Spec op pelican

The Stealth variant of the UD77.

Used heavily by Team Heretic Dinofox, the UD77-Pelican is the dropship that will carry them to and from the battlefield. 


At 37 meters long and a wingspan of 25 meters, this dropship is not small at all. With the ability to carry up to 30 troops plus a pilot and co-pilot, just a hand full of the UD77's can change the course of the battle. They can also transport vehicles as well, also making them a great utility ship. It comes armed with one five barrel M134 Vulcan Chain laser gun at the nose, two ANVIL Sparrow missile pods (each holding eight missiles) and one rear .70 caliber heavy machine gun. For defense, it has a light shield, flares, and jamming capabilities. However, it is not meant to act has a gunship and is easy to shoot down with a heavy anti-air weapon.

The Delta SEALS use a special variant of this dropship for most of their combat drops, called the Dropship 79 Heavy-Troop Carrier, or D79H-TC. It has two GAU/53 70mm Auto-cannons in the nose of the pelican and when it is deploying troops also has a M46 LAAG. It also has a heavily modified interior to allow room for a active camouflage generator to allow for increased stealth, and the exterior is coated with photo-reactive panels to allow for even more camouflage, so that if something happens to one of the camouflage systems, the other can take over and keep the craft undetectable. Although since it has the camouflage systems, it that also means it does not have any shielding as there is no room in the ship for a shielding unit. Under the Photo-reactive panels, there is also artificially strengthened Ti-A3 battle plate armor, the same of which also covers its hanger ship, The Hecate. The ship also carries spare parts and entire weapons of the Delta SEALS preferred weapons. The Hecate, Great Fox III, and the Back with a Vengence are known to carry these ships. 


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