The UAP45 is an accurate, lightweight weapon that is used by the Delta SEALS in close range engagements. It comes with a red dot sight.


While it only holds 25 rounds per magazine, it fires a specially modified 11.43x23mm Tipped Anti-Preaching Round. Unlike most SMGs that fire normal pistol rounds, the UAP45's rounds are tipped like an assault rifle round, giving it that extra power to bring down the enemy. The weapon can deplete its entire 25 round magazine in just over two and half seconds, so the user will have reload frequently. The UAP45 is favored by both combat and security teams that need a small weapon with a lot of stopping power. It is also the signature weapon of the Delta SEALS, and is used by Jess McKathy.


  • High damage per shot
  • High rate of fire
  • High impact force
  • Silenced by default


  • Low ammo capacity
  • Low penetration
  • Expensive
  • High recoil
  • Ineffective at long range
  • Heavy, for a machine pistol
Uap45 in action

A Delta SEAL using a suppressed UAP45.

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