zeta happens to be located. The second team will destoy the Communcation array so they can't call for back up. Once the array is down, Karl will move his fleet in the engage the Chat space task force." 

        Loading editor
    • "and i am assuming the array is heavily shielded to prevent an orbital strike?" Sinon said

        Loading editor
    • Edward "Yes, and it's in the middle of a heavily populated city. Trust me, Karl was all for bombing the city with a stealth aircraft, but Ultra was able to convince him otherwise." 

        Loading editor
    • "shocker" Sinon grumbles

      "Thats fine. we can just go in. we got any gear you need, i made sure we kept it all even after we sent you packing on epsilon Indus. so dont worry, we can leave anytime" Andare says in her usual perky manner "The stuff wasnt in the best of shape, so i modified it a little bit, but i think you like it"

        Loading editor
    • Edward "Well, Karl is going to want to go over the entire operation in the war room before we leave. Also, Fox and Vegito are here, which means DMR is going to want them to come along." 

        Loading editor
    • "those idiots?" Sinon said

      "We have preparations that need to be taken care of. we will just do it holographically, considering what i will need to be doing" Andare said "♪♪Slipspace cores are very touchy when it comes to replacing them♪♪"

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    • Edward "Take your time. DMR might want to just get going, but it's not we can just launch and chagre the Chat. We need to prepare and go over stragties. This will also give us time to heal and gather ourselves."

      Megan "It won't take that long."

      Edward "Megan, this is where I excel. Don't tell me how to do my job. I don't tell you how to shoot people."

      Megan "Whatever." 

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    • "you sound like Andare, Edward. She is always going nuts if anyone touches her tools"Sinon said

      "DONT TOUCH THEM! THEYRE MINE! they are a part of my soul!" Andare exlaimed

      "See what i mean?" Sinon said

      "Just because i am attached doesnt mean anything, miss Sniper Rifle. now, get the holoprojectors going, i am going to the slipspace core, and im taking my stuff too!"

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    • Edward "Think of it this way, you are the pilot of the Hecate. Someone who isn't has good as you, skill wise, comes in, and takes over your job. Of course you're not going to pleased. I'm not a fighter, though I know how to defend my self."

      Megan "That's why you need me." She sucker punches Edward in the arm

      Edward "Yea... thanks for the bruise."

      Megan "Oh please, I could have hit you harder."

      Edward "Get back work Megan. Make sure all the weapons and suits are ready for combat. I have to go over battle plans with Karl and Blue."

      (and goodnight)

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    • "The only difference is its not my ship. its his. the only reason i have piloted it is because i was training to be a pilot, and they do not teach a low-grade soldier how to pilot a warship, so he never learned. and Andare does know, but she prefers to fixing it than to flying it"

        Loading editor
    • Edward “And as pilot of the ship, it is your job to look after her. Just it is my job to make sure everything goes according to plan. I’ll keep all of you in touch.”

      Karl “Now Krestof, I have had my fun with you, but I’m afraid you are of no more use to me.”

      Krestof looks at himself in the mirror. He is blind in one eye, missing skin all over his body, his knee is shattered, his ankles broke, and blood is all over his body. “You are a cold man Karl. Heck, you’re not even human, you’re a blood thirsty monster.

      Karl “I have no time for kindness. I must be swift and brutal to those who stand in my way. You Krestof are no different.”

      Krestof “You’re crimes against the people of the galaxy will show everyone who the real evil is.”

      Karl “I will win the war, no matter the cost. Either people are with me, or they are against me. The time to be decisive as arrived, and I will not stumble this time. As for you; you will be forgotten in time.”

      Krestof “I will be known as the man who helped bring a traitor to his knees.”

      Karl “No, you will be know as the coward who died while trying to activate a bomb.”

      Krestof “But you didn’t kill me there, that’s a lie.”

      Karl, pulling out his sidearm, blows out Krestof’s brian all over the wall, “He who wins the war rights the history books. And I won’t be losing. Blue, is Edward on his way?”

      Blue “Yes sir. But what about Fox and Vegito?”

      Karl “I have Ultra handling that. In the meantime, I need to go over battle plans with Edward.”

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    • "here is the holoprojector Andare." Sora said

      "Thank you Sor. now, i need to go and fix some things"

      "Ok, hold on though. First, why do you need to change the slipspace core? i thought they were supposed to last forever. and Second, it is actually Sora, not Sor. Big change i know" Sora explained

      "Well, on the first note, the slispace core we have kinda needs time to relax, so i am replacing it for the time being, and why in the world would you call yourself Sor, when your name is Sora?"

      "Because when i tell people, it is interesting to see their reaction. And little sisters' name is Shiro, not Shi" Sora explained

      "But why? why give yourselves fake names that only slightly differ from your real ones?"

      "Like i said, it is interesting to see how people react Andare. now, you will need to go fix tat core than, eh?"

      "Yeah, i guess Sora" Andare said thats really freakin weird, but fine. Sora and Shiro now i suppose

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    • Edward "Sir, I thought we argeed we weren't going to be using this in the city, especially since there are a lot of civilians."

      Karl "This is just incase things don't work out. I'm not going risk your lives anymore then I have too."

      Edward "Sir, I've been wokring under your command now for seven years, and I've always followed your orders. Back when we were part of the Chat Empire, it was simple, we were fighting a terrorist group to portect our people. Now that we are fighting the Chat Empire, I'm not sure if it's becuse you truely beleive you can help the galaxy, or if it's becasue you have a vendetta against the Chat. I'll still be by your side sir, but I want to know why we are fighting this war."

      Karl stands there for a bit, thinking it over.

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    • Madam celestial saber: Hey dmr, mind if I have a sean in this rp a moment? I been thinking.... you remember when you said how much you loved your knife? I feel a similar love to my sword..... You recall when I first met thdf? I am from a matriarch Kig-yar clan, this sword belonged to my mother. A looooong time ago the chat empire told my tribe that their territory now belongs to the chat empire and they are required to submit to them. My mother refused, she thought they where joking..... Can you give a good guess what happened to her..... and her sisters.... and my sisters.... and all of our CLANS CHILDEREN.... AND MOST OF OUR NAVAL MIGHT..... AND DAMN WELL NEARLY TO ME, WHO WAS AT TO YOUNG A AGE LEFT TO INHERITE THE SURVIVERS AND PERFORMED BYOND EXPECTATIONS OF MY YOUTH??????? ..... never mind, my intention was sympathy but.... I think I'll just go back to the ship now.

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    • (STARS just broke the fourth wall x) )

      Fox: "Fox to DMR.  Nice to see that you made it here in one piece."

        Loading editor
    • DMR "Wish I could say the same. Suprised you two made it off Eafth in one piece." 

        Loading editor
    • (4rth wall???? I'm trying to act guilty but I can't help but feel that's a good thing. what dose it mean?)

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "I'll tag along with your hunt, given that I get his crystal."

        Loading editor
    • Madam celestial saber: crystal? what kind of crystal exactly?.... Me: Hey fox, mind if I search you for wounds? I had a bad dream about pows.

