UNSC Resolution

UNSC Judgement Call
Class of ship: Frigate
Production information
Manufacturer UNSC Navy
Class Strident-class heavy frigate
Technical information
Length 750 metres
Width 120 metres
Slipspace drive Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Shielding Covenant era
Hull 60 centimetres (2 ft 0 in) Titanium-A armor
  • Mark IV, Heavy Coil - 94B1E6/MAC
  • M42 Archer Missile Delivery System
  • M870 Rampart 50mm Point Defense Network
  • M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System (3 silos)
Crew 300 max.
  • Scout
  • Light Assault
  • Escort
  • Defense
Affiliation Team Heretic Dinofox

The UNSC Judgement Call, more commonly called as the Judgement is a Strident-class heavy frigate. It is the base of operations for Centurion Team, led by Sam Flynn. It's captain is Clyde Millers.

Entry into the THDF UniverseEdit

After Operation:IGNITION and the damaging of Fireteam Nova, Sam Flynn and Scott Jones were assigned to a new team called Centurion Team with 2 other Spartans. They were going on a mission in the ship when the Slipspace Rift Incident happened, transporting them to the THDF Universe.


  • It is larger than other Strident-class frigates. Normal Stridents are just 575 metres while this one is 750 metres long.

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