Trade Agreement of Yoth

The leader of the Cheytac Smugglers signing the trade deal

The Trade Agreement of Yoth was a trade deal brokered by Captain Lee between the Guardians of Eden, the Cheytac Smugglers, and Prince Sapphire the LXXll of Aquamarine named because it was drafted at Yoth. It integrated the supply lines of the Cheytac smugglers, the Sapphire Clan of Sirens and the Guardians of Eden.

The Details Edit

1. All parties involved will allow all citizens in the agreement to freely pass through, conduct business, and live on Aquamarine, New Eden, and Cheytac.

2. All parties involved will open trade and communications to each other.

3. All parties involved will not attack each other or deploy troops into the territory of another party unless the host party asks for those troops.

4. The Cheytac smugglers trade Chat passports and ID cards in exchange for Kig-Yar and Siren technology.

5. The Cheytac smugglers will smuggle Kig-Yar and Siren soldiers and material through Chat space to shorten the supply lines of the Kig-Yar and Sirens for their military conquests and outposts.

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