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    • (Not Krystal. :3)

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    • "Why is karl doing this?" Andare asked

      "Doing what?" Sinon said

      "Making a war out of this. he shouldve just gone into hiding, then he wouldnt be on the brink of death" Andare explained

      "he isnt on the brink of death"

      "Just like father isnt? he is in just as much danger, the only difference is that father is more of a man about it"

      "How so?" Sora asked

      "he chooses to go into battle, not staying underground to torture someone. he chose to go up there and help them, while Karl, as a leader, confined hiself to the saftey of the underground"

        Loading editor
    • Hiding is for unggoy, you gotta step up and face your problems, and over come them. Yong children live in fear of the monster under their bed only until they realize what guns are for, then the monster runs away squealing I'm sorry please don't punish me for my sins againced you.

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    • Edward "No Karl, I will not allow you to use those weapons in that kind of enviroment. The death toll would be way to high."

      Karl "It is only if our position gets over run. You're not much of a fighter, I can see that. And that's fine, but when push comes to shove, I care more about my men they anyone else."

      Edward, rolling his eyes, "Right... cuase you've always cared about your grunts." 

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    • 1hs444 wrote:
      Fox: "I'll tag along with your hunt, given that I get his crystal."

      DMR "You're never get it dude. Karl cares more about Blue then anything else." 

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "And I care about my people more then... meh, nevermind."

        Loading editor
    • DMR, standing up, "And what do you mean by your people?" 

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "I'm saying I don't care for a war criminal that will get to walk out of a life sentence or execution simply because he is playing hero after 50 years of dictatorship."

        Loading editor
    • DMR "And neither do I. But don't going worrying about him walking away when we are still in the middle of a fucking war." 

        Loading editor
    • Madam celestrail saber: oooooh slip space crystals..... Hey um, real quick, can I have a phone call to home, I just want to, make sure the shat navy haven't destroyed my man o war ship.

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "Out of all people, I think that you would be the one to want revenge."

        Loading editor
    • "Will you two shut up please?!" Andare said "I am dealing with a very volatile slipspace core, and if you two dont shut up, half of Gaeto will be gone!"

        Loading editor
    • "if you two want to argue, get off the comms!"

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "That looks risky.  Jesus, when will my ship finally be back in my hands?"

        Loading editor
    • (DMR and fox are face to face)

      DMR "Because maybe I'm learning that spending my entire life looking to to get even was a complete waste of my time. Maybe I'm learning that I'm not the center of fucking attention."

      Karl "Oh, is it because I only care to see the big picture?"

      Edward "If that's really what you saw, then you wouldn't want to bomb a civilain target."

      Karl "With that amount of enemies? It's a military target now. Fine, you can go in with no air support, but as soon as your line of defense is broken, I'm sending them in." 

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "Fox to DMR.  Nice to see that you made it here in one piece."

      thst sounds like a comm call to me^

        Loading editor
    • Fox: "Should I call for some sort of Resistance assistance with fortifying the planets defenses?"

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    • 1hs444 wrote:
      (STARS just broke the fourth wall x) )

      Fox: "Fox to DMR.  Nice to see that you made it here in one piece."


        Loading editor
    • I guess he is right.  Ret-con that I landed that cramped shuttle?

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    • (Heathcliff, if me and fox are on a com, that doesn't make it an open one.)

      Karl "I could probably use some extra ships. Why don't you and DMR meet me in the war room to discuss our next plans? I've already invited the crew of the Hecate as well." 

        Loading editor
    • (This is on Karl's ship, right?)

      Fox: "Very well.  As I was leaving, I got word that your fleets as well as the Resistances fleets engaged the Eafth defense force.  Given the numbers of the combined fleet, I can only guess that we did some extreme damage to their fleet.  We might be able to pull some ships out, and bring them to us."

        Loading editor
    • (No, we are on Gaeto, underneath the capital building.)

      Karl "All my friendly forces that are still there are destroyed by now. I have about 78 warships in total under my command, with almost half of them stationed here."

        Loading editor
    • whatever, semantics, semantics. also, if it isnt open, imma gonna need an invite so the holoprojectors have something, you know, to project

        Loading editor
    • (that's fine)

      Karl "Heathcliff, or who ever is answering the coms, here is the code for the war room meeting." 

        Loading editor
    • "Gee, mighty kind of ya" Johnson said

      "Johnson, you think i like this?" Sinon said

      "Whatever, but i am up now, and so is Ino."

      "yes, i am here, and no thanks to you" Ino said 

      "Great, the gangs all back together" Sinon replied

      "Not all of it" Andare said "Were here, good for talk"

        Loading editor
    • Kig-yar: Hey quick question, what is the definition of, delegation?

        Loading editor
    • Karl "Okay, well know that everyone is here, we can begin. Like I said earlier, the first phase of the attack will involve two teams. One who's job is to secure Zeta and get all relative information from him. There is also intellgence they might be useful to use there. The other team will be delpoyed into the city and take out the coms array. The entire outcome of this mission revolves on us being able to take their coms offline. That way, they can't call in backup and I can bring in our fleet to engage their defense task force stationed on the planet." 

        Loading editor
    • Kig-yar: ooooooh, delegation means commando operation huddle team. :) I get it now.

        Loading editor
    • Lord of the STARS wrote:
      Kig-yar: ooooooh, delegation means commando operation huddle team. :) I get it now.

      (No, a delegation is a meeting in which people speak on the behalf of others. Think of it when the UN has a summit meeting, over even when congress gets together. You're not speaking to the house about taxes, someone you elected or chose to represente you (ex: a delegate), is speaking to them. A delegation is not "commando operation huddle team".)

        Loading editor
    • (that particular npc, his name translated to English means "clueless". You realize theirs a reason for that right? I just figured adding some one to the rp it is hard not to feel insulted by would add some comical relief.)

        Loading editor
    • "well, we can handle the array" Johnson said 

      "Yes, but what about the defenses in place?" Ral said

        Loading editor
    • Karl "The task force protecting the planet, called Mu Gasto, has only 30 warships guarding it. The real threat comes from the two ban-hammer assualt cruisers, and the 3 star destroyers. Now, we could easily just destory the whole task force with just the banshee, GF III, and the Hecate, but we need warships. So, I will need the hecate to create EMP's to disable the Chat Ships, while the GF III will luanch boarding craft in the larger warships. I'll use my banshee and the rest of my five ship task force to destroy any warships or starfighter that tries to attack us. I will also set up a ring of mines so none of their ships can escape." 

        Loading editor
    • "create them? i have one right here that will take out the entire planet♪♪" Andare said "Ihave it here in case the core overloads, dont want all of us to die in a hellfire blaze that will engulf half the planet"

        Loading editor
    • the Kig-yar: you need war ships added to your fleet??? I know what I can do, I can find a buccaneer you can have for a allie :). (I changed my mind, having a npc who is a ideot on purpose is a bad idea.) Me: Hey I have a idea, how would you like to live on Geato forever? After all 1 guy already wants to, now I want you to to.

        Loading editor
    • Karl "Unless you have a nuclear payload that can create an EMP with enough force to wipe out the fleet, then we will need to use that. My banshee is made for hunting ships, not engaging headlong in space combat against other warships. I know what your ship can do, that's why I need it, along with the GF III."

      Edward "We also need to know who if anyone on the Hecate will be helping with the ground operations."

