Type 74 anti guidance feild genorator. Sea


Type 74 anti guidance feild genorator. SPACE


The Type 74 anti guidance field generator is a Siren missile/torpedo counter measure buoy. Their are two kinds.

  • Sea Buoy: The sea variant is 35 feet in size and can be deployed by ship boat air craft or orbital drop to float above or below the surface of the sea attached to anchor and chain. It emits pulse of energy in a spherical formation field. A single buoy's range is 30000 yards. The fields work by first attempting to disrupt magnetic fields in the electronics of a guidance system. If that don't work their next move is to send out a 5000 false sonar pings per second. If that don't work their next move is to put out 780 false radar detection images for a missile or torpedo to go for instead. If that don't work their final move is to emit a 4000* electro magnetic pulse at a maximum range of 300 yards. The water around them will then boil for a few seconds but the buoy will be unharmed from this move and come back on line in about 3 minuets. If a missile or torpedo makes it past this their are still others for it to pass before it hits its target.

  • Space Buoy: The space buoy works the same except its spherical interceptor puse fields have a range of 3000 knots and its 4000* emp move has a range of 300 miles. Its also 80 times larger and more difficult to deploy.

  • Tactics: The buoy will not intercept a friendly missile or torpedo and if the enemy send friendly signal duplicates to bypass detection the code on friendly guidance weapons can be changed on demand. Siren naval forces when using these tend to lay fields of hundreds of these with in fields of thousands of mines, the mines normally put around the paths enemies would have to take to destroy these buoys, as destroying them is really the best way to get past them. Once these fields are up they then put their naval fleets in gigantic gaps in the center. The standard formation for these maneuvers is shaped like a hurricane with the ships in the eye of the formation. In wet naval combat swimmers often patrol the edges to fire counter strike shots at anything aimed to destroy the mines or buoys.

Another tactic often used is to simply run from the enemy just enough to stay at a range where its easy to open fire and evade fire, fire interception shots at guided projectiles, while also deploying the buoys. Another tactic sometimes used is to drop them from star fighters next to enemy ships. These buoys do work on plasma torpedoes and other guided energy ball missiles as the guidance is still on the ship that fires them, and at the greater range its even harder to counter the counter fields. Just because the emp is only 4000* at a range of 300 yards/miles doesn't mean the emp isn't able to keep traveling while simply cooling down. After this the emp's range its self is somewhat random and clumsy. A good way to work againced the anti guidance field is to simply fire ballistic weapons or energy bolt/beam weapons instead of guided weapons. Although this limits the verity of firable weapons. Do not waste nukes if you know so much as one of these is in the area just in case. Your not guaranteed they will even manage to detonate.

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