Hey all!  Been quite awhile since the last community update blog, amirite? 

So, I'll cut to the chase.  I've been away from THDF for a long time.  How long since I was avid? Probably before this wiki was even made.  However this wiki gave me (and hopefully all of you) incredible experience, and in retrospect, I can truly see how much work I put into it.  How much work you all put into it.

I hope you're going to be here with me for a big revamp to the site.

Clean Up

As we all know, THDF is full of pages that are deemed absolutely unacceptable by either professional Wikia or Wikipedia standards.  I'm going to help us clean this mess up, but I can't do it alone. I would greatly appreciate volunteers on that front.

Also, I am going to further review policy on page creation, and see if I can stunt the growth issues we're having.

Page Deletion Notice

So, on a note not regarding our current canon issues, (I have personally backed down from handling that issue long ago) I'm going to be flagging pages for either deletion or marking them as stubs.  Articles that are marked for deletion can be taken out if the proper issues are solved, and the criteria is met.  However.

Expect to hear of a release date soon, a date on which I will start reviewing the flagged pages further, and deleting the severe cases all in one big salvo.


Unfortunately, I've spent the last 6 months silently observing THDF instead of taking action that it so desperately needs now.  If you are unwilling to continue THDF, I understand. However, those who wish to continue THDF, be assured that the community is not in resession, but in progression.

Live long, boldly go, and may the Team be with you.

Edit:  Check out this new blog on the {{pictures}} template!

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