Von Heft is a Mandalorian Field Marshal given the glory of leading the attack on the Kig-yar home world of Saurian Ceti IV.

Early LifeEdit

Von Heft was heir of a wealthy mandalorian who trained Von dueling skills since he was a young boy. Von loved to hunt animals as a teenager when he was not in school. As time passed Von became more and more deadly however, the Mandalorian Military refused to enlist him as an officer. Mandalorians believe all warriors must earn their strikes in battle. At first many mandalorians believed he wouldn't be a great warrior until they witnessed his skills.

Life Edit

Von Heft's was great at stalking and killing his enemies as a Mandalorian Assassian. Von Heft had already displayed the skill to become a Mandalorian Assassin and in two years he a Mandalorian Stealth Commander. A mandalorian commander that specialized in commanding assassins. In time Von Heft gave up his stealth career to become a even higher ranking officer (a mandalorian field marshal) which gave him rank over various mandalorian classes.

The Mandalorian Field Marshal's forces had great stealth tactics and he used his knowledge of stealth and applied the same skills to his mandalorian raiders (jetpack mandalorians). Between both classes effectiveness they made a big difference on the battlefield not to mention the skill that average mandalorian troops already displayed. When Von Heft discovered Covenant species he became fascinated with them.

Though Von thought that Uggnoy were useless and jarhalesie were mindless brutes but he took interest in all of the other Covenant species. Von Heft was however, most intrigued by Kig-yar. Von Heft loved how the Kig-yar were great hunters (like him) and was entirely amazed by them. This gave Von Heft the intentions to hunt them and he did. Von Heft has already hunted and killed hundreds of jackals for sport. He feels a rush hunting the hunters.

To make things even more interesting, Von Heft has even captured a few "worthy jackals" (many are skirmishers) and used them to help train Mandalorian hunters. Von Heft has even experimented on a few jackals and studied there DNA and what makes there senses so excellent for hunting. They say Von Heft has taken some of these genes and has put some of these traits into a few elite mandalorian assassins and marksmen that Von Heft calls his "mandalorian hunters" there are about 30 of them and each one has killed at least five jackals before in combat plus another three skirmishers. They say these hunters have the same senses as jackals ,but besides that the same traits as normal mandalorians.

Mandalorian hunters Edit

These "Mandalorian hunters" typically have a blaster rifle, mandalorian assault rifle, or dual wielded blaster pistols as there primary weapon plus a sniper rifle for ranged combat. To make the Mandalorian hunters even more deadly and give them a big mandalorian theme some of them have jetpacks. A few mandalorian hunters have active camouflage. All of these hunters (except the ones with the jetpacks) have vibroblades and training for close combat. Von Heft claims his "Mandalorian Hunters" are superior to jackals in every way.

The mandalorian hunters have brown armor with red stripes. The average mandalorian hunter is said to be as deadly as a Shangheili Field Marshal. Mandalorian hunters have four variants assassins, marksmen, warriors, and raiders. Von Heft claims all hunters must have a touch of stealth, warrior skills, and some marksmen skills in order to be true hunters. Von Heft believes that conquering Saurian Ceti IV will give him a land that could help train Mandalorian hunters in the further and make even more. Von Heft allows any Mandalorians that apply to become hunters if willing to take his experiment and states that in the future he will allow sons or even daughters (mandalorians make recruiting even harder for girls since many think war is a man's job and only the deadliest women should have a right to fight) that gain the traits from mandalorian hunter fathers to join as well without need for an experiment.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Von Heft has a British accent (like many star wars races) ,but this is uncommon for the mandalorians. This is because he was from a wealthy family that moved to Mandalore when they found great resources for their company Reeler Cooperations. The company now aids the Mandalorian war effort. Von Heft's mother has a British accent just like him ,but his father has a german accent. Even though none of these nations exist in Star Wars its the best way to describe these accents. Von Heft loves to hunt and he also loves to have feasts. In Mandalore the feasts are not proper like how Von was raised ,but he eventually came to love them.

Von Heft is a legendary hunter and a highly skilled duelist. When living on Mandalore Von Heft picked up the tradition of never turning down a duel when challenged. Von Heft doesn't have a jetpack or active camo. He instead relies on raw skills and has a long vibrosword. Von Heft also has a mandalorian assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Von Heft uses thermal detonators and he occasionally uses a carbine instead of a mandalorian assault rifle which displays his interest in Kig-yar technology.

  • Death: Von Heft latter died doing what he loved, hunting Kig-yar. One day he found his opportunity to be killed by the most famous Kig-yar of all, Lord of the Stars. As always Lord of the Stars fought dirty, using his wits as much as he can with every move until Von was beaten down and ready to die. Von nobly and with dignity, admitted defeat.

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