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Troll Quadrant

The Troll Quadrant is massive.

The Troll Quadrant is the largest stronghold of the Chat Empire. It is heavily defended by the Chat and any trade caravans or smuggler would have a hard time passing through the tight security with fake passports of ID cards. However, groups like Team Heretic Dinofox have been able to sneak into the Sargasso Space Zone, as seen during the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling.

Overview Edit

The Troll Quadrant is a symbol of Chat power due to their heavy presence in the area. Their uncompromising power over the quadrant scares people into submission the galaxy over, keeping relative peace there.

It is also a source of most of the Chat's manufacturing, with the quadrant producing 70% of all Chat manufactured goods in 2554. The protection of the shipping lanes of the Troll quadrant has made it even more popular with entrepreneurs who seek to build large manufacturing businesses in a place of high demand, hard working labor, and the most protected shipping lanes in the galaxy. Although more and more pirates are getting a cut of the profits of this economic boom.

Galactic Chat War Edit

The Galactic Chat War has had a great effect on the citizens. The factory workers are being pushed to work 50% of the day for little pay at the factories to keep up the production of war materials like guns and vehicles. The ratio of Chat soldiers and defenses per citizen has risen dramatically over the course of the war. Before the Battle of Eafth few if any rebels could be found in the quadrant but after the battle many rebel groups are rising up alongside dissenting Chat soldiers.

Pirate Problems Edit

With all these manufactured goods being moved around this quadrant has attracted a lot of pirate groups. Raiding these Chat ships is dangerous work will all the Chat power but the rewards a larger than usual and the shipping lanes are traveled much more often by prey cargo ships and Chat naval ships alike.

Locations Edit

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