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The gas giant, Whoopiter.

Whoopiter was a Gas Giant in the same system as Eafth.


Whoopiter is one of the few gas giants that is mined for its fuel. The Chat Empire use the fuel for their civilain populations; as their warships use nuclear and solar energy to run. The plant is quite large, about four times the size of Eafth, though due to the high levels of gas, it is uninhabited. Attempts have been made to colonize Whoopiter, but each one had ended in failure. So instead, the Chat keeps warships and floating refineries around the gas gaint, with unmanned crews collecting fuel from the surface. 

Whoopiter was the site of a major space Battle between the Chat Separatists and The Resistance against the Chat Empire, and was one of the few times that Chat and Resistance forces fought alongside each other to eliminate a common enemy.

Gallery Edit

Mining Operation

A mining operation on Whoopiter.

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