“For the user equivalent, see Hiddenlich.”
— Uvok

Uvok was formerly a Jiralhanae revolutionary who helped fight in the Brute Revolution. After he and his comrades lost the revolution Uvok, his son, and his other comrades were exiled from Moris. They are currently part of the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Uvok was born on the Jiralhanae homeworld of Dosiac in the year of 2515 in the Halo universe, during the dawn of the Chat Empire in this universe. At that time, the Jiralhanae were in civil war, multiple clans clashing for blood and glory. Many ideological clans sprung up also, bringing in the ideas of anarchy, aristocracy, democracy, oligarchy, monarchy, theocracy, and even plutocracy. Uvok's clan was not influenced by any of these ideologies, mainly due to their isolation with most clans.

Slipspace Rift Incident Edit

Uvok was taken into this universe in 2555 with around another 1,100,000,000 Jiralhanae. He settled on Moris with about 1 billion other Jiralhanae.

Uvok's Coup Edit

Uvok lead a coup of the primary Chieftain of the refugee Jiralhanae from late 2555 to 2557, the event now known as the Brute Revolution. It was a very bloody civil war that cost many lives, those including two of Uvok's three sons. After the ending of the Brute Revolution, Uvok, his comrades, and his one remaining son were exiled from Moris. He joined the Resistance soon after.

Appearance Edit

Uvok is 9 feet tall, like nearly every other Jiralhanae in the universe, with brown fur and red eyes. On his back he has a long scar, he wears green armor with red stripes.

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