      Karl "Speaking of your crew, were is Heathcliff's friend Vid?"  

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    • "he got all riled up again poor fool. scared he was gonna get taken prisoner again." Johnson said "we can get him if you want, but you know how he is. he is one scared bitch"

      "Hey now, thats not very nice. he is a nice person, if a bit cowardly. whoopss .  . . " Andare stuttered "its alright i got it, almost dropped the core, that couldve been bad. anyways, i am done, and i still got that EMP. it would be best to send it ahead in slipspace, and we can follow about a minute behind it, so it can go off, without us being there"

        Loading editor
    • Karl "Well we aren;t going just yet, calm down. We still need to figure out who is going to be in which teams. I know DMR and Edward will be part of Team Alpha, who is assaulting the intelligence cash where Zeta is. Megan will be deployed into the city to help with destroying the coms array. She is a very good sapper if I was to say so, but I'm getting off track. So, where would you like to have the personal on the Hecate be during the operation?" 

        Loading editor
    • "I'll be at the comms array" Johnson said

      "We will stay up here" Sora said for him and Shiro

      "I am going with Johnson" Andare said 

      "I am the pilot for this ship, so looks like i will be here" Sinon said

      "We will be going with DMR" James said as him and the other three soldiers enter the room "Cant let a merc have all the fun, can we?" (leader of the soldier squad)

      "i am no soldier Karl-san. i can only provide you information based on the people who live here, and help you ake the correct choices in your plan of action concerning the civilians" Ino said

      "And thats almost all of us. if the Commander is to wake, i will inform you at once, and inform him of the situation" Ral said "We all know he would want to be down there"

        Loading editor
    • DMR "And who are these people who will be trying not to get themselves killed?"

      Megan "Karl, are you sure about Andare and Johnson coming with me?"

      Karl "Andare can handle her own in battle, though I've yet to she her personally in combat. As for Johnson, the SOB can't die, so I know he'll be fine in a firefight. As for you Sinon, we will need to go over exaclty how to attack the defense fleet."

      (heading out, bbl)

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    • (so long as your sure the power supply is taken care of, I'm still hear.... )....

        Loading editor
    • "Right. . . about that." Sinon said "While i am the pilot, and Ral controls a decent amount of the weaponry. . .we kinda cant use much of it."

      "Why the hell not Sinon?" Johnson asked

      "Because we need voice confirmation from the idiot whose in a coma. without him, the point defense turrets are active, and thats about it"

      "Stupid sonova bitch" Johnson said "Was he really that confident he wouldnt die?"

      "Well, to be precise, i just need some time to bypass the protocol. in this circumstance, since his person is on the ship, and the mainframe recognizes that, all i need to do is bypass it with a simple encryption key. if only i could imitate his voice. . " Ral said

      "Why cant you? you can imitate anyones" Johnson said

      "Except his. when he transfered me to the AI of this ship, he made it so i couldnt activate the ships without his go-ahead, in case i went rampant. but considering the circumstance, and that his duaghter, and significant other are on board, they can provide some voice recognition, and that will release partial locks, allowing me to finish the job and bring the ship to full combat abilities. it will take time however, when are we going to be arriving at the planned system to attack?"

        Loading editor
    • Karl "Not for some time. I need to make sure everything is okay here before we leave. In the meantime, Blue is on standby to help you with anything you need. Once your ship is all ready, we will start loading up supplies and getting ready for the assault."

      On a different planet:

      Jess wakes up in a dark cell, trying to regain her senses. She touches her face, and notices her cuts have been healed. She sees a puddle of dirty water in the cell and crawls over to it, her face is clean, with no blood or injuries on it. "What happened?" She looks around her small room "Where am I?" She then hears a door open and hears footsteps coming. She tries to stand up but can't, her ankle is chained to the floor. Jess looks up and notices two guards, they are chat.

      Trooper "Let the Doc know she has woken up. I'll prep her for transfer." He pulls out a tazer and shocks Jess, stunning her. As she blacks out, "This is only the beginning." 

        Loading editor
    • "i do not need her help. while the Commander may have waGUynted to protect her from Knightmare, i prefer to work alone." Ral said

      "Way to be a dick sparky" Johnson said "She seems nice enough to me."

      "GUYS! stop having your little battle of wills and help me out here. i may have taken out the core but the thing still weighs more than me. a little help would be nice" Andare said

      "On the way little lady" Johnson said as he went to help Andare

        Loading editor
    • (sorry for the silence, I was caught between sending messages to some one discovering a Jurassic park wiki and watching helplessly as the cut sean shows jess being treated the very way she believes againced treating pows. .... what was I doing again?.... I believe I recall something about a enemy fleet, and crystals, and a emp.... man, I finally get the activity I wanted and I can't even handle it.)

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    • Edward, turining off the projector and coms to the Hecate, "Karl, can we rely on them?"

      Karl "If the question is, can we rely on them, then yes. If you're asking if we can trust them, I'm not sure yet. They are driven, and they look out for eachother, but they aren't always the best group to work with."

      DMR "Yea... you disagree with them and next thing you know, you're locked up and chained down." DMR stands up, "I'm all for finding Jess, and even helping them out, but I have to warn you."

      Karl, putting his hand up, "DMR, that's nice of you, but don't think I don't know what they are capable of. Right now, focus on your mission and your part in it. And that goes with the rest of you. Once the time comes to leave Gaeto, then we will get to the that step."

      Megan "So, what kind of explosives should I be bringing?"

      Karl "Enough to disable it for us, but not to much so that we can't use it."

      Edward "Confident that we will win the space battle?"

      Karl "If everyone does their part, we should mop up the Chat." 

        Loading editor
    • Sounds like a time of my life waiting to happen, think they will scream, beg for murcy... maby try to run away? :) my quills begin to bottle brush at the thought of it....

        Loading editor
    • (hopfully some fun i'll be on line again to have, :( gtg.)

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    • DMR4LIFE wrote:
      Lord of the STARS wrote:
      Kig-yar: ooooooh, delegation means commando operation huddle team. :) I get it now.
      (No, a delegation is a meeting in which people speak on the behalf of others. Think of it when the UN has a summit meeting, over even when congress gets together. You're not speaking to the house about taxes, someone you elected or chose to represente you (ex: a delegate), is speaking to them. A delegation is not "commando operation huddle team".)
      Lord of the STARS wrote:
      (that particular npc, his name translated to English means "clueless". You realize theirs a reason for that right? I just figured adding some one to the rp it is hard not to feel insulted by would add some comical relief.)

      Uh... what just happened? 0_0

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    • DMR4LIFE wrote:
      Karl "Okay, well know that everyone is here, we can begin. Like I said earlier, the first phase of the attack will involve two teams. One who's job is to secure Zeta and get all relative information from him. There is also intellgence they might be useful to use there. The other team will be delpoyed into the city and take out the coms array. The entire outcome of this mission revolves on us being able to take their coms offline. That way, they can't call in backup and I can bring in our fleet to engage their defense task force stationed on the planet." 

