The Utah-Class Destroyers are a rarely seen class of Destroyers, only known to be within the First Fleet of Righteous Warriors.

Utah ship

The Utah-Class Destroyer firing both HACK cannons at the same time, devastating anything caught by the shot.


Known for being exceedingly quick and having surprising firepower, the Utah-class Destroyers have very weak armour. To make room for their main gun, known as the "Super HACK", they hanger bay was removed so the destroyer cannot launch fighters, much like the Raptor-Class, but the Utah class goes above and beyond, installing two Super HACKs, one in each prong of the ships front. The disadvantage is that the ship must orient itself to fire the guns, as they can only shoot directly forward.

The ship also has 7 point defense guns, 3 M50 Raven Missile Pods, and a medium beam plasma cannons, on the rear of the ship. The Utah-Class sports a better engine than the rest of the fleet, with antimatter hyper propulsion drives and a weaker shield to help in survive in combat. The length of the destroyer escort is 1.1 Km.   


One of the Destroyers arrived at Catoonie, during what would be the final phase of The Hunt for Commander Heathcliff

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