The Type-35 Plasma Pounder is a plasma directed energy weapon manufactured and distributed by the Integro Firearm Corporation.


The Plasma Pounder is capable of firing plasma rounds rapidly while having a low bullet spread. It is considered the killer of shields and the "flesh pounder" which is how the Type-35 got its name. However, it is awful against heavy or reinforced armor plating, due to the plasma round's slow melting rate. Compared to the Storm Rifle, the Plasma Pounder overheats quite quickly. There is also a chance of plasma rounds degrading if the weapon is overheated


While it is permitted to be used by military personnel only, the Plasma Pounder is mostly profitable on the black market. Mercenaries, particularly the Sangheili and the Yugaha, favor the Plasma Pounder over its other competitors due to its damage rate to shields. They are also swayed by its cross-specieal design.

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