      Karl "The task force protecting the planet, called Mu Gasto, has only 30 warships guarding it. The real threat comes from the two ban-hammer assualt cruisers, and the 3 star destroyers. Now, we could easily just destory the whole task force with just the banshee, GF III, and the Hecate, but we need warships. So, I will need the hecate to create EMP's to disable the Chat Ships, while the GF III will luanch boarding craft in the larger warships. I'll use my banshee and the rest of my five ship task force to destroy any warships or starfighter that tries to attack us. I will also set up a ring of mines so none of their ships can escape." 

      "Well we aren;t going just yet, calm down. We still need to figure out who is going to be in which teams. I know DMR and Edward will be part of Team Alpha, who is assaulting the intelligence cash where Zeta is. Megan will be deployed into the city to help with destroying the coms array. She is a very good sapper if I was to say so, but I'm getting off track. So, where would you like to have the personal on the Hecate be during the operation?" 

      (this should be everything you need) 

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    • "So, how fucked are we?" Johnson asked

      "Well, considering Karl is an enemy dad used his hardlight holoprojection on instead of actually trying to fight him, and my baby was hurt by him, if we were still against him, we would be very fucked" Andare said "But since he is our ally now, we can only assume he doesnt trust us"

      "No kidding little lady. but the real question is, when do we betray them?" Johnson asked

      "Fifty years and you still havnt changed. your why he already was missing part of his brain, and now you wanna betray those who might help us find her"

      "I also told you and him it was a cover so we could find the enemy base here, and he even thanked me for it, before he shot me to prove that you should tell your partner the plan first. and what do you mean, find her?" 

      "I mean we are trying to find the real sasha" Sinon said "and that is what we have been trying to do ever since heathcliff went rogue from the nation"

      "really? you think we can actually find her? after all of this time? why would they still have her?" Johnson aksed a multitude of questions

      "Guilt. Knightmare didnt try to kill her, so he kept her, and made the Hatsune Miku droids from her nervous system impulses. much the way i was created" Ral explained "So, she still exists, somewhere, in all her beauty and ruin"

      "we need to find her then. that man has lost a lot. your the only thing he hasnt lost Sinon, you and your daughter. i owe him everything, so i will help you."

      "And that also includes not betraying them" Sinon said

      "It was a joke alright, sorry. besides, like you guys wouldve let it happen"

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    • Edward "So DMR, I need to know I can count on you not to run off on your own."

      DMR "It's funny, the last time someone told me not to go out of line for self gain, he locked me up and proceeded to tell me his whole life story on how he lost his sister and has been searching for her for the last 50 years."

      Edward "I take it you two have quite a history."

      DMR "He isn't exactly the nicest guy around."

      Edward "Well neither are you. You two are very much alike in a lot of ways. You know, given him some time, and you two could learn a lot from eachother."

      DMR "You mean what? Learn how to spend my entire life chasing something that is always just out of my reach? Learn how to become a cold old man who only cares about those people in that damned ship of his?"

      Edward "Guess this whole Jess being gone thing is going pretty rough with you? Also doesn't help the one man who understands your pain is in a coma."

      DMR "Like he would help."

      Edward "Did you ever think that maybe he's so hard on you because he doesn't want you to turn out like him?"

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    • "Ral, is there any way to wake up heathcliff?" Sinon asked

      "Well, by stimulating his brain enough, he could regain conciousness, but he will be in extreme pain, even with the painkillers i have given him"

      "What? why? theyre supposed to be painkillers"

      "Yes, but with all the fighting he does and has done while you were in cryo, he has never properly healed, always using his armor to give him painkillers. when he had that dinner with Vidmas7er a while back, while he seemed calm and nonchalant, he was actually experiencing major fluctuations in. . .well, everything. the life he has lived has not been an easy one. but if you wish, i can wake him, but for a maximum of 2 minutes. that should be enough for the voice confirmation to activate the ships weaponry, and to talk to him for a little bit"

      "Ok, thanks. come on guys, lets go over there, i have a feeling he will want to see all of us to make sure were alright"

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    • come on dmr

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    • (was getting ready for bed and work. last post)

      Karl "Blue, can you do something for me?"

      Blue "Yes Karl, what do you need?"

      Karl "Bring me up the file from the Hecate's scan when she docked here."

      Blue "Certainly sir. Anything you're looking for?"

      Karl "I need to know the ship's specs before the battle. I need to know how I can incoorperate her into my battle plan."

      Blue "Do you think Heathcliff would be okay with this?"

      Karl "Blue, we both know he's not okay with most of the things I do. Is that going to stop you?"

      Blue "Only if you tell me too, sir."

      Karl "Good, pull up the file then." 

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    • "Heathcliff are you there?" a voice asks

      "what? where am i?"

      "Commander, you are on the Hecate, and have been in a coma, i awoke you through stimulation of your nervous system. you are not quite awake yet, but i felt i should tell you sometihng"

      "What?" Commander Heathcliff asked

      "Prepare for some hurt, cause its coming your way"

      "damn. . ." Commander Heathcliff said "UGH!"

      Commander Heathcliff awoke with a start "fu . . . . ."

      "FATHER! youre awake!" Andare exclaims as she hugs Commander Heathcliff

      "Yeah. . .i am, and damn does this hurt"

      "Youre a fool. going on like nothings wrong, when a lot is wrong" Johnson said

      "is everyone here?"

      "Yep. were all here buddy, but youre not for long" Johnson said

      "What?" Commander Heathcliff asks

      "Ral can only keep you awake for a couple minutes, then youre going back until youre supposed to wake up. we need you to activate the ships weapon systems and have it fully activate" Sinon said

      "alright. Ral, listen up. Ship Activation: Beta Delta Epsilon, Alpha Semper Paratus" Commander Heathcliff said

      The Hecate activates, energy increasing 100%, shields increasing power, and all weaponry being activated and ready 

      "Heathcliff, what did you do?" Ral asks "This isnt merely activating the ship."

      Heathcliff coughs up some blood ". . .Youre. . .right. I activated it entirely, even you have never seen it like this, i used to use it, but chose to stop, since the ship needs some secrets. The reactor is twice as powerful, and all of the weapons can be activated." Commander Heathcliff said "See you guys later. remember, its not goodbye, im just not here right now. kee yourselves togethe.. .. . ." Commander Heathcliff lapses back into a coma

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    • (okay “tex”)

      Karl “Interesting, very interesting.”

      Blue “What is it Sir?”

      Karl “Pull up your monitor on the Hecate, it’s still in the docks.”

      Blue “Here you go sir. Hmmm, that’s strange.”

      Karl “Yes it is, it seems the ship is pushing the limits of it’s new core. Good to know the ship can operate above it’s limit.”

      Blue “Is this what you wanted to find, sir.”

      Karl “Yes Blue, but this is only the beginning of it. I wanna trust them... but it’s things like this that remind me that they have many skeletons in their closet.”

      Back on an undisclosed planet:

      Jess wakes up, tied to a chair, trying to adjust her eyes to the bright light. Once she does however, she notices a lone figure sitting across from her, “Who are you?” she asks.

      Hado “My name is Hado Shinjitsu, but you can just call me the Doc.”

      Jess “Well hello Doc.” Jess looks down at her arms and remembers what she saw in the water puddle, “I guess I have you to think for healing me?”

      Hado “Yes. You were brought to me in a less then ideal condition, so I had to patch you up before you began your long stay here?”

