White grenade

A White Phosphorus smoke grenade.

White phosphorus is a material known for producing high amounts of heat; perfect for creating smoke screens or burning through targets.


White phosphorus has been used for over 100 years now, seeing action in all major conflicts. There are two main uses for white phosphorus: to create smoke screens and as an incendiary weapon. It is very effective in the form of a smoke screen; known for completely covering areas in a thick, white cloud. As for an incendiary weapon, it burns through materials with ease. Skin, fabrics, and even Vehicle armors cannot withstand its intense heat. It can also ignite fuel and ammunition, making it ideal for demolitions. Contact with skin will result in serious burns, as it will go through skin and bone with ease.  

The weapon has seen usage by all major factions, from smoke grenades by the Civilian Militia to rockets used to by the Chat Empire to burn enemies out of cover. The ethical uses of the weapon have been debated for a long time, but with a long war still going on, the talks have stalled as each side looks to win on the battlefield. 

White rocket

A White Phosphorus rocket, which can be launched from starfighters.

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