This article is a list of all active in-universe characters that are controlled by wikia users.


1hs444 Edit

Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud

Commander Heathcliff Edit

Heathcliff happy

Commander Heathcliff

Coolbuddy379 Edit

  • Captain Clyde Millers
  • Unnamed Marine Units
  • The League
  • Spear (Rek-Lehr)

General B.H. Edit

  • General BH
  • Attila the Hutt
  • Conor
  • Elite Remnant Legion Sangheili
  • Tertiary Mandalorian characters
  • Tertiary Chat characters

Hiddenlich Edit

  • Uvok
  • Chiron
  • Members of Fireteam Tiger
  • The Grand Centurion
  • Sergeant Grimes
  • Thuuka
  • Tuma
  • Calimitan, the Damned
  • Laagra, the Shield

Lord of the STARS Edit


Lord of the STARS

Nikoli the rebel Edit

Nikolai Pereshenko eye patch with gun

Nikolai Pereshenko with a M12 SOP.

Sean4333 Edit

  • Sean

SuperVegito1229 Edit

Xytan 'Montrumai

Xytan 'Montrumai

Trol' Lolam Edit

  • Trol 'Lolam
  • Nial 'Lolam
  • 'Lolam-affiliated troops

Tyler Alshwind Edit

DMR profile pic

Tyler "DMR" Alshwind

Unnamed Field Marshall Edit

Field Marshall with Swords

Unnamed Field Marshall

  • The Unnamed Sangheili Field Marshall (UFM)
  • 'Quirov (and other Ronin Zealots)
  • The Augury of Justice bridge crew
  • Aylin Bray
  • Subject-R
  • Vaye Hek
  • Minnae
  • Jim Parsely

Yozoz Edit

Yozoz Hat


Quirkyadventures Edit

  • Jak
  • Talot
  • Bravo 3
  • Mol Telake
  • Kyrlaks 
  • Netkak

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