This is going to be an short and effiecent blog about all the events of the Second Battle of New Eden.  It continues a blog series entirely devoted to helping new users seamlessly merge into the current rp and old users to keep up. This is supposed to be a short and efficient way to catch up on THDF. Its not a newspaper or evening news.  If any one of these blogs takes you more than 10 minutes to read then you should tell me so I can fix it. 

Ketch Chronicles

  • The Ketch is shot down over New Eden by the Guardians of Eden, crew evacuates.
  • Chat invade New Eden again, lead by DAB1001
  • Executor Helsing, Grand Centurion, and Sergeant Grimes engage the Fallen around the crash sight.
  • Chat repulses Resistance attempts to reach the Ketch
  • Chat wound Tuma and work on breaching entrance to Ketch

Siege of Paradiso

  • Chat forces attempt to take Paradiso but they are halted by Mecha-STARS. 
  • Their advance halted, Chat decide to digg in and siege the city, shelling the Kig-Yar into submission
  • The Chat latter retreat out of artillery range of the Kig-Yar.

Gunboat Diplomacy

  • Nikolai PereshenkoStonewall, and Baron Fortunato regroup in the destroyed hull of the Back with a Vengeance
  • Nikolai learns he has been hallucinating
  • The group is tasked by STARS to approach the Ketch and seek a diplomatic solution
  • Calimitan, Netkak, and other Fallen eventually decide to seek peace with the resistance and leave the Crash sight for a neutral zone
  • Netkak and Stonewall skirmish on the UD77-Pelican, draw.  Thuuka unconcious, Stonewall hospitalized.
  • After a feast, STARS strikes a deal with Calimitan.  The Fallen will be given the planet of Gracie in exchange for a military alliance with the Resistance.
  • Thuuka and Stonewall recover. 

Chat Retreat

  • The Chat retreat from New Eden and the Fallen regroup.
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