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The Unggoy are a species of squat bipedal vertebrates in the unified races of the Covenant Army. They hail from the world of Balaho. Unggoy are often used as laborers, slaves, or in combat situations, as cannon fodder, with exceptions like Spec-Ops teams. They are sometimes referred to by humans as "Grunts". However, unlike most other Covenant species like Kig-Yar, they are not generally offended by being called their human name. Also unlike the Kig-Yar all unggoy are in the THDF Galaxy are loyal to the Covenant.

Biology Edit

Unggoy are a bit shorter than the average human, breath a gas methane, and are strong and tough for their size. They are able to use heavy weapons like the Fuel Rod gun with only one hand while even a Sangheili must use two. They have a good sense of smell, but their hearing and eye-sight are not as acute.

In combat, they tend to be somewhat cowardly, and if their leader is killed, low ranking Unggoy will usual panic and run. They are also much more intelligent then covenant leaders like to pretend they are.

Unggoy are also very good at picking up the basics of many languages very, very quickly and are often used as translators.

Culture Edit

Unggoy are the working class and front-line fighters of the covenant. They are strong and surprisingly resiliant for their size, because of their hard exo-skeleton. In combat they are typically deployed as distractions and Canon-Fodder. However, the elite and deadly Spec-Ops teams also integrate Unggoy into their ranks. The combat prowess of Unggoy and Sangheili Spec-Ops teams is second only to the Sangheli Zealots lead by UFM.

Many Unggoy believe that the Forerunners were gods, and worship them as such. Others no longer have faith in the Covenant gods after the great schism, which has created somewhat of a rift in the THDF Covenant.

On Balaho back in the Milky Way Galaxy, Unggoy live in clans of differing technological status, from Stone Age to Covenant tech, but are for the most part passive and peaceful. The opposite is true in the THDF Galaxy. The Unggoy are very militaristic, and the most well armed species in the galaxy, with neary 100% serving in the Covenant.

In the THDF Galaxy, the most powerful and influential Unggoy is Yozoz, leader of all Unggoy Spec-Ops.

Technology Edit

The Unggoy use Covenant Technology.

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