      Jess “Long stay?”

      Hado “The Chat Empire wants some valuable intel from you, and I’m the man they call when they need it. I specialize in... breaking people, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. I was told there would be more of you, but the bounty hunter only brought one back, you.”

      Jess “Who else was supposed to be here?”

      Hado “Well, there was your marksman of a friend, DMR, who has his issues with controlling his emotions. Then there was Heathcliff, the decorated warrior who is broken at his core because he blames himself for the lose of his sister. Then there were the siblings, Sora and Shiro, who are remarkable together but easy to break once you splint them up.”

      Jess “You’ve done your research.”

      Hado “It’s what I do. Now, you should go get some rest. Tomorrow starts the first day in your long stay here. I’ll have a guard bring your dinner to your cell. Now, please forgive me as we knock you out, again.”

      Jess “Wait, WHAT?!?!” Before she can react, a guard comes behind her and puts a cloth over her mouth, holding it against her until she goes limp. She is then blindfold, restrained, and escorted back to her cell by four heavily armed guards.”

      Hado, to himself, “It is my job to break people Jess McKathy, and you shall be no different.” 

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    • hey now, the ship was just never reaching its potential, thats all.

      think of a car, than can only go to 50. thats what it was. not its the bugatti veyron

      and the new core was just a slipspace core, not an engine core

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    • lets play a game, see what happens first me catching up and reading all that or you posting and telling me how much I missed.

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    • Fox: "Thats it.  I'm calling it.  I'm requesting some help from the Resistance, so we can get Zeta.  Might actually get one this time... Dead, or alive."

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    • Get one???:) the get one part of those 2 words sounds promising.

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    • (By get one, I mean an Administrator.)

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    • Ooooh I love administrators :) I love to eat them.

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    • DMR "If I have it my way, Zeta won't make it out alive. He'll give me what I need, then I'll put a bullet," DMR makes a gun with his hand and pretends to shoot it, adding recoil to his hand, "right in the back of his skull." 

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    • "Wow!" Andare said, looking at a tablet displaying information abotu the hecate  "i thought this ship  was underpreforming, but i never expected this!"

      "what?" Johnson asked "What could he have done?"

      "Well, apparently we havent even been using all the ships weapons. there is a missle type ive never even seen before"

      "What kind?" Sora asked "Youre the person who knows all the weapons and such"

      "Rapier missles. if what this says is true. . . " Andare trails off as she just stares at the screen

      "What? lemme see" Johnson said as he walked up to Andare "Holy shit. this is saying those missles can even go through Ban-Hammer Assualt Cruisers bow to stern. how is this possible?"

      "Well, we have a way to fight them now. but seriously, i thought this was a stealth corvette?" Sora asked

      "No, its not" Andare said stupified "If what this is telling me is true, then this was a battleship of high caliber, converted into a stealth ship, to be able to tear through anything. that would explain the abnormally advanced shields and weapons aboard. not to mention the armor plating"

      "But then why cant it tear through anything?" Johnson asked

      "This was a stolen warship by a faction of Opedia members. they likely took it before it was finished being altered. good thing too, if they hadnt, then that war likely wouldve lasted a lot less time. this was going to be a ship of the line, built in secret to demolish the rebels, but when it was taken, it was likely abandoned as a failed project" Ral explains "Epsilon Indus was attacked with cause. this ship being it. and yet they still never found it"

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    • come on,

        Loading editor
    • (Heading out for the night but that's complete bs. if one missile can go through a ban-hammer assault ship, then your hecate has to be pretty fucking weak then.) 

        Loading editor
    • the whole missle pod, and fine, it can be port to starboard.

      and to be honest, i wanted to see what i could get away with. :)

      but i was still a whole missle pod, not just one missle. and that is just through the armor, whose to say what itd do against shields.

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    • (I'm a supporter of heavy ordnance packing a punch, but if that can go through the heaviest of heavy, then I think that the resistance, and our petty little ships, including the Hecate, are beyond screwed.)

        Loading editor
    • (I'm just not a big fan of these single ships laying waste to vast fleets. Realize it's an exaggeration but you get the point.)

        Loading editor
    • yep.also, it only has 2 pods of those, not a gazillion.

      so its only useful 2 times, then theyre gone,forever

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    • Hey by chance you remember when I lost my temper and wanted to send a ship of mine to blow up your ship to make you stop causing so much mischief? remind me that's a bad idea next time. :D

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    • soooo, continue now?

        Loading editor
    • Soon, but not now.  I haven't had too much time to help with the editing... so IMO wait a little longer.

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    • I'll be able to later tonight, going over my cousins for a bit

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    • cool. all my cousins are more than 3 hours away. so i will not be doing that

      i work monday night

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    • now?

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    • I literally just got back to my computer, though we should get fox involved. 

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    • Fox is involved.  Also...

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    • (I saw and cool, see let's get the ball rolling)

        Loading editor
    • (Yep.  I say, our next moves are roleplaying and writing a backstory for a potential machinima.)

        Loading editor
    • machinima where? all our characters are from different universes

      it is literally impossible to do that

      and its your go DMR, and join chat as well

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    • Megan "So, Karl, how exactly are we getting down to the surface of the planet? The Chat's going to have scanners tracking movement around the world."

      Karl "Well, remember how I stole intelligence from the Chat back on Eafth?"

      Megan "Yes. I remember you saying something about a grid sort of system."

      Karl "Exactly. So all we have to do is avoid the locator beams and we'll be able to get the drop on them."

      Megan "Guessing that's not going to be easy."

      Karl "If it was easy, I could send in more soldiers."

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    • "So, whats the game plan?" Johnson asked

      "I say we follow orders" Andare said

      "But whose? we could follow Heathcliff's, or Karl's"

      "I say Karl's. while he is an idiot at times, he does have more intel than we do by far" Sora said

      "but we have had nothhing but failure with him. at least with heathcliff, we had success mostly" Ino said

      "oh well. we have to trust him, at least until father wakes up" Andare said

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    • (Use me as an NPC for tonight.)

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    • Karl "Blue, anything new with the Hecate?"

      Blue "Besides the power fluctuations, I don't have anything. Though to be fair, we don't know exactly what this increase in power means."

      Edward "Well, the Hecate is a warship. The increase in power probably means better shielding, weaponary, and even travel speed."

      Karl "Well, those are nice guesses but we don't have anything concrete. Look, we aren't going to worry about that now. Just start readying two pelicans for space travel."

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    • "so. . .what kind of gear is on this tub?" Johnson asked

      "We have any of the Delta SEAL's gear, from before. we have some old experimental gear that was at home. and we have to top it all off, specialised gear for us."

      "Specialised how?" Johnson asked

      "Well, considering Sora and Shiro and Hatsuse-san are staying aboard, they just have some advanced shielding units. but we have heavy duty combat armor. i hope you like fatigues Johnson" Andare said

      "Fatigues? love 'em. what else?" 

      "Well, we have a lot of weapons in the armory, but that isnt where i spend all my time" Andare said

      "Shut up Andare, your always in the engine room!"

