Trol' Lolam is a Sanghelli warrior and a teritary member of Team Heretic Dinofox. He is the Kaidon of the Lolam' keep.

In the Halo Universe...Edit

Trol' Lolamee was originally in the Spec Ops division of the Covenant Military, adept in assassinations and gathering intelligence. However, after the Great Schism, Trol' broke away from the Covenant and changed his title to Trol' Lolam. Over time, he began to have more and more of his brethren join his cause until the entire Lolam' Keep was against the Covenant. By 2558, Trol' had an entire army at his command and constantly fought in the battle against the remainder of the Covenant.


In 2559, Trol' was traveling across the stars with his crew in his CAS-class Assault Carrier, the ​Teabagger, when a strange slispace rupture appeared and warped the craft into the THDF Universe. There, Trol' met beings such as Jess McKathy, Tyler Alshwind,  and Lord of the Stars. Trol' served in the Second Battle of Yoth and the Attack on Dark Oculus.

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