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“As in the planet is hollow? don't judge a book by its cover, that means its even wetter then Aquamarine, a paradise I only ever dreamed of.”
— Swims Like Shark
Xuari, also known by military strategists as the Bridgeworld, is a swamp world located in the outer regions of the galaxy. It is under the control of the Resistance.


There are four key biomes on the planet of Xuari:

  1. The swamp biome, which accounts for most of surface
  2. The badlands, which is surrounded by the swamp biome
  3. Two savannah biomes, the first one located in the middle of the badlands, and the second one located in the eastern badlands
  4. There is a subterrestrial ocean biome below the surface, which is the most inhospitable place for any species to adapt, due to the low temperatures and the lack of light

A Disputed HistoryEdit

Xuari has been contested by galactic powers in all known galactic ages. It is a key world on the outer edge of the Nexus Belt, a large asteroid belt that divides the inner and outer regions of the galaxy. This planet has been referred to by many as "the bridge between the developed civilization and wild space."

Rule under the ResistanceEdit

Xuari was one of the first worlds to be annexed by the Chat Empire, due to its significant location. There were zero battles during the first few years of the Empire, but it eventually became briefly underfire. In spite of the defenses that the Chat put in place to stop the invaders, the Resistance took over the planet within two months of conflict. Many battles would occur afterwards over who would earn the right to rule the Bridgeworld, but the Resistance always prevailed.

Discovery of the Dre'ansEdit

Eventually, during a defensive against the Chat, the Resistance decided to investigate the radioactive sub-terranean ocean. They found an underwater base and sent a drone to investigate. This drone disturbed an ancient race known as the Dre'ans, who were using Xuari as a place for experimentation on countless species. After the drone was destroyed, a gargantuan fleet appeared before the Resistance, with its leader requesting them to leave Xuari immediately. The Resistance, with no other options, were forced to follow the alien leader's instructions and evacuate Xuari.

After the Resistance left the planet, the galaxy became under siege by the same race who forced them to leave Xuari forever.


A Defensive on Xuari

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