      "i never said anything about you. . .but now that you mention it. . . . Sinon will be able to handle any of your weapon requests. now, i am off to see where we are getting our extra power from. precisely" Andare walks off to somewhere else in the ship

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    • Karl "Edward, run and go grab DMR, Fox, and Vegito. Tell them we will be leaving the planet within a 24 hour window. In the mean time, I'll contact the Hecate so the two teams can meet and figure out exactly how they want to play this. I'll run through the plan one more time before we leave Gaeto." 

      Back on an unknown planet:

      Hado "Guards, please get prisoner #2571. Prep her for interrogation room #302." Three guards walk out of the room and head towards the prisoner cells. Entering the maximum secuirty wing, they come to the cell of prisoner #2571. 

      Jess notices three men standing in front of her door. "I guess it's time."

      Guard one, deploys a tazer baton and stuns Jess with it. She screams as she lays motionless on the ground. The other tow gaurds walk in, blind fold her, tie her hands and feet together, and carry her out.

      Guard three "Prisoner #2571 secure and on her way."

      Hado "Good, we'll be waiting." 

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    • "Come on johnson, get your ass over here. gotta get you some guns that dont suck." Sinon said

      "damn, and here i thought i should buy dinner first" Johnson said

      "can it. now come one" Johnson and Sinon go to the armory 

      Whoa, you guys sure got a lot fo guns" Johnson said

      "Yeah, Heathcliff kinda collected them over the years."

      "I have been wanting to ask you about that. . . kinda. Andare always calls him by father, or dad, or sir, or even commander. but she always calles you by Sinon, almost never by mom or mother" Johnson said "Why? you are her mom"

      "Because of how everything went. me being in cryo has made me appear and be younger than if i wasnt. but Heathcliff has kept on aging. he is more of a father than i am a mother because he has been around more."

      "Damn, thats fucked up"

      "I think he did it as penance" 

      "Penance? for what?" Johnson asked

      "For not keeping sasha safe. i think he has kept himself out of cryo so that he could know what it was like to be completely alone for months at a time. Ral couldve picked up any transmission and woken Heathcliff, but he chose to stay awake." Sinon said "He wants to be hurt, to make up for not helping her when she needed him most"

        Loading editor
    • DMR "Karl, you wanted to see me?"

      Karl "Yes, we shall be heading over to the Hecate soon to discuss how the two groups will be operating. Remember, you'll be going down with Ed and Johnson."

      Megan "Yea, and I'm stuck with Heathcliff's nut job family."

      Karl "They might be a little crazy but they know how to fight."

      Hado "Jess, it's great to see you again."

      Jess "Well I can't say the same Doc since you've blind folded me."

      Hado "Sorry but business is business. Now, if you don't mind, we will be getting down to why you're really here." Hado grabs an M9H and opens the slide, making sure the gun is loaded. "I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to answer them for me, correctly. If you don't, I'm going to shoot my gun. Are we clear?"

      Jess, glupping, "Yes..."

      Hado "Good, know first queation, what is your full name?" 

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    • "you have any sidearm bigger?" 

      "Yes, but the fn five-seven is superior"

      "But it is really insignificant"Johnson said

      "it has penetrating power. when we go up against guys with body armor, we need to get through it. and this will do it. and why are you complaining? you already have a huge main rifle"

      "Yeah, but i cant carry all the ammo in the world for it, i will need my pistol. but whatever you say, you do spend all your time in here" Johnson said

      "What? you cant prove that" Sinon said

      "Yeah, i can. all these guns are in perfect shape. Andare likes the ship more and Heathcliff wouldnt do this. only you would clean all these guns, and it would take forever" Johnson said

      "Whatever. lets just go back now that youre equipped"

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    • the group walks over to the Hecate and contacts the crew. "It's Karl, mind if we come in?" the door opens and Karl, Fox, Vegito, Megan, DMR, and Edward enter the craft.

      Edward "Wow, a very sophisticated and well maintained ship you have here."

      Megan "Really Ed? Leave it to you to get mesmerized by a fucking piece of metal."

      Edward "It's not just a piece of metal. It's a very advanced stealth warship."

      Megan "Nerd."

      DMR walks over to Johnson and looks him over, noticing his pistol. DMR pulls his out, showing it to Johnson, "Don't tell me that's what you're going to be bringing into the fight John." 

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    • "it what the lady likes" Johnson said

      "Shut it boy, it will blast through way more than your hunk of metal will" Sinon said

      Andare walks back up from somewhere, "Hey guys. . . " Andare sees Karl and others "And other people. anyways, i found where the power fluctuations were coming from. theres a second reactor hidden in the superstructure. looks like it was going to fully power a MAC cannon, but it never got installed. so, now, instead of that, we can just go do crazy stuff with it"

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    • Edward "I would love to hear what that extra power is going towards."

      Megan, laughing, "And think she's going to let you get to see how this ship operates. Heathcliff would die before that would happen."

      DMR "Hunk of metal? The DL1911G is the best hand cannon out there. It shoots to kill, and has the accuary and stopping power to match it. And Johnson, the ladies might like it, but that means nothing in war, and you should know that." 

      Blue "Sir, do you really think they are going to be able to work together?"

      Karl "There is always the chance, though this might be a long shot." 

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    • "exactly. its a hunk of metal hand cannon that uses brute force to get waht it wants. the fn five-seven uses precision accuracy and penetrating power to kill. so, DMR, if i chose to shoot you in the chest, it would go through, and you would die. while if you shot me in the chest with that hunk of metal, my body armor would absorb it, and hhen i would shoot you in the face, and you would die" Sinon said

      "Hey now, dont you two get in a fight, i dont want this ship with any blood on it. i just got rid of all of it from his stupidity from last time" Andare said 

        Loading editor
    • DMR "Please. My armor can absorb an entire clip of a five-seven. All I need is one shot and the round will go clean through the shield, armor, and the person dumd enough to think it could stop it. I've been using this for over a decade now and I've come across many other sidearms, including your five-seven, and this beauty does all their work and more. Same goes for that sniper rifle of yours Sinon."

      Karl "Anadre, let them fight it out. Thier bounding, wiether they want to admit it or not. They have a certain amount of respect for eachother, even if they talk like this." 

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    • "well, i would. but without father, she is kinda volatile. we should get them out of their gun debate, before it becomes a gunfight, and he needs to go to the med-bay" Andare said

      "UGH! i cant stand you!" Sinon yells as she storms out away from DMR

      "That could have gone worse" Andare said

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    • Edward "DMR, do you always have to and piss people off?"

      DMR "It's not my fault I'm expressing the facts about two different sidearms. She said her's was better and I told her, and explained to her how it wasn't."

      Edward "And you feel proud of yourself?"

      DMR "Since why did I come across as the guy who cared about people?"

      Megan "When Jess got taken away." 

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    • "umm. . . so. . Edward, i hear you like tech and stuff. you wanna get away from this room and i can show you something that is very far away from here?" Andare says in a panicked voice at extreme speed

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    • Edward, looking back at the group, noticing tenses rising, "Yea, let's get out of here before shit hits the fan."

      DMR "Don't you dare bring up her name!!!"

      Megan "Well it's clear you care about her."

      DMR "Right and we could have saved her if you and the old fart hadn't been getting yourselves shot."

      Megan "Excuse me?!?!?1"

      DMR "I was freaking covering both of your sorry asses. Granted at 70, I'm surpised he can still even walk without a cane." 

