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"I vowed to avenge my clan. If I die without doing so, I will be a fool to the Kells and Archons that lived before us. And if I die when you are in my sight, I will curse you. Please, when the time comes, do not stop me."

- Thuuka

Thuuka is a Fallen Vandal who is a part of the Fallen House of the Damned. After his race came into contact with the Resistance, they created an alliance which would allow them to settle on the planet of Gracie.


Entering the GalaxyEdit

While on a mission to Mars, the Ketch of Order was suddenly engulfed by a slipspace portal and transported into the galaxy. This was the result of the Chat Empire manipulating slipspace crystals for unknown means. Everyone onboard of the Ketch believed that it was a sudden jump drive malfunction and that they had went into uncharted, human territory. Thuuka was enraged due to the loss of his ancient statue in the crash. After realizing that there was life on the minor planet below them, Archon Netkak ordered the pilots to fly the ship into the planet's atmosphere and told the gathering Fallen to prepare for a quick invasion.

Destruction of the KetchEdit

Under the order of Netkak, Thuuka, Kyrlaks, Baaku, Tuma, and other members of the Fallen House of Order entered assault skiffs and left the Ketch. They flew down to the ground in the midst of Kigyar artillery fire, but the Fallen successfully arrived on the ground. Netkak's squad fought numerous waves of enemies, which resulted in the death of many Fallen Vandals, including the young Baaku. When the enemies ceased to attack and retreated in the jungle, the Fallen had thought that they had achieved victory over the New Edenian natives. However, they stopped thinking about the idea of victory as soon as the Ketch's engines were critically damaged. Thuuka and his comrades watched as the Ketch crashed into the earth and created a tremendous explosion, which sent shockwaves for hundreds of kilometers. The squad believed that their Kell and his son had died in the crash, creating a greater sentiment against the humans.

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