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"Yabab, I need my two best Operatives to go find the Tacit Ronin. Take Glofnog with you."

"I guess I'm the best." - Yozoz and Yabab during the chaos of the early stages of the Crises on New Eden.

Yabab was an Spec-Ops Unggoy soldier in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. He served under Yozoz in the file Cloaked Missionary.

History Edit

Yabab was born on Balaho and became childhood friends with Yozoz. They were both drafted the Covenant military and he participated in the Fall of Reach as a Spec-Ops Major. He was transported to the Team Heretic Dinofox Galaxy with the rest of the scouting fleet.

He was one of the few survivors of Charmer's Battalion during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b. After the battle, he went to New Eden for a much needed vaction. However, the vacation was interupted when the Black Fang, hired by a mysterious Cloaked Figure, started bombing the asteroid. With Coalition forces scattered enjoying their vacation, for hours the bombings continued. Yabab and his lancemate Glofnog were at Charmer's house with Yozoz during the incident. Yozoz sent Yabab and Glofnog to find their Field Marshall and warn him about the attack. The two Unggoy managed to find him, and the Field Marshall fought his way to a relay station, where they were able to contact the fleet and manage the crises.

Yozoz picked Glofnog and Yabab to go with him and Madam Celestial Saber's Fleet to Yoth, where there were supposed to be Slipspace Crystals that would take the three Unggoy home. However, upon arrival, they found they had been stolen by Drullkus Industries.

While a Fort was built on Yoth, Yabab left Yozoz and Glofnog to help Kig-Yar Royal Commandos evac the SS Arno, which had been attacked by Xenomorphs. The team failed and after taking almost complete casualties except Yabab and Captain Kra'kuk, fled in an escape pod. Yabab an Kra'kuk eventually found there way back into Star's Palace on New Eden. When he was informed by Yozoz that Glofnog had been killed in a ship wreck, Yabab slipped out of grief into a coma.

Personality Edit

Yabab was a loyal friend and soldier, but became irritaded easily. He was also easily bored, and always wanting to do something. He was very smart and was second in command of Spec-Ops Unggoy Forces, after Yozoz, his CO. His preferred weapon was the Needler. He made good use of his armor's active camoflauge systems, using it much more than most other spec-ops Unggoy did. Also, while he was technically the same rank as Glofnog, he was the one who did the direct communications with superior officers.

List of Appearances Edit

  • Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b (First Appearance)
  • Attack on New Eden
  • Xenomorph Incident
  • The Return to Yoth
  • Planet Hurricane

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