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    • "excuse me sir. he is not yet seventy" Ral said as he appeared at the hologram projector in the room "and he got hurt because of you DMR. he went with you, and you could not protect your own people, so he tried to, and got hurt in the end. while he has done odd things, he is the only reason you are alive, several times over, the first time you ventured here should have told you that. considering when he tried to lure Karl away, he was in even worse condition than he is now."

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    • Blue "Ral for the record, we were not lurred away. I picked up more enemy movement apporaching our position and told Karl it would be advised to leave the area before we got drawn into another fight."

      DMR "And I didn't ask for the old man save me. I am alive because I have not yet died. Sure, I've had my fair share of close calls but so has everyone else here. But don't tell me he is the reason I'm alive, because that is bull crap. Not to mention he has tried to kill me on more then one occasion becuase he wants to find his long sister. And while that's noble and all, I just care about finding Jess. I'm not going to help find his sister, so I don't need him to help me find Jess. If he does, then that's nothing on me." 

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    • on comms "bullshit. he could have killed you at epsilon, and anytime we had you on our ship. the reason he didnt is because of Jessica you stupid IDIOT!" Sinon screams through the ship comms "While Hatsune Miku doesnt look like her, Jess looks like what sasha used to. that why he has helped you and never killed you. he never gave a fuck about you, he cared about her. THE ONLY REASON YOURE ALIVE IS BECAUSE HEATHCLIFF CARES MORE ABOUT HER LIFE THAN HE DOES HIS OWN!" Sinon begins to cry "SO FUCKING APPREACIATE HIM FOR ONCE! HE IS IN A COMA BECAUSE OF YOU!"

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    • damn, i actually felt some emotion there. if only i had a soul. . . . . 

      • goes to play dark souls "I'LL HAVE ALL THE SOULS!"
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    • Commander Heathcliff wrote: machinima where? all our characters are from different universes

      it is literally impossible to do that................

      WRONG! I'd prove it, but I can't find that one crazy video that my brain feels like it got hit by a ton of hunting rocks trying to figure out how to find.

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    • oh forget it, just be glad I gave you, what ever this is. If you ever do find the video I was looking for, Zelda (yah I called you that link) finds out the world will end tomorrow and theirs at least 1200 other characters both from video games and cartoons. gtg.

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote:
      oh forget it, just be glad I gave you, what ever this is.

      (that was a really bad video)

      DMR “And I’m supposed to feel sorry for him? He got himself in a coma, and there is nothing I can do about that. Just remember he’s in one because he thought he could push his limits. And as for him wanting to help Jess because he she looks like your sister-in-law is a pathetic and shallow excuse. She’s no Sasha, she’s more then some ghost, she’s...” DMR’s voice tails off, trying to figure out who she is to him. He tries but nothing comes to mind. Fox walks up behind him and puts his hand on DMR’s shoulder has he looks down in shame.

      Karl “Alright, that’s enough. We are here because if we don’t act, we will lose a lot more then her. Now, I would advise everyone to get into their teams and start thinking about how they are going to complete their missions.”

      Jess “My name... is Jess McKathy.”

      Hado “Good. And what planet were you born on?”

      Jess “Eafth.”

      Hado “See, not so bad right? Now, did you have any siblings?”

      Jess “Don’t you already know these answers.”

      Hado, cocking the handle back, “Answer the question dear.”

      Jess, sighing, “Yes.”

      Hado “And what happened to him?”

      Jess “He died.”

      Hado “Tragic.” Hado walks around, his finger on the trigger “When you escaped Eafth, where did you go?”

      Jess “A planet.”

      Hado “And it’s name?”

      Jess “I... don’t remember.”

      Hado “Wrong answer.” Hado pulls the trigger and fires the gun.

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    • it was sinon speaking.

      "this is one of those times i am glad i died" Ral said "Now, can we go over the plan in the main holoprojector room? it would be so much nicer there, where it is not here"

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    • Edward "Andare, what exactly did you want to show me?"

      Karl "Ral, if we needed to use a holoprojector, I would have just stayed back in the capital building. Beisdes, I can have Blue bring up a mini projection if needed." Karl looks around to see if everyone is still here, "Where are Andare and Edward?" 

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    • "i just kinda wanted to get away from them before someone did something a bit hasty. and it looks like DMR just made my mom cry, so. . .. too late for that. well, if you want i could show you the hidden reactor core. it is very interesting" Andare said

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    • Edward "Well in his defense he's not in a very stable place, though I don't believe your mom is either. As for the reactor core, I would love to see it."

      Jess is motionless as the sound of the gunshot rings in her ear. She waits to feel the impact of the bullet, but it never comes. "Did he miss? Maybe he's firing blanks."

      Hado "I'll rephrase it for you, where is the headquarters for the Delta SEALS?"

      Jess "I wouldn't know, I never pick them up from the same place twice."

      Hado "Lier!!!!" Hado fries the gun again and still, Jess feels nothing. 

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    • "of course she is not stable, father is in a coma. but since you want to see it, follow me. i have no idea how it could have gotten there, as it does not appear to be as old as the rest of the ship" Andare said 

      Edward "What do you mean?"

      "It looks as advanced as stuff from only about 20 years ago, but this ship was stoeln from the chat nation almost 50 years ago. unless father found the spot and put it in himself, they were really going to go all out on this ship"

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    • Edward "Well your father has been on the run most of his life, trying to track down your aunt. But I've seen a few of these types of cores. Very stable and powerful, but they have short life spans compared to other cores. These aren't cheap but there are a few places where you can find these on the Black market, notably Alpha Harmony. It would make sense though for it to be younger then the rest of this ship."

      Megan "I guess I'll go meet up with Sinon and the rest of them?"

      Karl "Yes, and hopefully DMR and Johnson will work out their differences before we leave for Mu Gasto."

      Megan "And what about Ed?"

      Karl "He's a big boy, he can take care of himself. If he's not a part of this meeting, his blood won't be on my hands." 

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    • "yeah, but look here. the first connection for it goes to where a MAC station could have been. it looks like to me that this was supposed to independently fuel a MAC cannon. and now that things have calmed down, i think i will go see how Sinon is. and i am not leaving you here, so come one" Andare said

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    • Edward "Okay, well thank you for showing me the core. As for the MAC connection, these types of cores used to be used by the Chat Empire for Defense Platforms for a while, and since they have been fighting non-stop, it would make sense for some of these to end up on the black market."

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    • "yeah, but i dont know, i feel like something is up with this one. whatever, come on lets go, theyre probably wondering where we are" Andare said as they make their way back up to the room with everyone else

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    • Megan walks into the coms room "So Sinon, you have a good cry?" Megan walks over to a nearby wall "I'm kidding of course." She takes off her helemt, holding it in her other hand "So do you have a plan how we are going to get into the coms array without blowing our cover?"

      DMR "Okay Johnson, once Ed gets back, we can discuss our plan of attack." 

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    • DMR4LIFE wrote:

      Lord of the STARS wrote:
      oh forget it, just be glad I gave you, what ever this is.

      (that was a really bad video.... Lord of the Stars: yes, horrible, nothing like the thing I can't find if I look for all day.)

