Visius Vitarian is a Mercenary working for Talot and the Resistance.

History Edit

Visius was born on the planet of Palaven into a middle class family where he spent his child hood admiring the Turian military and being as loyal to his Race as possible, so when he was old enough he joined the military, where he learned that he was naturally a excellent marksmen.

During his time in the Turian military he got exposed to element 0 which gave him weak biotic ability's which was painful for him to use, later on in his military career he got framed for a friendly fire incident which led to him getting given a dishonorable discharge and kicked out of the military, this caused him to move world because of his guilt and stay away from the his friends and family who thought he was a traitor.

Visius eventually made a family and a new life for himself but on one fateful day he lost his family in a pirate attack on the world, this devastated him and caused him to try and find a way to track down the pirates, he eventually found out about a Krogan named Talot who was tracking down the group and offered to help him find them, which after a couple of months they managed to track them down and kill them, Visius had gotten his revenge.

The next couple of years Visius and Talot would go on countless missions together across the galaxy and quickly became the best of friends.

Working with the resistance Edit

After meeting back up with Talot he found himself working for the resistance giving the team sniper support, most notably at the Battle of New Haven where Tyler and him where tasked with eliminating a Chat admiral, which was a success but they were pinned down by Chat reinforcements, this forced Visius to use his biotic ability's to send a shock wave at the enemy chat, though successful on pushing back the chat forces this heavily damaged Visius making him feel like he had broken every bone in his body, but he fought through the pain, to get back to the jeep which dropped them off.

Later he would be sent on a mission to give sniper support for a squad moving into a Chat facility he would later be captured and tortured by the Chat to give out info on where the resistance base was. Finally after two days Visius would crack telling them that the Resistance base that was on a ship.

Dealing with the fallenEdit

months later visius broke out of the chat prison hold cell with assistance from a turian spec ops team he was later extracted to a turian recon base and then promoted to primarch due to political reasons,months later visius heard about the attack on new eden and went straight onto investigation about the new species called the "fallen" weeks later on Visius's capital ship a turian spec ops team came back with a fallen prisoner from the wreckage called kolisk who appeared to be the leader's son of the so called "house of order" for the first hour visius and seargant artus interrogated kolisk,getting nothing out of him a turian called a sangheili warlord to come in who was a witness of the attack called "commander Ven",Ven went on to ask kolisk complicated questions which caused kolisk to crack out the information about the fallen to the turians unfortunately shortly after the ship became under siege to a fallen pirate squad tasked to extract kolisk from the Turians,a few minutes later kolisk,Ven,artus and the surviving crew members made a successful push to the control room,after doing so visius opened all the ship's airlock ducts sucking all the fallen pirates out,the ship was safe again

Appearance Edit

Visius is a brown-skinned Turian with white face-paint that are unique to his colony of origin. He dons black Turian soldier armor with red markings.

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