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While he is not the violent type, he is brilliant and is very tech savy. UF won't kill you, but he'll make it impossible for you to operate efficiently.
— Resistance description of Ultra Force.

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Though he is young, he is very smart for his age.


The title of Ultra Force has been passed down through many generations in his family. His real name is Kazuto Kirigaya but he uses the codename Ultra Force in public. He was born on Eafth, and his father was already a Chat Admin. No one except Kazuto knew his father's real name, as it is considered heresy for anyone outside of the family to know their real name. However, Kazuto has revealed his secret identity to only his closest of friends.

When Kazuto became an Admin at the age of 17, the Galactic Chat War had just begun. He is often being compared to the previous Ultra Force and as a result, is constantly living under the legend of his father.


  • Swordsmanship

Battle StatusEdit

Up until the Battle of Eafth Ultra Force had yet to be involved in any of the battles, spending most of his time on Eafth trying to improve the tech used by the Chat Armed Forces. Unlike his father, UF does not like blood or to get his hands dirty in combat. Though he knows how to fight and kill, he prefers diplomacy over military action. He believes that unless people use their words instead of their actions, then peace will never happen. While most of the Admins see him as weak, Karl-591 has taken a liking of him, though this is mostly because UF helps maintain his AI, Blue. At heart, Ultra Force is a good kid who has gotten caught up in a bloody war. If he does have to fight, he likes to use one of his two swords, called the Elucidator and Dark Repulser; though he will use firearms if he needs to. 

After a lengthy Battle on Eafth, Ultra left the Chat Empire and joined Karl and Wilc0 in the New Galactic Republic. Though Ultra Force proved himself in the heat of battle, he was almost killed by T3CHNOCIDE. However, the timely arrival of Republic Guard soldiers kept him alive. After the battle, Ultra left the planet with Karl, DMR, and Jess and made their way towards Gaeto. During a delegation on the planet, Ultra helped Karl through out the entire process, checking delegates as they arrived and making sure security measures were all working. After a bomb plot was discovered, Karl ordered Ultra to capture the rat who had infiltrated their ranks. They soon learned it was a member of the Elite Guard, named Kai, and Ultra immediately captured her by stabbing her with a syringe. Ultra was then put in charge of making sure none of the pirsoners escaped. Even after a second bomb went off, and Jess was kidnapped, Ultra did not leave his post.


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