A Type-26 "Wraith".

Used heavily by Field Marshall's forces, the Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage, also known as the Wraith, is a heavy tank and assault craft.


Usually armed with one Heavy Plasma Mortar and one plasma turret, the Type-26 is a knightmare for infantry. Since the Type-26's cannon is more like a mortar, which means the shots arc. It boosts heavy frontal armor plating, about 61cm thick, and even has limited boosting capabilities. However, it travels somewhat slowly and can easily be destroyed with a clean shot to its rear. The Type-26 also has a slow turning speed and the main gun cannot travel a full 360 degrees. However, even with all its downsides, it is a great support vehicle that can not only suppress enemy fortifications, it can hold its own in vehicle combat. It is unknown how the Type-26 would fair against the Main Battle Tank 12, used by the Chat Empire.

Type 26 firing

The Type-26 firing its main cannon.

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