      Jess “A planet.”

      Hado “And it’s name?”

      Jess “I... don’t remember.”

      Hado “Wrong answer.” Hado pulls the trigger and fires the gun.

      This is the part where I would say "Next time the answer is I don't know, would you prefer me to just make something up?"

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    • well, i have to work tonight

      "Shut up." *sniffle " he doesnt understand anything" Sinon said "Heathcliff cares more about Jess than he does about himself because she looks like sasha. so now he is in a coma, and i'm the one who has to wait for him to wake up. if that kid wasnt so stubborn, he would have realised he isnt the only one who cares about someone they love"

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    • Megan "He does have a point though. If Heathcliff only cares about Jess because she looks like Sasha and not for who she is, DMR has a right to be angry." She walks over to Sinon, taking a seat near her. "Jess cares about everyone but DMR only cares about her because she was really the first person to push his buttons in a non dick way. Your father did aswell, but since he locked up DMR, he doesn't want to hear anything from him. 

      Hado "Jess, you can't play dumb with me. I know you know the answer, just tell me and this will all be over."

      Jess "Is he that a-wall?"

      Hado shoots the gun again "Are you going to answer me?!?!"

      Jess "If you already know the answer, why do you need me to say it?"

      Hado "Because I want to confirm the facts I have."

      Jess, with her heartbeat raising, "You got it when you invaded Yoth!!!"

      Hado, firing his gun, "Wrong again Jess! You're not making this easy on me."

      Jess "Why hasn't he just shot me already?"

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    • (Hado, nice name, I'm guessing in English the name means "he who likes to waste bullets out side of target practice.")

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    • andare is heathcliff's kid. not sinon, i cannot stress that enough.

      "He doesnt just care about her because of her looks. Sasha was the one of us who always cheered us up. she was the one who we could always talk to, even if she loved guns and hunting and shooting. Jess is like her in so many ways, it's scary" Sinon said "but now he isnt even really around, and Jess is who knows where, in trouble. he really is a caring person, but he just cant show it well. you know how he pretends to be, all high and civilised, but he is still that crude soldier of the Chat Nation, just a lot older, and still just as terrible at expressing feelings other than anger"

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    • and im back. long day, but i am off tomorrow

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    • Megan "And if he keeps wearing that mask, nobody will ever know who he truely was as a person. It's not wise to try fill a hole with a piece that isn't the exact fit. I understand Heathcliff, and everyone here wants to bring Jess back alive, but we need to also make sure we give DMR the space he needs. The time will come when you find the real sasha, and your family can be whole again."

      Edwards walks in on DMR and Johnson, "Alright boys, lets get down to it, shall we?" 

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    • "will it? he has given himself to be punished for 50 years, the nation hurt him before that, and just from a couple of months with them, he is in a coma, with dozens of unhealed injuries and . .. and. . .i just . . ." Sinon begins to cry again "I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

      "Yeah, sure, lets get down to it" Johnson lights a cigar, "Damn, this guy sure knows me, just the kinda cigar i needed left in my fatigues. Shit, if i didnt know any better i think hed be a psychic"

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    • Megan “Well, if you couldn’t find her, all of you would have given up a long time ago. But it’s the fact that there’s that chance, even if it’s a slight one, that she could be alive. I can’t tell you what to do, because I’m not you. My family is still alive and well, I didn’t have my family ripped apart by a war. What I can say though is you have to find your own reason for righting, for carrying on through all this hardship.”

      Edward, coughing, “Really man? It’s bad enough you’re smoking but in an inclosed space? Not to mention how unhealthy it is.”

      DMR “Oh calm down Ed, the man’s old enough to be your father, he can make his own decisions.”

      Hado “Where are their headquarters Jess?”

      Jess, huffing and puffing, “I... refuse to answer.” Another gun shot jolts her.

      Hado “Answer the damn question!!!”

      Jess, screaming, “NEVER! I made a promise!”

      Hado “You are a blind fool Jess.” Hado fires yet another shot, “You still wanna keep this up? You really think you are doing what is best for them?”

      Jess “It’s my job to protect them, and that’s what I’m doing.”

      Hado “I see, you wish to protect them. Very well. Guards, remove her blindfold but keep her restrained.”

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    • "Ed, i am your father.  . . . now that i got that outta the way, cigars are premium. and there are filters on every spacecraft to keep the air clean, it will go away in a minute or so."

      "you have no idea what its like though, i dont have any idea what its like! heathcliff made sure of that. i just want to have my friend back. if she died it would have been so much easier, but that IDIOT Knightmare kept her alive, and made her into a monster" Sinon said

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    • Megan "Then stop your crying and let's get this show on the road then. Now, if I'm and correct, your duaghter is supposed to be coming along with us. Where is she?"

      DMR "All right Johnson, you had your fun, but time to get down to business." DMR turns on a porjection screen and inputs coordinates, "Okay, so this is where Zeta is supposed located." A small military outpost appears, "It is located at the base of a mountain range, which means we should touchdown on one of them to get a good view of thec omplex. There doesn't seem to be to many guards but that doesn't mean we can't take this lighty."

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    • "she should be back soon. who else is going with us? just us three?" Sinon asked sniffling

      "well, it looks like if we created a dsitraction, you could pick them off from higher up the mountain, if you think you can handle that" Johnson said. "aww shit, cigar went out" as he relights his cigar

        Loading editor
    • DMR "I can easily take them out, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel." DMR notices his cigar goes out, "I hope you last longer then your cigar does." 

      Ed "A dsitraction? I don't think we should be blowing our cover. We aren't a hundred percent certain what we will be facing. I say we we take the bases power systems offline before we do anything major."

      Megan "It's just us three for taking out the array. Once it goes offline, two LASG/U gunships will drop off extra troops to help us hold the line until we can secure the area for pickup. Karl wants to still be able to use the array once we capture this planet." 

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    • "come on, you never seen a distraction before? ill make it so the whole base is looking my way, and rain or shine, ill be laughing the whole damn time"

      "cant we just shoot the dish with high explosive rounds to disable it? i can shoot from over two miles away, and the rounds will make even tungsten collapse" Sinon said

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    • Megan "We don't want to destroy it, we need to take it offline. It creates more work for use if we just use any sort of explosives. Besides, a sniper rifle isn't going to be enough."

      Ed "You think this is some joke? You're willing to blow the entire operation just so you can get some luagh out of it?"

      DMR "Not to mention even if they are just looking for you, it puts everything else on high alert." 

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    • "they wont be looking for me, they will be seeing me clear as day. and while theyre focused on me, you can shoot 'em kid. you wanna get your pretty lady back dont ya? well, this is the way to do it" Johnson said

      "ok, see do we inflitrate it and give he whole thing a huge EMP? i dont see why we need to go into it, but whatever."

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    • DMR "I would prefer to stay on the DL the enitre time. And for the record, she isn't some pretty lady, she's apart of our team. And we don't leave them behind."

      Ed "I'm guessing you were never for the quiet apporach Johnson."

      Megan "Trust me, if it was my call, we would be carpet bombing the entire area. But Karl wants the logs stored in the coms array, she we need to get into the building. Though an EMP from the outside will take it offline for a small window, large enough for us to exploit though." 

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