The Triple Barrel Flintlock was an antique sidearm used by the Kig-Yar Charmer during the Galactic Chat War.

History Edit

So obsolete that an untrained beholder would laugh, this three thousand year old gun has a bizarre history. This pistol the possession of the infamous King of Thieves, one of the most notable pirates to sail the seas of Gaeto. In just three months, he had been responsible for more plundering than Lord of the Stars had accomplished in three years. Although an accomplished fighter, he spared the lives of children and mothers, and never tormented his prisoners. At the end of his long, successful career, he vanished. After three weeks of searching, his body was found at the helm of his own ship. His skin was pealed off, his rib cadge flailed, and his spine and skull removed. Strangely, his killer never found.

Overview Edit

The pistols maximum range is 243 yards. It can punch a hole clean through a cinder block, and is accurate enough to shoot a needle from its maximum range. Although accurate and powerful, its rate of fire is a meager three shots per minute.

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