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Xytan 'Montrumai is a supporting member of Team Heretic Dinofox and the Captain of The Unforgiving Spectre. He first appeared at The Ambush at Gaeto. He docked in the Great Fox III afterwards, and has been commanding the Resistance's Covert Ops.

Xytan 'Montrumai
Xytan in his armor
Vital statistics
Position Special Operations Commander
Age Unknown
Status KIA (2557)

Revived (2558)

Physical attributes
Height 7'11
Weight 150 Kg (330 lb)


Before Xytan joined The Resistance, Xytan served under the Unnamed Field Marshall, where he served as a low class Sniper, using the Trollvenant Carban to great effect, making him well known among the lower class Elites.

After the break up of the Covenant, and the fall of Chat Nation, he rejoined the Unnamed Field Marshall to fight the Chat Empire. He is leader of all Spec-Ops forces, including Ultra Yozoz.

Death and Flash-cloning Edit

Xytan was fatally wounded when the Imminent Victory crashed. He was captured by chat scientists, where his consciousness was transferred to a Flash Clone.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Xytan wears a set of the Trollvenant Zealot Harness/Stealth Variant armor, personalized for his high rank.

Xytan 3

Xytan brutally finishing off a Chat Trooper.


Xytan 'Montrumai

Xytan in battle.

Xytan favors a Trollvenant Carban for mid-to-long range engagements, and has single-handedly popularized its use. For short range combat he uses dual Type-1337 Energy Weapon/Swords, and often uses it to block blaster fire and bullets alike. Other weapons he uses are Energy Garrotes, a retractable Plasma Staff, and 2 Plasma Rifles.

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