Deep within the Wild Regions of the Galaxy, there is a small planet known as Lagongo. It has been consumed by the plagues of war, terrorism, piracy, and imperialism. However, neither the New Galactic Republic nor the Chat Empire are at the center of this conflict. The belligerents are not unified, they are scattered; divided by their differences in ideology, morals, and reasoning. There are no gods, and there are no masters.


A Kig-Yar falls down a 20 story building and is impaled on a decaying electrical pole. It hasn't been used for nearly 50 years. The Kig-Yar vision is fading, and its accumulating saliva is gushing out of its mouth. It is very similar to how its purple blood is leaving its torso and leaking onto the cracked, stained concrete. A large reptomammal descends from the top floor of the building, but he uses his thruster pack to break its fall. He lands 2 feet away from the dying Kig-Yar.

"Did you really think you would get out of this mess alive pal?" asks the reptomammal.

The Jackal says nothing. It only stares at the wide, cylindrical object that its killer is holding.

"This was never your's. It was mine. It will always be mine. If I can't have this, I will kill everyone who ever glanced at it, and everyone associated with those people."

The Jackal's eyes dilate. It tilts its head to the right and extends its limbs.

"You're not dying this way. Your neurons have one more message to deliver."

The reptomammal pulls an AK-47 off of his back. He pulls the trigger, and the Jackal's head twists painfully towards the concrete. The last of its blood exits its body. The murderer flings his weapon back onto his back and bolts down the vine-covered street.

Disgusting vermin. All of them should burn in Hell for being born, he thought.

About 100 meters ahead of the reptomammal, a very dented shuttle lands in the middle of the road. The shuttle doors screech as they release five humanoids with pale skin and black tattoos. Each humanoid is carrying Integro AAWs, two fragmentation grenades, a kukri knife, and a canteen. Their armor varies greatly in appearance. One of the humanoids with deteriorating standard issue Chat Nation armor fires a flare up into the sky.

"Sheshari!" says the shooter.

The other humanoids cloak themselves and move behind nearby vehicles.

"Tei-sun Yugaha." says the shooter.

"I'm not here to speak with a Shabaan. I'm here to deliver something," says the reptomammal.

"So impudent, considering that you represent an organization that essentially leads your species," replies the shooter.

"What the hell do you even want?" asks the reptomammal.

The Shabaan sighs and puts his palm onto his mouth. After 10 seconds, he takes it off and continues to speak.

"We are here to loot this post-apocalyptic cesspool," says the shooter.

"I'm afraid you will find nothing worth a dime to you. Five decades ago, you would have been rich, but now, this technology is not worth anything to the modern galactic scavenger."

The Shabaan snickers. He did not expect the Yugaha to be so ignorant.

"You are clearly too enthrallled with the present and not reflective on the past. Pre-Imperial technology is very useful. Do not ever be fooled by the obsolete label," says the shooter.

Suddenly, the Yugaha whips out a magnum and shoots directly to the right of him. The target becomes electrically distorted as it falls to the ground. It was one of the cloaked Shabaan.

"It's not very prudent to assassinate an acquaintance," says the reptomammal.

"I did not issue the order for my comrades to attack you-"

"Well you already pissed me off."

The Yugaha grabs his AK-47 off of his back and sprays bullets all around him. The Shabaan leader activates his personal 4-IB Shielding Gauntlet, which catches all of the bullets being shot at him. Astonished, the Yugaha launches upward with his thruster pack and lands on the top of a building.

"You have disappointed me. Not only are you rude and paranoid, but you can't finish a fight that you started!" yells the Shabaan.

"Oh, I'm not running away."

"Then may I ask what your fucking plan is?"

The Yugaha grimaces as he pulls his AK-47 onto his back and grabs two white canisters. He looks around the area.

Two to the left of the leader. What about the third?"

The Yugaha shakes his head.

Nevermind about that. The third will run after witnessing this stunt.

The Yugaha throws the two canisters down to the street below him. The Shabaan warriors on the street futilely retreat as the canisters hit the ground. Within moments after the canisters hit the street, the area is engulfed in smoke and fire. The Yugaha laughs maniacally as the three Shabaan scream on the street below him...

Within minutes, the charred streets are extinguished. The Shabaan leader is alone, as his two other comrades who stayed with him are now black, lifeless corpses. His face, very distorted by the fire of the canisters, no longer has a nose, and no longer hides the insides of the mouth. Some of his facial tattoos are still on him, but they are as solid as treet bark.

"Such a tragedy..."

The Yugaha thrusts down onto the street. He bolts towards the morbidly injured Shabaan, who is no longer in charge of anyone. He kneels and points his magnum at the Shabaan's chest.

"I apologize for my imprudence," says the Yugaha.

"Just end my life already. I'm in enough pain as it is," says the Shabaan.

The Yugaha grimaces. He stands back up and puts his magnum into his holster. He turns around and walks into the Shabaan team's shuttle. He hotwires the activation mechanism and ascends into the sky.

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