H4 ppistol trans

Plasma Pistol seen here.

Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
Production information


Iruiru Armory




Directed Energy Pistol

Technical specifications


Handheld, Single Handed (Dual Wieldable)

  • Length (o/a):34.4 centimetres (13.5 in)
  • Width:6.4 centimetres (2.5 in)
  • Height:27.7 centimetres (10.9 in)
  • Weight:3.5 kilograms (7.7 lb)

Damage Per Hit

25.5 (shields), 6.375 (health), 255.2 (charge vs. shields), 14.5 (charge vs. health) 

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition

100 Battery Units 

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Superheated Plasma

Rate of Fire

360 RPM

Muzzle Velocity

108 m/s (354 f/s)


  • Medium
  • Overcharged: Slight Homing


Close to Medium

  • 50 metres (160 ft)


Human-Covenant War, Galactic Chat War



Unnamed Field Marshall's personal army, The Resistance

This a Covenant Directed Energy Weapon reverse engineered from Forerunner technology that uses a weaponized variant of the fourth stage of matter plasma to serve as a worthy weapon on the battlefield. The weapon is powered by a battery cell. The weapon has a power output of 100–150 kV at 0.2–0.3 A (20–45 kW), but when overcharged, the power output is 1.5 MV at 0.2–0.3 A (300–450 kW). The Type-25 DEP is a semi-automatic weapon using a single collimator design that gives the weapon its smooth and aerodynamic, claw-like appearance. The Type-25 DEPs functionality is straight forward; the rear section of the pistol has a holographic display indicating weapon temperature during use—in the center of the holographic display is a small red pad known as the Type-25 DEPs safety and activation mechanism. Before the plasma pistol can be fired, the user must place his or her thumb on the pad, which activates the weapon and prepares it for use. On the left side of the device is another small red button used to open the top heating vent, used to cool the weapon to prevent overheating and to allow access to the internal components of the weapon.

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