Vladmir Reznov is a Chat spy who took part in the Battle of the SS Arno and the Battle of Yoth.

Vladmir Reznov

Vladmir attending the funeral of his partner, Anton who he killed on the SS Arno.

Description Edit

Vladmir is a Chat spy in his early 60's. He has no known family and few friends. He wears a suit into combat with only his SIP-30, Anton's XL-40 Revolver, and a bulletproof vest.

SS Arno Edit

Vladmir was deployed to the SS Arno under suspicion that the Shipmaster, Nin 'Lolamee was smuggling weapons to the resistance through Chat trade routes.

During his stay at the SS Arno, Vladmir's lunch was interrupted by XD droids who attempted to escort the pair to their room. His partner, Anton, temporarily disabled the droid and they geared up to engage whatever threat had boarded the Arno.

After retreating to the bridge he was captured by an Xenomorph and mortally wounded. His partner, Anton was the only one who saved him and tracked the alien to the cafeteria. Anton dispatched the Xenomorph by playing the corners and he escorted Vladmir to the hangar as fast as he could while Xenomorph Paltines chased them. The duo stopped at an atrium and barricaded the door. The Xenomporhs banged on the door while Anton pointed a wayward family towards the hangar and Vladmir counted their ammo. Vladmir realized they only had 2 bullets left and suicide seemed the obvious choice.

Vladmir tired to convince Anton to leave his mortally wounded partner behind but Anton refused and vowed to stay by his side until the end. With acid seeping through the door, Vladmir saw only one way that at least one of them would make it out. He grabbed Anton's gun and shot him in the stomach. Vladmir limped away as the Xenomorphs broke through the door and swarmed over the crippled Anton.

Vladmir escaped the atrium but was soon confronted by raptor pirates who had been alerted by the noise. Fortunately so had tens of face-huggers and Vladmir locked himself in a closet while both factions attacked each other. The facehuggers gained the upper hand and chased the remaining raptors down the hallfway. Vladmir got out of the closet.

He encountered Wal Resumee who dragged him down a set of hallways and threw him into a phantom to save his life. Wal stayed behind to contain the outbreak. Fearing capture, Vladmir assassinated both pilots of the phantom from behind and took control. He set course for a military base named Chat base Alpha on the planet below named Yoth.

On Yoth Edit

Skirmish on The Unforgiving Spectre Edit

Vladmir announced to T3CHNOCIDE that Anton had bravely stayed behind to save both his life and that of the family and attended the resultant funeral. The next day he was tasked with chartering an alliance with the sympathetic Shipmaster of the The Unforgiving Spectre.


Vladmir arrives in style at the expense of the Unnamed Shipmaster.

When Vladmir arrived on the Spectre, he was greeted by a suspicious crew and a charismatic Shipmaster.

He promised said Shipmaster a way home for 1 year of service in the Chat navy. Both agreed but decided to keep their deal secret from the crew.

Unbeknownst to either party, Xytan and Dr. Parsely had stealthily infiltrated the Covenant Stealth Corvette to reclaim Xytan's status as Shipmaster. Both men revealed themselves to the Shipmaster and Vladmir on the bridge.

The Unnamed Shipmaster and Xytan dueled while Vladmir pursued Dr. Parsely to the engine room where the Dr. hid. Xytan defeated the Unnamed Shipmaster and demanded to know why Vladmir, a human was on his ship. Defeated, the Unnamed Shipmaster, revealed the treacherous treaty and Xytan won over the allegiance of the crew.

Vladmir, now searching the engine room for Dr. Parsely was cornered by six newly converted Sangheili. Vladmir drew Anton's six shot XL-40 revolver and landed ever shot. Dr. Parsely, armed with only a crowbar leaped out of hiding to overtake Vladmir while he was reloading. Dr. Parsely's broke Vladmir's jaw and took chunks out of the left side of Vladmir's face but was defeated due to his physical weakness.

The Chat spy then took his time with his defeated opponent to loaded his last round into the XL-40. 5 times the doctor was lucky. Before Vladmir could pull the trigger a 6th time, 12 Sangheili arrived. Vladmir used his last round to blow a hole in the side of The Unforgiving Spectre and escape rather than finish off Dr. Parsely and be taken prisoner.

Sniper and spotter

A Civilian Militia sniper team spots Vladmir before the rapidly approaching whiteout.

Return to Chat HQ Edit

Frostbite had set in and was gnawing away at the left side of Vladmir's damaged face. Vladmir called for a

Vladmir funny

Vladmir riding a polar bear back to HQ.

shuttle but all low atmosphere sorties were on hold with the coming whiteout blizzard. As the blizzard came in, he took refuge with a group of 4 rebels (two spotters and two snipers). Vladmir lied to them about his allegiance and killed two of them every night making each death look like a death by exposure.

After the second night, the storm lifted and Vladmir called for a Chat shuttle. He received no response so

he captured a polar bear and rode it back to HQ.

Back at Chat HQ Edit

Vladmir was shocked to learn rebels had attacked during the snowstorm, catching the Chat off guard, and landing a decisive victory. The rebels also destroyed the Chat's planetary airforce while it was grounded. As the rebels rapidly advanced towards the capital, Levsa, Vladmir was tasked with deploying a scorched earth policy on the city to ensure, it could not be used by the resistance.

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